Scottish thread anycunt?

Scottish thread anycunt?

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So like usual... basically a bunch of people say the town they are from and never continue the conversation?

Anyone know her name?

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From Edinburgh

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Nope but continue lol.

We have ascended beyond needing to have a thread get going before we moan about it..

Is this the girl above?

Naa wish it was though, bird has a nice face lol


Glasgow girl

Easyest way to get laid In scotland? And where to go out for party?

Any major city. Just go out to some clubs, don't get too pished to get it up and you'll be fine.

East Kilbride

anyone got any caitlin r? only got this one

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Have been two times around sterlin (it isnt a mayor city?) local pubs close very early and not many folksz In the city itself it isnt bussy either.

Still loved the accent, tried to get one myself

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hot as fuck, more?

Don't know Stirling tbh but I'd say no, Scotland being a fairly small place only has 3 I'd call major. Those are Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Places like Inverness you wonder how they got to call themselves cities at all.


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American here - I fucking hate all these girls with fake tans. Scottish girls look amazing when they're super pale, skinny, and have natural red or blonde hair. Scottish girls should stick to what they're best at. I say this as someone who's generally more into Middle Eastern/Indian girls with black hair.

why is it so hard to find porn of scottish girls country full of sluts none of them online

Embra slut

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Bump. Any Ayrshire cunts on ?


Siobhan Anderson, look her up

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>See my imageboard:


EK again

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Who's she

Emily from Aberdeen

Irvine here

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Glasgow sluts check em

Any Abby from Hamilton?

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I have AN Abby from Hamilton, not sure if it’s the same one you’re thinking of

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Abby M?

Nah different one then

Any east kilbride sluts?

Lauren H, Newton Mearns

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I like scottish until i read yesterday the terrible stats about children powerty
I dont like scotland very much now you re just english in fact. Same cold and shitty society than england, you shoyld stay with them and import more muslims, you deserve it

Any nudes to expose/share?

Also, any Invernessians?

Garage is full of desperate ppl on a weekend I got fuckin molested by like 4 guys man never again

she's alright I guess

Her mouth is only half developed lol

Can't even buy alcohol after 10pm... sucks

I am American, and I agree.

>Siobhan Anderson
look her up where all i found was a fiddle teacher

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