Tribs and requests

Tribs and requests

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love this face

Anyone wanna cock her?

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I’ve got more if wanted

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actual tributers here:


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Eliza the Queen of N

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What a nice red cock, can I get a Eugenia cocking?

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kik- kubby77
Will share her nudes and vids for tribs

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Hello, JESSICA. :)


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please do these

tribbing and rolling dubs/nudes for writing the girls’ name on my dick

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Name/nickname if too long?

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Please do her

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From last tread. Slut.

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Thanks. She needs a big dick in her

Also from last tread

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U down?

Last from old thread. Done here but I'll be on kik at Tribble241 for a bit, no limits but I do have taste.

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thats a nice long cock

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Thanks dude

nice, love her.

Not a tribber but got more of her? She’s sexy

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Okay one more cause she's hot

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got any without the shitty snapchat filter? such a turn off.

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your wife?

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Looking to trib your gfs and wives on kik, kik wcb2399

Marry. Friends with her husband

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any more brides?

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brides are the suttiest

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Her please?

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lets see her in her dress

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Do her please

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