TIL Greta Thunberg is /OUR_GIRL/

TIL Greta Thunberg is /OUR_GIRL/

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Conservatives around the world today are either ignorant sheep echoing loudmouths on tv, or malicious bad-faith charlatans scamming the previously mentioned lemmings for money. It almost seems like cromagnum vs homosapien split, I don’t know how we reasonably deal with idiots and liars.

It still amazes me that there's people who think a cabal of scientists faking results and risking their careers is more plausible than fossil fuel industries seeding social media with disinfo and self funded studies to make it seem like there's actually debate.

All Greta says is that we should listen to the actual scientists. Hard to argue with that. But the whole far right populist idiocy is based on denying reality, so rational arguments don't work on them.

I was going to say fuck that fucking cunt. But she's okay. She can't help it. She is just doing the only thing she knows for the only people she trusts. But those people behind her are fucking disgusting.

Do you guys not know what a coalburner is?

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Attacks on Greta Thunberg Come from a Coordinated Network of Climate Change Deniers


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What scientific report proves human caused climate change is real?

Literally all of them.

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China has alot to gain from this climate business.
Theres a reason why the bad orange man hit em with the 300% tariffs.

Just sayin

NASA?! They faked the moon landing! They’re hiding contact with aliens and that the earth is flat!

Should be Kim Kardashian holding that sign

Asked for proof, shows picture, there's your proof!

China? Really? China stands to “gain” because they also stand to lose the most. Their own internal reports said they could have a famine that hits 1 billion of their citizens. They know famines destroy governments faster than any war. The Chinese know it’s a matter of survival.

Even if it was all bullshit, decreasing emissions and investing in clean and renewable energy in and of itself is a noble goal

So is not killing babies but who cares?

I love how racist she is, and nobody can say she’s racist because she’s retarded

that is an unusually high level of emotional intelligence expressed in Sup Forums comment

Doesn’t she have ass burgers? And all sorts of inbred diseases

Climate denial can be argued by taking one environmental science class. A class that is required by most associates arts degrees, let alone required by all bachelor degrees.
The mechanism is known. The science is known. Speak with anyone outside your echochamber that has read on the matter. See what they tell you.
Soon you retards will be arguing against education. Oh right, you already are.

Five years ago the argument was "CLIMATE CHANGE AIN'T REAL IT AIN'T GETTIN WARMER"



Morons, the lot of you.

What would you like to know? Which specific proxy? Shit, the most obvious and basic one is based on isotope ratios. In case you failed high school chemistry, basically we can date things based on their isotopes. Anthropogenic CO2 is obvious because it is old (talking hundreds of millions of years old) carbon with contemporary oxygen. When you pull old shit out of the ground and oxidize it (aka light it on fire), that's what you get.
That's like one component out of a million. It only requires the most basic scientific literacy to understand this stuff.

i do believe in climate change but here's my problem with Greta
>she is a talking head for her parents and democrats
>having a teenager tell us how we should run the world
>its been said and done thousands of times by other people


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Writes long narrative assuming I am uneducated. Locate me the data, that they still refuse to release under the guise of..."the general population is too ignorant to understand. Plus refusal to disclose who provides the grants for said research plus discounts data sets that disprove their point.

Older generations are making it seem as if it where the younger generation's problem. She represents these young people because she is part of that group, she's voicing their opinion.

You're basically asking this person to prove you're right. They aren't your fetch dog and you should try to study more, try actually reading the articles they commented, you're too quick to disprove.

if you are going to propose evidence or data to back your claim you need sources retard

My point exactly, posts claim, up to you to disprove it! Typical argument of a climate activist.

Might as well submit a college paper with no sources and outlandish claims and tell the teacher to give you an A if she cant disprove it!

Stop talking to yourself, loser.

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NASA is not a trustworthy source of information.

