Can an ugly incel like myself get laid by going to the gym

Can an ugly incel like myself get laid by going to the gym

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probably not. just start dressing like a girl and let some big bear faggot take advantage of your lack of masculinity.

Guy on the left is such a chad most people probably don't notice/care that his eyebrows are uneven.

What the fuck happened to his ears?

They just aren't in view from the front, the poor bastard has fish face

I see objectively uglier people than me in relationships all the time. It's our shit personalities that are the problem user

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Yeah "relationships" lmao, a lot of guys are miserable in them. A guy with genes like on the left doesn't need a "good personality bro" to get pussy but guys with genes like on the right (and most average looking guys) are expected to be grateful if they can get the guy on the left's leftovers or even fat/ugly/old bitches to fuck them.


Tyler, go back to vibrating at your seminars.

I don't know who ur talking about dude

There's no gym for your face, boyo

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I don't give a fuck about that fuccboi or how much pussy he gets while not staring seductively into a camera like a massive faggot.
I was talking about normal people.

well the problem there is that the flipside would be that they(average and/or the guy on the right) expect to get with people better looking than then. that is entitlement and it goes intoabout the shit personalities

no one knows how to be happy with themselves and what they have. its a sick american culture.

Who cares, find somebody you fucking like, Im not saying looks are insignificant but mean less the older you get. Find someone who makes you lasagna when you come home from a hard days work and throws you some ass every once in a while. If you want a trophy wife well get used to being second and a cuck!

It's actually been found women are much more picky when it comes to looks than guys are, the myth that "men only want models" is most likely a mix of projection and lazy justification for fat bitches to stay fat. Guy like pick related doesn't deserve a model, just someone with similar weight but you will find many guys resorting to this because of just how picky women actually are. Any time legit criticism is aimed at women you have to either sugar coat it or do the tired "w-well men are just as bad if not worse!" argument, it's fucking pathetic.

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Women have been fucked up in their heads since the pill, I'd hate them if I didn't love them so god damn much for what they are.
Say what you want, modern society made them hella more ethereal, it's not healthy psychologically, but I like it.

I've seen a lot of out of shape ugly guys with cutie pie gfs. Heres how to get some... ready? Talk to them. Ho ma god. What a concept! Just be friendly and make friends. You'll do fine.

Agree, and have some fucking confidence, I see more ugly mother fuckers who can make a girl laugh with eye candy than Chads.

this is such bs, I've talked to like three girls for more than a brief exchange and still no gf
stop peddling your bullshit here moshie, I just gotta ruminate harder and spend more time on Sup Forums.

But you're a homosexual. Your opinion is worth nothing.

You mean the birth control pill? I'm sure that helped many women embrace their inner slut and have tons of fun, but long term it ruined their ability to bond with one guy and form a stable family. Women aren't goddesses but men who worship pussy sure seem to think so.

Yeah be confident; if an ugly bastard like this can get a women so can you; stop being a pussy ass bitch.

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I'm not a fag I just have ocd

I am conspiratory and say it alters brainchemistry too.
I hope I make it clear I don't worship them, I just like the way they are, the obvious flaws too.

Kill yourself faggot scum

No. Gym doesn't get you laid, being confident and being a decent human being can, also, learn to deal with rejection the healthy way.

Wide angle camera lens

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>implying these aren't exceptions to the rule
>implying these guys with uber confidence aren't getting cucked in the age of the internet and social media

I wasn't accusing you of worshipping, just saying many men do worship pussy.

Stop calling yourself an incel, the lame stream media came up with that retarded word to attempt to stay relevant.

When youve been with the person and looks fade its one thing, no one man or woman wants to get together or hook up with an ugky fuck. People do it out of desperation and loneliness.

If you are that guy in that picture, then:
Your shirt and those street-vendor-necklaces makes you look like ten year old, that hairstyle isn't flattering either, but maaaan you have potential. Try change your style to more adult like, that confident-bullshit comes automatically at that day, when you go on front of mirror, look yourself and see handsome young man that you are.

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I always see decent/average looking guys in relatively good shape with fat ugly bitches.

utter zoomer faggot

His nose is a 3rd of his face

I see that, and then I also see the opposite.
Rarer to see two beautiful people together now that I think about it.
Maybe... beauty leads to a certain type of personality that doesn't mix with itself.

Divorce and specifically ridiculous alimony payments will do that to you. It's hilarious people will say "there's plenty of fish in the sea bro" or "not all women are like that" when it only takes committing to one bitch to fuck your life up.

Disgusting guys with good-looking women usually have money

So you're saying you tried and stopped? It's not a race user, its a marathon.

