So with 2019 coming to a close i think its safe to say that the we have 3x contenders for queen of Sup Forums 2019

so with 2019 coming to a close i think its safe to say that the we have 3x contenders for queen of Sup Forums 2019

Vote now

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if gretta come's out on top nobody gets the belle google drive link

dead heat

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What the fuck does that crazy mother have Greta doped up on? Dem pupils, even when her face is lit up for a photo.

thats the 1000 yard stare, they used to call it shell shock.

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Belle is the clear choice

Say that to her face. I dare you.

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the lurking hit or miss fans will win out, wholesome is always better.

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the shill's are in and Gretta is off again.

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Non of them

Disgusting. What a degenerate family, they should be ashamed.


Only children say this with no irony

only rude people that dont understand the the meaning of perspective say this.

There's ten Greta threads active at any time on this board. Is there any doubt who your queen is?

She just can't stop being correct.

Long live the planet. Fuck nazis.

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and a few month's ago we had 10 belle threads and then 10 hit or miss threads all the way back to boxxy
Chan is not my summer job

Poor kid has been brainwashed into believing that the world is going to end if we don't cram down Marxism.
I support climate reform (as individuals) but this poor kid is basically the equivalent of the children saying "God's going to smite us because of gay marriage"

My vote is for Nyannyancosplay, such a pretty smile and a true original

give us something she is correct about then, she is the new Al Gore, creating fear to inspire the masses.

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You realize that we national socialists are likewise environmentalists? We just prefer that mentally ill uncredentialed children stay out of the UN. She's going to do more harm then good. People think she's gross and when the media finishes their internal polls she'll be forgotten like jeffery Epstein

Hit or miss girl was 2018,whats she done this year?

Would work better as a which one do you want to fuck thread.

That would be Greta, obviously. She needs it the most.

true dat

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>>(as individuals)

fuck off libertarian

Libertarianism boils down to a mixture of defeatism (we can't have functional systems!), cynicism (all government is always bad!), ignorance (ignoring problems that are actually most effectively solved by coordination - e.g. infrastructure), and moral bankruptcy (don't really care if individual action actually solves problems; it's about principle).

What a cringe fest

great comparison, Gen X'rs and millennial's all seem to think kids are on some secret wavelength that only they and a select few other's understand, truth is kids are dumb and cant filter the BS they get fed through social media.

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Fuck off, socialist.

And I think you've conflated libertarian with anarchist.

>>national socialists

Anyone who claims national socialism and Nazism/fascism are the same thing cannot be trusted to perform basic tasks.

so incredibly wholesome

Wow, you managed to completely sum up my feelings on everything. I believe that government is always bad, that infrastructure needs to be privatized and that individuals don't solve problems.

All that off of the fact that I used the word individuals. I guess I'll change my mind about that brainwashed little girl who is going to live a sad, fear filled life.


- believe that many problems that seem individual are systemic;
- want to solve systemic problems systematically;
- believe that we can have functional systems, if we keep them.

Conversely, libertarians:

-believe that problems are individual – refuse to see systemic issues except if caused by government;
-want to solve perceived individual problems individually;
-believe we can't have functional systems unless they are private;
-use magical thinking - "public" always bad, "private" always good, neglecting that the private is defined in terms of the public;
-do not care to contemplate whether individual action can actually solve the problems of a worthwhile fraction of humanity.

The liberal wants to be part of a system that is serious about solving problems, whereas the libertarian doesn't want to be "oppressed" by being part of a system.

In reality, the libertarian needs the system as much as anyone to protect his idea of property, but does not want to call it a system. He just wants other people to accept and respect his "obvious" rights and freedoms; including the right to accumulate a bunch of stuff that other people then cannot have; but he doesn't want to think of this as a system. He wants to think of it as "I appropriated this for me, all by myself; it's mine because I played by rules that seem fair to me; and they seem fair to me so that I can do that."

she didnt really get popular here until December and then was all over the site in the first few months of 2019.

Well, zoomers are the first generation in a while that might be redpilled in general.

Greta is just a retarded zoomer.

When did I make that claim exactly,?

Fuck, is this a YLYL thread?

Gotta admit, that's not bad on your part.

You left out the part about liberals wanting everyone to comply with their "morals" though. And if you don't, they will force you.

yeah, faggot things libertarian = anarchist. lol


You responded to a fuck fascism post with "we national socialists are likewise"

Pretty heavy implication there.

thats possible but gonna be a few years before we can presume anything substantial about the zoomer's.
good luck young-lings

Belle is a perfect symbol of degeneracy
clearly the correct choice


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I'm a boomer but I'm watching the zoomers with interest.


That's a libertarian code word for optional, always to be followed by "muh freedoms to not do a damn thing"

kek, most don't know that came from rekt, good work user but no its not YLYL its clown world.

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That's not boxxy

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Which force would that be? If wannabe white supremacists would stop shotgunning rallies with false narratives through the most liberal areas in the country, there would be no force at all.

its crunch time Gretta lost the lead

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this guy's idiocy made me lose

>Which force would that be?
Let's start with restricting free speech. Which you seem to be on board with !

