I've HAD IT with that shitty lingering wetness after I get out of a shower

I've HAD IT with that shitty lingering wetness after I get out of a shower
Sup Forumsros, do you have any speed tips? I try and stand in front of a fan, but I want the dry NOW

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Take shorter showers and you'll dry quicker

Get good fucking towels. None of that “fast drying” chick shit. “Fast drying” means that water evaporates off the towel quickly, which it accomplishes by making the towel water resistant - meaning it won’t pull water off your body. Get old school cotton.


Cold showers. Half of what you're waiting to dry is your own sweat from a hot shower.

No, I like my long showers, especially when they're necessarily
Nice, will take note
Much appreciated, definitely helps now that I recently figured out how to my freeze my dick off when getting out of the shower

This. Also, sweep the water off thoroughly before even reaching for that towel. That includes emptying the reservoir that is your hair.

Not freeze my dick off*

Cover yourself in Vaseline before showering

Take sodium showers

Get harder water

Shower with Zippo lighter fluid.

kill yourself so you dont ever have to shower

i fucking hate taking full body showers, i avoid them at all costs. i usually just wash my pits and call it a cleaning. it works if you keep your clothes somewhat clean.

make your house cold and take hotter showers the shock of the cold will make you feel dry thats what i do I usually keep my house at 67 and use 95 to 100 degree water.

Use bounty towels. They are the quicker picker upper after all. Duh

Bet you smell like shit

he probably does like really bad

Hair dryer ya big gay

In the winter I sit beside the fire

Personally I use a small towel on my hair first then use the same towel to get most of the water which has beaded on my skin ONLY then use your large towel on your body to dry off properly. Use cotton towels, use a dressing gown ofc and get a decent one too.

whatever dude i can't be fucking bothered with that bullshit

this. I always shake my arms and bang my head. You see dogs do it, right? Just like stretching when they first awaken, They know what's up.

I always towel off, then walk around the house naked while doing other morning chores (eating breakfast, letting the dog out to poop, etc. Then after a few minutes, I'm dry and can put my clothes on. Also what about one of those drying towels for cars or a chamois!?

I showed this to Sup Forums some time ago and they didn't understand. You understand right OP?

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hey anons anyone wanna shower with me

Take it from a older hairy guy. Towel dry, then use a hairdryer on your body. If you have ever been in a gym you will see all the old guys drying off their balls this way.

Are you a female. The amount of crying seems to say so. Man the fuck up. A long shower wtf are you a fag

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