That's not you, OP, is it?
The easiest way to have guaranted sex is to keep yourself satisfied, gradually increase your standards of self-satisfaction, listen to and encourage conversation from girls/guys you're interested in and be upfront about what you want out of those relationships. This may or may not involve going to the gym or staying physically fit.

True that

Here's some style suggestions
1. Slapcheeck
2. Wolverynice
3. Teendestroyer
4. Choirboy
5. Bob jnr.
6. Fucking legend

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6 definitly

And that's the only insult you could figure out? That was just weak considering what material i gave to work with, i definedly excepted more from you.

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Im short, fat and ugly, but I have two kids, both with cute girls. Also I have probably fucked without paying over a dozen girls (not all were cute).

There is absolutely something about being confident, but also to just dont give a single fuck. A lot of women like that.

But the best tip I can give you is to be VERY self-critical about yourself, because thats where incels fuck it up. They have zero self-consciousness and dress like shit, or smell like shit, or end up talking about their weird fetishes like something normal.

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>get laid by going to the gym

Try a brothel dude, people don't get laid at gyms.

Don't do it to get laid. Do it for you. Then find a girl who likes what you've done for yourself.


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2 is better since it covers his glass jaw and thumb like head.

>lazy justification for fat bitches to stay fat
> you will find many guys resorting to this because of just how picky women actually are

Seems like a lazy justification for you not getting ass because of your shit personality, fucking incel.

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I just despise people who post like faggots/teenage girls.

Kek youre a good guy user

These guys do all this work to get fit and still do not get laid. LOL

reddit nigger
Why are 90s born queers obsessed with going to the gym?

>Ho ma god




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Probably not.


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God damn you can't Undo the Jew

>There's no gym for your face, boyo
It's called a plastic surgeon's office.


Actually there are ways to fill put your face and create fuller features by doing facial excersizes. Look it up

no one deserves anything they don't work for and even then the world doesn't owe you shit.

Yes you can i think, just burn that fat..

can this guy gat b& already?

Blessed user

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#3 looks like one of those guys that are 26 year old, dresses like 18 year old and fucks 14 year olds like a 10year old.

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>no one deserves anything they don't work for
>fat women literally do the opposite of working on themselves but get men who are objectively better looking in relationships because the average woman is an entitled wannabe princess
>b-but it can't be the wahmen that are a problem, incel
t. retards in denial

Thsts easy to say when youre handed everything

>ten year olds fuck 14 year olds
Faggots should be executed

Because it make you healthier and also releases that sweet sweet dopamine rush...

I know that kind of guy and you are spot on.

stupid fucking reddit nigger, you can exercise without going near a fucking gym.

Forgot to mention about he also bragging about getting 'that tight pussy'..

I know couple of those guys too, funny how they are at Facebook yelling "close the borders and keep those mooslims from raping our children"
..except they are older than 26, actually older than me (over 29yrs.) and their gf's are 13-15 year olds.

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only a huge faggot like you would care about that

its called a wig

Spotted the gay

Maybe you just haven't been going to the right gyms, user.

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Where is those right ones?

bruh where are this mans ears

1. Fuck prostitues, its going to built up your confidence and you will speak to woman normally(woman can smell virginity)
2. Get on steroids, if you're good looking you can skip, if you havent gotten laid in high school get on steroids cuz normal body wont do no matter how much you try. Also if you get results faster, if you try to get gainz normally you'll kill yourself before you see results
3. Buy a gun, you gain EVEN MORE confidence and women will be less likely to deny you sex, because of the implication.Dont use it to threaten anyone,thats a crime,implication is enough.
4. Browse instagram to see what chads wear and then wear clothes like that
5. Look up some chad backstories or blogs or just talkingpoints and bascily make shit up during dates so that girls dont think you're a complete loser.

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Let me make this very clear guys.
When you're a dude with a shit personality, and bad looks, and you see good looking guys as "chads" and hot girls as unattainable, you've already given up. At this point you can either, take care of yourself and get some confidence, OR accept that you are a shit person and accept that the ugly and fat girls (the ones that have no confidence) are all you have left IF you can even approach a woman.

Kill yourself or get some balls and do something about yourself

btw im just some fucking guy, i never had sex, its just list of things i'd like to do before i kill myself, which is on January 17th in 2020
i dont know why you'd do any of these things

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And neither do you.

Pay no attention to this faggot bracket posting, capitalising in the middle of the sentence reddit nigger, who's such a fucking queer he saves and posts pictues of oiled up men.

Kill yourself now homo

These are the arguments you make when you lack confidence and refuse to argue with women

Not a whole lot of confidence?

>not having a chad folder

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legendary name


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U mad?

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he looks like a pro wrestler, does he also cut his forehead?

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max power

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Kill yourself

It's also the best fit, making it a whole new level of cope.

Again, proving the point of