She posted a selfie with "Doing fine" and the unlock emoji. We were a couple a day ago

She posted a selfie with "Doing fine" and the unlock emoji. We were a couple a day ago

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maybe it's because you hit her? how would you like it if she hit you?

You're inferring she didn't.

She will pretend to be doing fine, user. All thots are like that
Deep down she's miserable

Thanks user, that helped more than you know.

Post a pic with friends saying the same thing...

It's just a cold war, she is feeling as bad as you bro

A good spanking every once in a while never hurts.

Keep refreshing to check her status like a good little lost puppy.

It was on insta, I don't even have a Facebook lol.

Well keep on following then, I'm sure eventually she'll post something which hints that she might want to get back together, right?

I don't really want to get back together. I'm kinda relived it's over, but that doesn't make this any less hurtful

Honest question, are you a teenager?

Yea, my story is not similar at all but this reminded me of what happened a few months ago. I was fwb with a girl, we met like once a week for a 1,5 months. At first I just was there to fuck her but over time I noticed that I enjoyed talking with her, I think she kind of became my second best friend at the time. She also texted me and most of the time it was her inviting me to her place. A week before it all ended she texted saying that hey I just got back from my trip, and the next time we saw was at an event - she walked away from me when I started to talk wit her and I later saw her flirting with an older guy. Didn't text with her since that night, she didn't write me either anymore, guess she understood what she was doing.

Idk what happened in her head and heart, and it was just as I was beginning to like her more as a friend. Still am confused about it.

1st Week
>man: depressed and sad, alone, no one gives a fuck about him
>woman: depressed and sad, speaking with female friends

1st Month:
>man: still depressed but began to live normal life
>woman: "he hurt me, I will never believe any man"

1st Year:
>man: don't give a fuck
>woman: "he hurt me, I will never believe any man, but I will get fucked by niggers and assholes because i'm independent and free"

10th Year:
>man: have family, good work
>woman: get pregnant, her nigger partner dumped her, "man are worst, i hate them, they hurt me so much"

50 year:
>man: die with smile on his face and with loving family

You guys ever think to yourself that maybe, just maybe YOU'RE the problem?
Or are you to autistic to consider that maybe you need some self reflection and to make some changes

50 year and 1 day:
>man: gasps as life returns to his body via vampire blood
>woman: dies of congestive heart failure and diabetes

51 year:
>man: must feed daily to sustain undead half life, conscience struggles with this
>woman: cremated

55 year:
>man: decides to only feed on violent criminals: rapists, child molesters, murderers, etc.

100 year:
>man: watches his descendents grow and produce more offspring, begins to help guide them anonymously

500 year:
>man: immensity of immortal existence weighs heavily upon his soul

1000 year:
>man: VAMPIRES IN SPACE!!!!!!!

2000 year:
>vampire/human space exploration via ftl drive colonizes many worlds

3000 year:
>most of galaxy populated by humanity

5000 year:
>earth spontaneously poofs into massive ball of ash while stunned galactic population looks on in horror

5000 year and 1 day:
>man: returns to earth as strongest living being, having feasted on blood of numerous aliens
>ashball earth: grins in sadistic, vengeful delight and says, "i've been waiting for you, shitlord!"
>man: "who or what are you?"
>ashball earth: "i am woman hear me roar!"
>man: "YOU!"
>woman: "That's right! I have waited 5000 years for my revenge! I shall consume every world in this galaxy, stamping out the travesty of cishet dominance!"
>man: "Such terms are meaningless now. Humanity has made such great strides. Even vampires are peaceful, feeding on synth blood or the blood of the willing."
>woman: "LIES! I believe nothing you right wing shitlords have to say! I spent five millennia leaching my ashen form into this planet and I shall not be denied my revenge!"
>man: "then you leave me no choice. I will push you into the sun to stop your evil plans right here and now."
>woman: "then I shall turn the sun to ash. You think I can be burned? I was born of fire! AND VENGEANCE!!!"

5000 year, 1 day, and 1 hot minute:
>man: pricks thumb with fang. One drop of his blood drifts toward ashball
>woman: "there is literally nothing you can do to stop me!"
>epic alien vampire blood droplet: enters ash
>woman: feels a change beginning. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!"
>man: "wait for it..."
>epic alien vampire blood: begins fusing with ash, restoring the flesh in undead form
>woman: becomes literal hamplanet. "This is rape! THIS IS BLOODRAPE!!"
>man: begins pushing hamplanet earth towards the sun.
>woman: tries to fight back but can't because hamplanet
>sun: consumes hamplanet in purifying flame

10000 year:
>humanity transcends physical reality, lives happily ever after in other dimensions

The End

I cry every time

This was beautiful. Thank you, user.

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God, what is it with you republican incels???
>> Jesus fucking Christ dude...


This thread is more supportive than the real world somehow

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Youve clearly never been with anyone.

Did you even read the rest?

Update, just gonna block her on everything and move on with my life. Thanks lads

Yep. Just on my second marriage and first kid here... Total incel. ;-)

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