Your age and gender >your virginity status >your all time favorite movie

>your age and gender >your virginity status >your all time favorite movie

31 yo boomer, non virgin (frequent sex with escorts), Dog Day Afternoon

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So this is the kind of poster that denies climate change.

23 zoomer
Lost but only had sex once with non hookers
K-on movie

carbon oxide and oxygen oxide are chemically the same, the whole thing is dem bullshit

virgin by choice
punch-drunk love

>The Empire Strikes Back

18 yo zoomer, khv, Patlabor 2

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>19 f
>pulp fiction

>oxygen oxide

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54,892 yr old Oomer, non virgin (frequent sex with god), Hustlers

landscape in the mist

49, virgin, King of comedy/taxi driver

why would anyone pay for prostitutes when your hand is free?

Thread will be ruined by larpers

31 male, had sex a couple times (didn't pay for it), Sunshine

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favorite movie: attack the block
what are escorts like? how do their assholes smell? are they tight in the vag? do they deepthroat? are they nice or fake nice?

fucked 2 women
the seventh seal

20 male
Road Warrior

>30yo boomer
>regular secks w/ fuck buddies
>Return of the Jedi

lost at 23 to prostitute
Indiana Jones

29 year old male
non-virgin (gotta couple of white bitches I bull for)
Paddington 2

23, virgin, Casino


the gas form of oxygen, oxide means gas

>18 Male
>Virgin (but a girl stroked me off for about 20 seconds once)
>I can never pick a favorite, but I've always loved Secret of Kells

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31 male
Miller's Crossing

>Blast of Silence

She doesn't have FAS. She's just Swedish lmao.

oxygen is a gas retard it's what we breath

A the moment, I'm fucking a 21 year old gymanst escort once a week. She is clean, smells nice, extremely shy, likes to be dominated, swallows all, and very tight.

>your age and gender
male 35
>your virginity status
not a virgin. i had gay sex at 33
>your all time favorite movie
Gremlins 2

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>oxide means gas

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>26 - male
>don't have one

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23, Virgin, Barry Lyndon


>30 m
>frequent sex with gf
>The Great Escape

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Nigger, oxygen can be a gas, solid or liquid
Just because it's pretty much only ever gas in nature doesn't mean it's always a gas

I fuck
American Psycho

28 yo
Gone With the Wind

25, bloomer
Been dry for six months after a year and a half long relationship and a few girlfriends before that, I have ejaculated on tits and tongues and bust a nut inside a ninteen year old at least twenty times without getting her pregnant, also I've cheated twice
Starship Troopers

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For the experience of having a sexual intercourse with a woman.

>22 incel fargo

Voluntary virgin
>The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
>Terminator 2

>19, Male
>Non virgin (haven't had sex in a year)
>Pulp Fiction

Lost it years ago but I haven't had sex for a couple of years now.
Taxi driver

>extremely shy
Come on now

How can anyone see this evil grin and think "wow, she's really on our side"?

It's like a cartoon villain.

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26, INCEL(can't have sex due to being very ugly), Taxi Driver/Fight Club

post her pic

I'm sick of all these mutant children making headlines. No one actually fucking cares you fucking stump. You, that bald headed goblin on about the guns, all of you. FUCK OFFFFF

23 year old bloomer
shagged 22 girls so far

calm down incel

>Only got a blowjob (never had sex when I had the chance due phimosis) now im a loner

>Rather not say (I'm rather fluid - still trying to figure it out, ya know?)
>Virgin, still trying to discover my sexuality
>Avengers Infinity War

25 yo virgin, I don't watch movies and I don't really like any of them.

20, female
the duelists

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had sex
The Graduate


Fuck off you lying slut

21 yo, superior sex, non virgin, good bad and ugly

>by choice :DDDDD

>see virgin thread
>must post
Here goes nothing
>your age and gender
39, male
>your virginity status
>your all time favorite movie
Alita: Battle Angel


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got a bad case of 'tism, that's all

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Kissless Hugless Virgin

41 yo boomer?
non virgin had a gf for a long time
Perriers Bounty

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>bad case of 'tism
Self diagnosis doesn't count breh


Shouldn't this be khhhv

Alright fine I guess I'll spare some time to have sex with you. Where do we meet?

19 yo zoomer
If you count animals, then I've lost my virginity
Inglorious Bastards

>23 man
>thoroughly fuck'd
>alita battle angel


21 m
lonely virgin
the shining

currently sexually active
Anything by Guillermo del Toro tbh

Is it even possible to be this autistic

Alot of people didn't like that movie but I did, can't want for the next one

28, nonvirgin (gf of 6 years), book of eli/fight club

>tons of puh

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29, Virgin, Reservoir Dogs

Just be conservative

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31 isnt a boomer you damb fack.

Non virgin had sex with 2 wimminz didnt pay
The Lost Boys

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18 yo male, damned to be a virgin for maybe the next 10 years, Full Metal Jacket

Shill on reddit

Oxide means the molecule has at least one Oxygen atom. Fucking retard, google before you write some dumb shit.

27 yo male, not virgin - hard to count, once with hooker to try how is it and totally not worth IMO, 2001: A Space Odyssey

>rust is a gas

Why do niggers who never even heard of chemistry post about climate change? It make me want to hang myself

Fixed it.

Love this quote about you morons
"Anti-science alarmists can now only rely on the emotions of the ill-informed and brainwashed schoolchildren, just as did the failed dictators of the past."- John O'Sullivan

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10/10 bait

27 yo
Not a virgin
Ghost in the shell (1995)

but dude's a climate change denier

Oxide doesnt mean gas fuckit... Probs jerked your way through chem?

23 male
Sex with two girls ever
Texas chainsaw massacre

Being right and climate change denier has fuckol to do with each other.

Uhh, guess I can't argue with that,