He posted some links, dunno, check them out. It's not hard to go on another website

810383259 this one is just me
quit being a faggot and admit you lost

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Hey, this is for you and the "others". Maybe it'll help you understand: climatekids.nasa.gov/

The average chinese citizens life is irrelevant, as its the Chinese government & top-level businessmen earning off disgruntled westeners' dollars while western business is screeching to a halt thanks to colossal government cashgrabs.
The whole idea is weaken the west, not provide for the poor.

China practically controls Africa, most of Asia and parts of Latin America so China can just steal from them if they run out of food.

OP literally the only one supporting Greta
>(OP) lmao samefags
also if you pay attention i said i support the theory of climate change


Moving emissions(and money) to China is not decreasing emissions.

The most effective way to decrease emissions is suicide.

Stupid tard, kill the earth, it's useless

Read this.

Sup Forums cum dump

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Am i just retarded and missed a meme or did you just copy a reddit post onto Sup Forums


If climate change isn't human made, who made it?

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I see alot of pissed off people responding to you but none offered a link to a report. Looks like more liberal "I feel" bullshit to me

Audible kek. Good pic

How do you differentiate between Carbon released from Volcanoes and Carbon from fossil fuels? Both have been inside the earth for a long ass time.

No one is denying climate change or even that humans are causing climate change, people just want it proven that climate change's leading factor is humans which it most likely isn't.

No ones saying climate change hasn't or isnt happening but what's being debated is how much of it is related to human impact. There have been core samples removed from the arctic that have traces of palm trees...did humans do that shit too?...stop using any mode of transportation that relies on fossil fuel. Stop buying anything in a plastic container and turn of your air conditioner before you take the moral high ground...or better yet come up with something better than wind farms and nuclear power to "save the planet" because guess what, all that shit still requires fossil fuels to function.

> Carbon dating: Effective between 300 and 60,000 years
>Anthropogenic CO2 is obvious because it is old (talking hundreds of millions of years old)
>hundreds of millions of years old

last time I checked you couldn't tell the age of carbon older then 60k years, and if my math checks out 60k

This young lady has been "boogie man'd" by her parents so they can parade her around to garner emotional reactions from people. If a 40yr old person wouldve said the same shit Greta said they wouldve been carted off by security

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Why is Wednesday Addams out of the Addams mansion


Climate changed before humans came about. Heck, there was a climate change based mass extinction brought about by algae. eos.org/articles/tiny-algae-may-have-prompted-a-mass-extinction

Shill Thread

What we need is a nuclear winter... Also, why isn't she calling out China and India, they're arguably the highest producers of emissions

b/c it's a fake she is controlled by someone with a agenda.
China and India all you really have to say




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Wow How cool tell me more random bot

If so many scientists agree that climate change is true and real and whatever they say, why are the predictions based of climate change so bad?
We've had hundreds of near apocalyptic predictions based on climate science over the years but none of them came true. If your hypothesis doesn't allow you to make accurate predictions your hypothesis is most likely shit.

Sup Forums is dead and we have killed it.

Many Hearty Keks were had that day.

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Shill THread

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>Paid parroters
Literally to the quotes

dont get paid shit and didnt click link

GG Shill

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why aren't you fixing it user?

It's funny that people believe she isn't an absolute tool of George Soros. She's extremely intelligent and caring, and you can read all over her face that she's being used. She knows exactly what she's holding because little hints like that, the Zionists know, so they use it as leverage to fuel their own racists ideas because it makes them massive amounts of money while everyone is fighting each other, and too stupid to actually deal with real life problems as they're immersed in fantasy such as computers, phone, and television. Because nobody wants to face the cold hard truths of reality.

WTF of course she is being controlled...how many 16 year old kids do you know who have enough money to sail across the world let alone have parents that would just allow you

I'm thinking about it.
We need to start raiding again. Faggot discords are certainly not helping, mabye we could show these discords that shill themselves a thing or two?