Then we'll talk about forced speech. Like making us call trannies by their preferred pronouns, etc.

Calling you an idiot isn't force, moron.

if they do turn into the snowflake generation the libs will be a nightmare to deal with.

You are a faggot who sees a single word, assumes an entire belief set... and then proceed to completely butcher those ideas that you believe they have. You don't even seem to know the difference between anarchist, monarchist, liberal or libertarian. Hell, you even partially described a European Conservative when trying to define liberal.
"- believe that we can have functional systems, if we keep them."
Literally no one opposes all systems, or believes what you claim... aside from anarcho-capitalists. (and other fringe ideologies)

Please stop breathing.

Zommie alert no one likes belle shes a slut with bo curves so fuck off


Well, regardless I lost.

The Gen-xers and Millenials have the snowflake gens all locked up.

The zoomers are going the other direction. Thank god.

Nazis doing nazi stuff isn't free speech. It's propaganda and recruiting. It's actively build fascism. Free speech is a result of modern liberalism and fascism loves to hide and multiply in the cracks of freedom provided by modern liberalism. For instance, at the Battle of Cable Street in 1936 the British Union of Fascists decided they wanted to march through the East End of London, and about 20,000 people from the local community turned up to block the march. They didn't want fascists in their community, they had already tried and failed ahead of time to get the government to stop the march, the government refused, and because the march was therefore technically legal, the police protected the fascists and attacked the antifascist protestors, who ended up having to fight not just fascists but their own police force as well, the very people who were ostensibly meant to be defending their community against threats.

We all know exactly what happened just a few years later when fascism was allowed to take hold, protected by freedom of speech - It became an existential threat to the system that previously protected it.

Angry Gretta most likely to lead revolt against the boomers. Queen.

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I want to smell her sweaty armpits

What the fuck are you talking about ?

All speech, all viewpoints should be protected. Those idea that are not worthy will be rejected by society.

It's only the laughably called Antifa type fascists who try to inhibit free speech.

snowflake is the derogative term for zoomers and i hope your right but with the massive increase in clinical terms for depression and self harm its gonna be hard to know whats up with this new generation thats not a mental health issue.

If you're a political enemy of fascism though either they lose or you die.

Every political ideology is violent towards someone, shuts someone down, but the devil is in who and why.

Mark Bray writes: "It's important to note that the vast majority of people who oppose limiting free speech on political grounds are not free speech absolutists. They all have their exceptions to the rule, whether obscenity, incitement to violence, copyright infringement, press censorship during wartime, or restrictions for the incarcerated. If we rephrase the terms of the debate by taking these exceptions into account, we can see that many liberals support limiting the free speech of working-class teens busted for drugs, but not limiting the speech of Nazis. Many are fine when the police quash the free speech of the undocumented by hunting them down, while they amplify the speech of the Klan by protecting them. They advocate curtailing ads for cigarettes but not ads for white supremacy."

thank you that makes me wanna dance.

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There is so much irony in everything you say that it is hard to take you seriously as a person. You can't seem to differentiate (or even tolerate) ANY ideology that you oppose. Are you a conservative boomer, or are you just THAT mentally retarded?

Snowflake was created to describe millenials. And younger X-ers.

Fascism isn't just any ideology, user.

fuck off newfag, there have been only 3 queens and there wont be new ones because none can trump boxxy, kitty, and ashley.

I'm a free speech absolutist. Well, I guess, excluding threatening violence against others.

since the media is run by a bunch of boomer Jews, we need to make Greta an icon of Sup Forums so the left would abandon her

There it is, the 100% turnabout to ad hominem.
You directly imply that people you disagree with would stand up for white supremacy but not undocumented immigrants. That ANONs that agree with freedom of speech would support Nazis, but not teens who like pot.

Just stop. You are quoting a detestable authoritarian in order to support your authoritarian ideas.

snowflake was not a term describing people until it was popularized by american media as a way to describe people with an inflated sense of self worth. While it can apply to anyone it is worryingly the defining characteristic of the upcoming zoomer generation.

its just boxxy asshole

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Good. On a second thought she makes me wanna drive my face all around her body. Im kinda weirded out by myself right now but she looks fucking yummy lol

>>ad hominem

Doesn't look like you understand the definition of that word.

The only thing I'm implying is that free speech absolutism is a fairy tale.

>it is worryingly the defining characteristic of the upcoming zoomer generation
Nope, that's millenials in a nutshell.


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>kitty was before boxxy
>and I am the newfag
b r u h

Nyanhegao 2

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hit or miss takes a short lead.

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Hit or miss
I guess they never miss, huh?
You got a boyfriend, I bet he doesn't kiss ya
He gon' find another girl and he won't miss ya
He gon' skrrt and hit the dab like Wiz Khalifaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

OP, make new thread before this one get deleted

millennial's are an entitled bunch it was feared that they were coddled too much and would be delicate but these fears are unfounded.
They are difficult for boomers to work with they are that delicate, their lack of loyalty in the workplace defined the generation ready to move on to new things easily and their entrepreneurial independence stands against that idea.

its not up to us u tard, it was decided long ago BOXXY is the everqueen accept or not but don't keep forcing your nonsense.