Why does my 13yo cousin look like this?

Why does my 13yo cousin look like this?

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i'm not sure, give me more examples so I can figure it out

what this guy said, I'm sure it'll attract the attention of Sup Forums's top scientists

Figure it out kthx

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kids in first world countries have access to better nutrition which can and does trigger puberty earlier

Imma need an @ or some more

What? She's a normal 13 year old.
from 13 to 19 the sexual characteristics should assert themselves, this is normal.
Calm down and enjoy your wank thread.

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Typical braindead response

Doesn’t look normal to me.

Doesn’t look normal to me...

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Greta Thunberg is 16. Your point being?

That's because you're an idiot, it happens, it's not your fault.

With breasts? Sounds pretty normal faggot.

shes a spic, most spics look good when they are young, and then they turn into something so disgustingly horrible I cant even think of word to describe,

Are going to just keep repeating this because you don't understand puberty and want to fuck your cousin?

I was 6,2 tall when I was 13, still am. Puberty is different for everybody.


pls no bully senpai

My goodness...

Got any nudes?

I'm not sure who ages worse -- Eastern European women or Latinas.

Need more to be sure

like an ugly cunt? some people are born like that