Ummm is this weed high ever going to go away? it's actually very uncomfortable. i'm never smoking again...

ummm is this weed high ever going to go away? it's actually very uncomfortable. i'm never smoking again, i really mean it. this sucks.

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That's what they all say.

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It should go away in a few hours at most..

Eat a banana and a glass of water
some fresh air too
dont sit or lay down

- veteran stoner

Quit being a pussy and strong arm that shit...

u gon dye, fren!

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You try dabs for your first time, retard? Yes, it will go away. Listen to some music or play a video game.

Smoked the wrong sativa you little pussy. Go sweat ot out.

Just listen to some chill music and you'll start enjoying it

>Smoked the wrong sativa you little pussy

yeah that's probably it, i'm used to indica

How the fuck he gonna eat a glass of water faggot

Very carefully or he will cut his gums and lips.

this is OP i wrote a poem describing how i feel about this situation, here it is.

Now I know why they call it the Devil's Lettuce
such a foul, rotten plant
you might be able to handle it, but I can't
it's got my consciousness shitted, shifted at a slant
it's making my heart and blood pressure pant
no more weed for me
good riddance

it always goes away quit being a paranoid nigger faggot

an hour if you smoked a few hours if you ate it

quit being a pussy op you hit sativa its not a big deal it wears off

lmao i posted that and im pissing myself ahaah

I know I'm right.

i just thought it would be a normal high, just nice and mellow, but this is nothing like that, it really sucks. talk about uncomfortably high.

Buzzing and ring a ding ding dinging?

i haven't had a reaction like this from weed since the first time i got high, when i had a full blown panic attack. this time isn't as bad as that, but still not pleasant at all.

There's many factors we don't know about. I bought a few grams stretched with what i think was spice and it was a very uncomfortable experience. I tossed it after.

Did You smoke Durban Poison?

Dude it's never gonna go away

yeah i threw the rest of my weed away


inkosi sekaleli africa

if youre not a first timer and have to get your stuff from unreliable sources invest into a small lens and/or look for somebody growing it for his own consumption, open for sharing

Do you have any pics of the buds?

itll go away ya pussy

had to be done, there's no way i'm smoking any more of that shit

2 hours after a sesh and you’ll be brand new

Hey Op. I think I can help.

I have a rare condition that doesn’t let me process thc out of my system like normal people. I normally experience around 2-3 days of of being high, and when it’s a bad high, my life becomes a living hell for those days.

Here is how I cope:
1. Don’t keep adding things like other drugs or alcohol to “fight the effect”.
2. CBD - If you can get CBD candies, gum, oil, whatever, do it. CBD balances and mitigates the effect of THC.
3. Go to youtube and look up the phrase “HELP I SMOKED TOO MUCH WEED”. It will give you a list of videos that will not only suggest other options, but help you pass the time till you start coming down.
4. Water and a warm shower. It’ll help relax things, and help you process it out a little faster.
5. Spongebob. Turn it on and look at the backgrounds. You’ll understand what I mean when you do it. Don’t focus on the show, just the backgrounds behind the characters.

I’ve compared the experience you’re going through as “Being emotionally burned at the stake”. I feel for you friend, but the above should help take out a lot of the sting.

Next time you want to smoke, try a nice blueberry kush, or Harliquin. Neither will make you paranoid, and it’ll be a fun high.

God speed.

>Next time you want to smoke, try a nice blueberry kush

dude are you kidding i'm never fucking smoking again

I added those “Just in case”.

After my first screaming existential crisis, I thought I never would either. Knowledge, just in case.