Well sometimes you just have to continue spreading truth because the feds do, indeed, watch Sup Forums like hawks. These threads are shills, yet there are still some simpletons who believe this bullshit. Sad, really.

also I made this just now, I'm going to see if it spreads around. It's OC in a time when we need OC.

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let me complete your timeline:
1989: Hmmn, interesting theory you have there, prove it.
1992: Well, now that you've proved it with your "models" we'll cut your funding
1994: Those models showed a thousand scenarios and only 875 showed global warming, so we can't be sure. the consensus isnt there
1996: Remember when the "scientists: said we were nearing an ice age in the 1970's? harhar
1998: Those models were run on old, clunky computers. The data can't be trusted
1999: Al Gore!!!!!! Environutz!!!!!
2001: the oil industries have better computers and they showed us that this is all a hoax
2002: look, the last three years were cooler than 1998 so we're actually COOLING!
2003: DOOD, we have wars to fight. Plus, look at this cool iPod
2004: remember when the "scientists" told us we were entering new ice age? harhar
2005: We're still fighting wars and remember you RE-elected an oil man, so trust us, it isnt real
2006: Who gives a shit about fucking polar bears anyway? fucking Al Gore has a beard and flies in jets.
2007: it seems narcisistic to believe that we humans could be affecting the global climate
2008. Obama is a communist KENYan fascist and climate change is a chinese plot so DRILL BABY DRILL
2009: dewd, last year was the coldest year in a decade, what global warming?
2010: I don't understand scientific method or data, so CLIMATEGATE
2011: So what if climate change is real? It is natural and we can engineer our way out of it. BTW, fuck your mitigation research funding.
2012: Look, these three oil funded scientist disagree so there is no consensus
2014: The earth's climate has always changed
2015: maybe it is real and maybe we are the cause, but investing in green infrastructure will bankrupt us.
2016: OK, we should probably come up with some ideas to do something here, this is fucked up...whats that? Trump won? Holy Shit! DRILL BABY DRILL: PIPELINES DONT KILL PEOPLE, ENVIRONMENTALISTS KILL PEOPLE; Chinese Conspiracy; i drink librul tears

Greta's a really good kid and it's good she's an environmentalist. A lot of the right wing attacks on her are disgusting. This is a major improvement, I'm all for a redpilled Greta meme, or some kind of esoteric Thunbergism like Jahanism

Right , in 90ies they say we going to iceage again.

Not true. The climate change skeptics said that we can't trust science because once, in the 70's a single scientist theorized that there would be an ice age and TIME magazine ran with it and it was a thing because, well, the 70's were great and weird time.

No scientific modeling was done to prove and Ice Age was coming, just a scientist that thought maybe it could happen.

But it was used to claim that thousands of actual scientific studies could not be trusted. By 1992, all scientists that studied the matter in good faith were convinced that it was real.

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2018: *dies of polio*

Don't forget to thank me later for this one kind user.


anyone know where to find snes roms?

Has anyone made any greta deepfakes yet?

Ona related note, is a deepfake using a 20 year olds body and a minors face considered cp?

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Can't wait for the South Park episode to happen

> people just want it proven that climate change's leading factor is humans which it most likely isn't.

according to overwhelming majority of research, it is

>trusting polls

1896: Svante Arrhenius publishes the idea of emiting CO2 to heat up the world. As a good thing.
(and also kind of proved it)

400 years ago, 99% of scientists believed the sun orbited the earth. So you agree with them, right?

Doomdays cult tend to do that

Who lit you on the internet?
There really needs to be a test before you can post

500 years. Also Newton is considered as the first real scientist. He was born in 1643. 150 years after Columbus proved the round earth.
The greeks already proved the round earth a few thousand years ago.

>China was recently caught harvesting organs from religious minorities
China isn't in a position to do anything to us, and they are losing, a ton.

anyone make any "tributes" of her?

Climate deniers are the new antivaxxer facebook moms