Draw Thread: tip top edition

Draw Thread: tip top edition

>Draw stuff
>Interact or roleplay with others
>Threadly reminder: the more you draw, the better you get
>Don't be afraid to try drawing a request yourself
>New Drawfriends are ALWAYS desired
>Ignore shitposts/trolls, if they’re not fed, they starve away

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Also, remember to filter out the angry tantrum kid.

send requests i guess

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bing bong

starving the troll into desperation, brought to you by 4chanX

Let's see how easy it will be to trigger another tantrum
Pic related

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Requesting Ichirin Kumoi getting knotted and impregnated by a werewolf

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Damn, I should have called the thread "paroxysms of autistic rage".

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Requesting Crystal (Girl of the italian Cartoon Atchoo!) Modeling a Sukumizu.





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>Can i lick her eye?
aah, never change user, never change

there isn't another character in the second slot of this leaf,
so you'd just be replacing her with nothing, and won't be able to bring her back from the void..
should i try it ?

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Requesting Ruri getting mating pressed and impregnated by a fat guy

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Scroll of magic healing and two 12 die to roll!

Piss off, Fernando!

Requesting Clair to have her body be hourglass figured.

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Hey poka

Requesting a comic of this girl, completely nude, getting swalowed whole and alive by a giant toad
>She strips down naked
>Grabbed by it's long sticky tongue
>Pulled into its mouth head-first; her lower body still outside the toad
>Toad gulps once pulling her deeper inside; hooves still outside, the rest of her inside the mouth
>Toad gulps again; lower body is in the mouth, upper body is in the stomach
>View of her entirely in its stomach
>From the outside, you can't even tell she was eaten
>Digested alive
>Remains disposed of
The idea originally popped in my head after playing some Fallout 76 and getting attacked by a radtoad

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>Tfw you actually dream about your request
>Tfw she wanted to eaten alive in my dreams
>Tfw she was more enthusiastic about it than me

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Oh she looks uncomfortable, I won’t lick her eye, sorry loli-chan

It works!
Deliciously empty of shitposts.
Have another tantrum kid for larks.

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Requesting ranga from slime presenting his big ass in the style of this pic
And make him beg

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this is incredibly gay

Poka, draw her on the right getting fucked like on the left. please.

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How do you fuck up a thread the early, retards?

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This dude comes up to a thread and starts circlejerking with anons and samefags

what do you do

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YOU CANT START TROLLING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOD DAMNN ITT!!!!!!!!!!!!


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dont kill her again god damnit

it's that one weird kid, doing weird things again..
h-hey, what you up to buddy, :D

you hit 24 !
you heal her benign tumor, it becomes an over-developped and really dangerous tumor, and she now has stage 5 cancer,
well done

hey mommy

yeah, unless you got some steven universe's healing spit,
licking blind people's eyes might not be a good idea

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Ask him to do my request




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Requesting Jade having her stupid dog ears ripped off

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I dunno but my spit has a secret ingredient (it’s spit)

It's the Euro avatarfag circlejerk hours. They'll fuck off here in about an hour or so before the American avatarfag circlejerk begins.

Just revel in knowing that they depend on Sup Forums for any type of social interaction. Most, if not all, of them will be six feet under in a couple years. This place is the last stop on the suicide train for them

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requesting you use dark leaf magic to put another character into the leaf

An buff blind mommy gf...

Gf wears contacts most of her life so prob go used to shit touching her retina. Let’s me lick her eye for god knows what reason. Hey at least someone considers eye licking

The avatarfags don't samefag per se. What they do is reply to eachother with and without their avatars to make it seem like that more people are engaging with them. Ironically enough, they also post without their avatars when they want to start drama and spew hate at eachother because of jelous or some sort of grudge. All in all though, it's just one, big, disfunctional circlejerk.

It's understandable why they do it though. If you take a stroll through their tumblrs and twitters whatnot, they have no more than 5-10 followers, half of which are other avatarfags they friended. No one wants to see their shit. They can't develop a following on any real art-sharing website, so they come here to scrape the bottom of the barrel for the errant (You) some clueless user may mistakenly give them.

Now, there are some non-avatarfag, non-drawfag orbiters that do interact, but they're few and far between. Most true anons are here for request deliveries and nothing more.

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You are an evil man, Poka.
Scroll of translocation, two 12 die, roll for removal of tumor.

If no one liked their shitty OCs and art on DA and Twitter, then no one wants to see it here either. The only people that pay them any attention are their fellow avatarniggers and a very small amount of orbiters who think befriending them is gonna get them free art, literally the #MaleFeminist, cuckold mindset.

It's all bland and unoriginal and just amounts to them drawing busts of their OCs in slightly different poses. They're not using them for creative play or story telling. They're using them identification on a board and website specifically designed to discourage that. And if all you're doing is using avatars for identification to tell who's who, then why not just use a platform specifically designed for chatting with other people like Discord? It also supports image use.

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The real problem is the avatarfagging. No other drawthread allows this. No other board allows this.

You have a group of people that go against everything Sup Forums stands for, anonymity. They're attention depraved faggots because everywhere else they've tried to post their "art", they've been thoroughly ignored because their shit is boring, poorly drawn, and lacks any sense of creativity. So they come here in one last desperate attempt to form a following. And truth me told, they don't even manage that. Their only following are other avatarfags stuck in the same predicament as them. They interact with each other out of pity.

