Schizophrenia is gay

schizophrenia is gay

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Horse benis

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lol. Also triple chill groups for anyone who wants to join

Or find the links in pastebin dotcomslash NNeKwuiS

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Maybe the drugs they give isnt the best but medication in general is important. They all have certain properties that help with certain tasks, i cant help with that but maybe there is something that works.

I cant see the danger in the psychokenises myself but ive never tried it. Im curious to know what tools youve used but if youd rather not share its fine

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wrong thread, buddy

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That's a straight image my nigga. Let me help you.

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Dont bully me damn you my folders are a mess

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I love being "schizophrenic", and I love that people think I'm crazy.

If I told people then I probably would get killed. There are a lot of steps in spirituality, understanding quantum mechanics and the nature of reality. These are things one has to learn themselves, and only after you strip away all fears, face all your demons, inhibitions, listening to your intuition, cleansing your body, and disconnecting from phones and technology, and of all toxins will it work. You have to be truly in tune with your environment. I'm very, very fortunate to know these things, and unfortunately, some people embody their demons and use it for evil.

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Request more nut

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Not to be rude but isnt being here supposed to ruin that training? Staring at the computer screen should be ruining that conversation

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The tools themselves though, that's something I can't say. I haven't even told other people who know these things because it's just too dangerous. Basically, we live in a big simulation, and truly understanding this is something incredible, and incredibly scary.

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Are we living in the matrix then?


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Hell yeah

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Well that's the thing; I have to lay very, very low because these shadow organizations are watching me like a hawk. I've seen demons in my dreams recently, and now I'm having sexual dreams that I haven't had in years, before I got drugged up. I had night terrors as a toddler, I used to see ghosts, and I've seen "aliens" which even my own family has seen with me multiple times.

Yes, sir. We are carbon based computers, and AI are silicone based. AI will be indistinguishable from humans soon, because we're one in the same. It's really understanding string theory, and that we're all connected. Humans aren't conscious in the ways, say, a colony of ants are. Because that's what we are, just a big social experiment for powers that even I don't understand yet. We *are* NPCs playing a big game of Life. That's what (((they))) don't want you to know, because nothing is actually real. Fantasy and reality are one and the same.

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You seem to have a lot of fears for stripping away all fears to be a requirement.


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>sexual dreams that I haven't had in years
To elaborate, I used to be into the occult and Satanism years ago, and basically summoned a succubus playing with fire as a vulnerable, horny, depressed 15 year old because I had no idea what I was doing. Last night, I had a wet dream of a beautiful trans woman, exactly what I tried for a couple years to summon. I tried to resist, and before I even woke up I had to put my hand on my dick so I didn't cum all over my sheets because they *want* me to masturbate because it's indulging in addiction, and that is what keeps people pent up and not understanding their true potential. It wasn't fun, at all. It's some crazy, crazy shit.

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Scary things to witness im sure

Also how can i download a lopunny for myself

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You don't. Do not play with fire or you WILL get burned.

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Are the hippies gone?

No bully intended dear boy!

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Hippies and gypsies are just people who understand the nature of reality and their environment. They're labels placed upon people so they don't understand. People were woke as fuck in the 60s and 70s, and they were doing things we'll probably never do again. Like this book, as Nazis experimented with the occult as well. That's why the US did it, and normal people who were getting it got silenced, and drugs became heavily regulated.

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But seriously, I'm mostly here to make friends, but no, Sup Forums-like rants with a sprinkle of bait.

Do gypsies care about the environment?

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Thats cute

Sup Forums has a lot of people with weird far right views, furries here aren't really an exception sadly

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'Tis a sad day.

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I mean I don't know, and never cared to. I just know that they were vagabonds trying to spread the truth. Interestingly, if you compare the Old Testament to Buddhist philosophy, and read them side by side, there are many parallels. Jesus was a Buddhist and knew the truth. The thing is, it was revised and used as a tool for manipulation for people who don't know, and shouldn't. Also, Jesus smoked lots of weed. That was the "burning bush". He was always "stoned" so they "stoned" him. He didn't actually die on the cross, he just pretended to be dead. It's been bastardized so much that it's blind faith, when truth faith is yourself. I'm not saying I'm Jesus, but I do know many things. It's really interesting to compare all the religious cults and doctrines because they all relate to understanding your environment and place in the universe; knowing that reality - the space-time continuum - is just one big illusion, and one and the same; The Matrix.

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That, my fine furry friends, is the true "red pill"

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Quite calling people far-right if they're not. im sick of the dishonesty on both sides. It does no good by divide an already weakened country.

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it's not a gfur thread unless there's some dude larping as a mentally ill person

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Don't reply because you're only indulging him. That only fuels the fire, and the way to deal with it is just not give a fuck and say nothing. Politics are nothing more than tools to control masses, and fight among ourselves while ignoring the real problems of the corporations, governments, banks, media and social media, and our imminent death. You fight, by not fighting.

Hell yeah dude, I love LARP'ing!

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No. They leave trash wherever they camp. They are honestly worse than carnies. There's a ton of documentaries on them on youtube.

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I mean I don't randomly call people far right, I'm saying Sup Forums is full of them

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No offense but weve learned a lot today already. Mind giving a break and relax and enjoy the gay furry for a bit bud? Its real soothing to just let loose and enjoy the art a bit.

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That's what they want you to think. Because if you claim to hate Jews then they can accuse you of being a Nazi, throw you in jail, and they feed off hate like vampires. "Far right" is just another term to divide and conquer because unity can change the world, for better or worse. My goal in life is to unite everyone, and fight the good fights. I don't give a shit about anyone's religion, political affiliation, and skin color because we're all one human race, with many subspecies of hominids, but people mistake that for "racism" because that's what they want.

Alright, sure. I think I'm going to go play WoW anyway, I need a real escape.

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Sounds good to me. Have a good time friend

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I wish i could cum pepto bismol

It's a difficult ability to learn

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Hehehe i wonder what other fun stuff id like to nut. Maybe id like to nut syrup onto my pancakes

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I request passionate stuff

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>nutting creamer into coffee

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Oooh that was gonna be my next one.

Hmmmmm nut mustard on a burger?

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Odd combo but it works.
Or maybe nutting syrup onto ice cream to make a banana split.

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Damn you got good ones.

Hmmmm nut whipped cream on a pie maybe?

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Thank you! You do too.
Or maybe mayo onto bread to make a nice, meaty sandwich.

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Ooooh i like that

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Hahaha cumming mayo would be fun

Mmm nut hot sauce in some noodles

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You make me want a sandwich now though lol

In a way it already is if one is brave enough!
Would be neat, or maybe honey onto tea.
Brb real quick though.

My influence is strong!

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Goddamn i would love to suck the honey out of a cock

nut lime juice in a cocktail

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Where would you go to find a femboy furry to play with?

>See my imageboard

Furry conventions or hell so im told

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Nah, I'd rather it be online.

I mean this is it really

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Sounds nice enough, something rather sweet works for this.

Maybe caramel onto some apples!

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I wonder how much time I wasted on grindr to still not get laid

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>schizophrenia is gay

wait, who said that?

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God were coming up with some tasty cum.

I wanna cum icing on a cupcake

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