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this is fucking hilarious

stop stealing my idea faggot
the original was a lynched nigger and you ripped me off

ok what the fuck did I just watch

reply or mom die

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OP stole my idea and ruined it he's a fucking faggot
the original thread i made like this was a lynched nigger and the unoriginal faggot ripped me off by spamming this shit
you are not funny OP
you are a joke thief
unoriginal faggot
it'd be okay if you did it once but you've done it like 50 times you fucking thief

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not OP but are u gonna cry bud?
butthurt over some cringe worthy edgy dead nigger memes being stolen?
no one gives a fuck on 4 chan
especially not about your memes
grow up

When you already came and she keeps sucking

he's a joke thief and in the comedy world joke thiefs like Amy Schumer and Carlos Mencia are despised

You are the reason Red Flag laws are becoming popular. I hope you die in a fire.

Fucking kek

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Why are you so fucking ass pained? It's Sup Forums get tf over it faggot.

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Under age porn

Wut. The. Fuck. user, im gonna go bleach my eyes now

Shit nigger

Wtf. That's the worst thing I've ever seen. Any more info? Cartel shit?

Fuck you op!

News says he was accused of rape and cartel got him.

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OP you are so edgy for posting that to ylyl

Why everyone is posting that gay shit?

Go back to tumbrl faggot


hq boomer memes


cunt kike jew chink

Hes a newfag, its his first time. Let him learn

Just to be safe.



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He dongled kids and they gave him the option of either death or punishment by peanut butter. He chose the latter, which clearly led to either death or having a hard time peeing at the very least.

Don't forget to thank me later for this one kind user.


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This cracks me up every time...

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what was it like growing up without a father?

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Absolute fucking mad lad.

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That guy has had sex with a woman at least one more time than OP

and of course, it's a pitbull

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Maybe one of the worst things I've seen user. Congrats.


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I'm racist but this is a little much

Fuck you.

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knowing black people and females in general she probably posted this shit on her facebook... so did she get sent to prison or what?

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Here y'all go niglets



Bingo! Yep. This black hyena posted this on her Facebook, and she was shortly arrested and sentenced to 2 years.

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Oh boy two whole years

looks like his son got a little a head of himself


Lurk moar faggot

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How is this supposed to be funny?

>and sentenced to 2 years.
pussy pass is real even for niggers

fuck off

Have you been living under a rock? Women get outrageously lenient sentences in the US.

I'm laughing, but not because of the reason they intended. Or maybe? It's an ironic laugh.

This is such a cool webm


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Go fuck yourself.



I was kinda hoping for skyrim..

A man having his genitals consumed by a dog. Apparently, he is a pedobear. However, I'm more inclined to believe that he fucked up and owes one of the cartels a lot of money.


Kek. Those crafty, covetous Jews are always up to something.

no, you're just autistic

I made this meme. I feel very proud of not only myself, but to you for having good taste.

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THIS thread is a failure, so instead the new topic will be funny names you give to a cat

Shaka Dingo

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that can't be real

too late

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so anons really get triggered by this huh

Gender confirmation surgery


It's cuz she's black.

She would!

>ywn be as satisfied with life as arnold is in that moment
>ywn go on to star in numerous Hollywood blockbusters and nail down more celebrity cooze than you know what to do with
>ywn go on to govern, and eventually run into the ground, the shithole state of california just for the fuck of it
>ywn get all of this just because you decided to become a bodybuilder
This man has led a charmed life

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Sucks to suck nigger she's already dead


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RocketMan's Pussy