The avatarfags end up forming some sense of community this way. The problem is, they're all mentally unstable attention whores. They end up shuffling their way onto chatrooms like Discord. It's here where a lot of the problems start. Like I said, they're mentally unstable. The moment someone makes some snide or passive-aggressive comment there, the moment it all goes downhill. Even the slightest amount of criticism is enough to send an avatarfag over the edge. But because they're pussy faggots, they're not man enough to confront each other directly. They have the mental maturity of a high school girl. They start shitting the thread up under user, attempting to turn the thread against the avatarfag that pissed them off. This is how almost all of the drama and shitposting starts.

Sometimes, we'll even get to a point where someone gets doxxed such as the case with YV and several others before him because of the shithead comments they made.

It's to be expected though. Sup Forums attracts the most mentally ill people. This is counterbalanced with anonymity however, to keep things under control for the most part. But the moment you take the anonymity away in the form of avatarfagging or namefagging, you lose that balance, and all hell breaks loose.

Moral of the story. Don't avatarfag. Discourage avatarfagging. Shun avatarfags

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So is that a yes or no? I just want a (you)
*insert reverse psychology*

All those empty post indicators, thanks 4chanX.
Can't see pic related

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Wheres that clip from?

bootleg and shitty redraw/trace things i guess

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Midori the camellia girl
10/10 would recommend




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What I've come to notice here is that Eurofags that frequent these drawthreads are for more sensitive to drawma-posting and shitposting. They're quick to freak the fuck out in various ways to any type of adversity that hits these threads. Eventually though, they just give up and take it all up the ass when they realize they can't win. They're a weak-minded people.

The American posters don't really give a fuck what happens here. They take it on the chins like champs, which is why you can't scare them off. They know this place is a dumpster fire burning hundreds of pounds of human feces. They revel in it. This is their territory. The Eurofags though need that safe little place to hide. They can't accept Sup Forums for what it is. And if everything isn't exactly perfect and doesn't conform to their ideals, they go berserk like 500lb aspie that was told he can't have a second helping of tendies. See last thread for example. They literally spammed the thread with Spiderman pics because someone made fun of their filters

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mmh furry butthole

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wrong thread dipshit

You don't like it?

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Get back to fur threads, retard. we don't want you here.

>not the first post from this ip
I wonder who the faggot is.

Lol you don't want anyone here anyway.
>You prefer tits?

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Looking for someone to redraw this character in a police uniform

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Tits, obviously, but not furfags. now gtfo.

Tantrum kid trying to start a fight, but lacks intelligence.
Will he ree again?

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I just want lewd ork drawn to fuck with warhammer buddies

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i like


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>I filtered tantrum kid
>Haha look at tantrum not get any replies
>Will tantrum ree again?
You don't have him filtered nigger

>shitscribblers think they're avatarfags
>take images and put hair or color on it to be original
>shit art
Literally drawthreads are a fucking joke.

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Why should I listen to you?

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Requesting Luna by introducing a banana in her pussy.

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>he finally makes a text about me

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Requesting these 3 girls from Fairly Odd Parents being fucked on the beach. Please.

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you have no fans

now say something stupid and draw some stupid shit so i can laugh at you

That's asking for a yeast infection, and/or part of that banana to tear off & remain lodged inside her.

dog ears did nothing wrong D:

sorry boi, not feeling the lewds right now

you're asking a lot of me man

UUH, buff mommys are lame, i gotta use my superior brain for a second to find out who to put in there

please, tell her this from me
"weird kink but ok"
you should try doing a hickey to it

congratulation ! you rolled another 24 and successfully translocated her cerebellum out of her body,
she's now unable to move

i see i see,
but the leaf is trademarked, i'm suing you now

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You should replace her with someone who gets commissions done at a reasonable pace
I’m not surprised it’s hard for her given that she’s blind and all

Looking for someone to draw this cute witch with wolf ears and a wolf tail

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Oh god, I came at the wrong time, hey? Just avatarfags and spergs stroking each other, or themselves, off.

trying this one outttt

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Hey Dissu/alien man/paint user?! How'vr you been, pal.

Now watch as I derail this thread with mere words. Yes folks, its me again, your favorite user of them all: God.


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/r/ milkies

hi god, how do you do?

Get your zealous chink pixelated ass out of here you enormous fucking faggot.

I am fine, my son. Congratulations on the dubs. And yourself, little one?

ok i guess

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>finally samefagging

Ah, it seems the minor trolls have come out from under their solitary bridges. Leave the true meddling to the God, and go back to your pathetic little life, my son.

I challenge the gods you filthy fuckwad.

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Since we getting religious, requesting Iesua Nazarenus getting fucked by a hellhound. Bonus points for impregnation.

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Consider yourself smitten. And for the rest of you cretins: hello, and welcome to my show.

You spent 3 days on that drawing just for me to call you a faggot.

Fuck you.

fuck yourself


Horrible trolling. Stick to your first post in every thread about toads and fallout and something about being eaten or some other shite.

If you're still here

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thanks draw user

Requesting a full body pin-up of Geppetto from Pinocchio 3000, in his transformed robot form. Bonus points if he had an erect robot cock.

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