I’ve watched my wife fuck over a dozen hung guys since we were married, after tonight it’ll be 13. AMA

I’ve watched my wife fuck over a dozen hung guys since we were married, after tonight it’ll be 13. AMA.

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can i fuck your wife too

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Are you hung and good looking?

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is 7.5in hung
and I mean I think I'm handsome enough, a fair amount of girls have called me so

This was the first time she ever fucked anyone without me in the room.

It was my friend and he felt weird about me being there. So she agrees to meet up with him first (to calm his nerves). The rule was we had to have a webcam so I could watch. So I saved their seats at the bar next door and watched as my buddy first got head and then bent my wife over a sink and fucked her hard.

Made for interesting bar talk after.

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She was a total slut for this bull. He’s the first guy other than me she let fuck her ass. The first guy she let fuck her without a condom (begged him). The first guy she let cum inside her.

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>over a dozen
That would be at l-e-a-s-t 13. So tonight would be 14. Conclusion, OP is a lier!

Over a dozen......

Tonight is 13....

Fuck off you autistic faggot.

Only wife you have is your flesh light.

Fair point. New guy is actually number 15 or 16... just took a count

lol imagine actually having a fetish where you dont get to fuck, but someone else blows your wife out. you should just kys op

The first time she got DP’d was also the first time me and the bull tried viagra. We fucked her for 3 hours straight. It was only after she came multiple times that she worked up the courage to ask us to try. Holy shit she came 30s after I put my dick in her ass. We switched positions and there’s something incredible about feeling her tighten up as a big dick enters her ass and the the tight squeezes as she’s cumming. Ever since then DP is one of the first things she asks for from her bulls. She’s guaranteed to cum and is so loud we had two different hotels call or knock to “make sure everything is ok”

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Well this is is lies.
Either her number is 12 and therefore not over a dozen, or tonight she's fucking no-one

My guess is op is having a wank dreaming about having a wife that someone else.would find attractive to shag.

My other guess is that op is a faggot, as usual.

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Not saying it’s for everyone. But there aren’t any drugs that can recreate the feeling of having your wife look you in the eye as the guy fucking her makes her cum harder than she has in years.

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Last chance to ask a real life cuck anything

Pics of when he cums on her?

So many

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Hot as fuck

No thanks

Sucking 2 dicks?

>that's a hung guy

You know sometimes Sup Forums really gives me a confidence boost


whats the 12673rd digit in pi number?

Congrats you're literally a cuck and your wife is a slut. Enjoy your shitty marriage. Lmfao.

How about this one?

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Agree 100%

Or this

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>But there aren’t any drugs that can recreate the feeling of having your wife

What is this feeling exactly?

Or this?

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Adrenaline mixed with being turned on, jealous, in awe, and a little humiliated.

She’s never done it actually. Prefers to devote all of her effort to the bull.

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More anal?

How did you get her to transition from talking about it/fantasy to actually letting someone else fuck her?

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It was her idea actually


What number do you think is over a dozen?


Does he ever cum in her ass?

One (smart) thing I did was take her to a swinger party first. She got comfortable fucking in front of others, then the transition to a MFM threesome was pretty seamless.

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More clips of her pussy getting fucked?

She’s had 5 or 6 of them fuck her ass but as far as I know none of them have cum in it. One guy (bbc) made her cum from anal alone.

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it would be 14 tonight at the least if you were telling the truth because 13 is "over" a dozen. you would have said "ONE" dozen for your statement to be true, fucking queer nigger kike

Literally a disgrace to his family.
Please don't have kids.

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GOT EM!!!!!

More like this! Hot!

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>Over a dozen.. tonight 13.

How old is she op? An what age range do you mostly seek?

Nigger loving cuck

I know I know. Her actual count is either 15 or 16... neither of us are sure if we’re inventing the last guy or if she really did fuck him

She just turned 30. And she likes guys 28-39.

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Agreed op is a faggot

More WEBS of black bull fucking her ass?

"Over a dozen" "tonight it will be 13"
Which is it bro?

I cant wait until you are on your death bed thinking back over your life, and the crushing truth hits you as you realize what a pathetic faggot you are, and your last breath before you go straight to eternal hell fire will be filled with agony and regret

How will you kill yourself when it becomes time for your eventual suicide?

This was literally her birthday present to this friend. She had me get a hotel room. She bought all new lingerie. And had him meet her there so she could “fuck him dry”. I watched the whole thing from the hotel lobby with people all around.

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What state?

This pussy is literally letting other men fuck his slut. I thought these people were memes.

you should share the entire video

Which is why I thought you’d want to ask me a question or two

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gfycat slash embellishedpotableamericanalligator-beauty

>over a dozen
>tonight makes 13

Jesus christ

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Which state? Lemme smash

Notanormalcouple, good to see you here man.

Did you know 13 is literally the beginning of "over a dozen". I can see why she needs other men to satisfy her

Good to be here

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Why is it always niggers with cucks?

I thought I recognized her!

She’s only fucked two black guys (both my idea)... every other dude has been white

It's a funny request, but you got pics of her in dresses? Sfw or not, doesn't matter. Have a thing for sluts in dresses, think it's the promise of easy access.

She’s made a few fans.

True story she has no idea I share her pics.

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Here’s one from her waiting for my buddy to come fuck her

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Op, I would kill myself. But then I'm an ignorant virgin.

Got any of her in slutty outfits in public?

You should fist that coal burning slut

got her in heels?

my gf wants to have her first BBC ever and me watching her. should I let her?

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how long does they last? Does that matter?

What's wrong with you OP?

It looks bigger than average penis.

Good lucks, her petite body was designed for her to be a human fuck doll
Came from a classic set of picks on the subreddits you were spamming everywhere,flapped like crazy to her

Pics are a tad blurry, but two things are clear:
1. She needs to speak to a manager.
2. Her anus is trashed.

Most last about an hour before they but. One guy actually is able to reload immediately so he’ll cum 3-4 times in an hour.

After that she’s usually spent.