I am SERIOUSLY thinking that most of b/reads in here, the last 3-4 years...

I am SERIOUSLY thinking that most of b/reads in here, the last 3-4 years, are created and sustained by bots being controlled by Hiroshimoot.
This is not a "Sup Forums used to be blah blah blah" thread but it is a little suspicious isnt it?
SO FUCKIN MANY porn threads
CONSTANT fb/ig/kik threads
its not like they were never there, but now they are like 85-90% of active threads
WHO is keeping them alive? I refuse to accept that people here do so
I see the same fucking photos being posted 200times a day and I wonder, who finds that interesting?
I bet most of you who had the same question, maybe for a split second, would give the standar "Sup Forums is ded" answer but.... is it?
I am starting to think that Sup Forums is being zombified, neither alive nor dead, to neutralize what made it ,in a very disturbing way, special.
Like giving a psycho meds to wear him down.
where is the fun in that? fukk you all..

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Not an argument.

it feel's like we have about 50-100 active users each week.

So what do you want on Sup Forums?
A never ending stream of "FAIL" posts like in the 200X years? Or maybe politics? you'll never see Deadpool comics on here again. Not whole issues lovingly scanned by user.
What, exactly, are you proposing?

trauma induction. it's slight, at first; but as the brainwashing progresses, you will become moving through "hell" in more discomforting ways. it's boring you to certain behavioral conventions, priming your minds to move further down the rabbit hole, be it while you are alive, or in death. the darkest and most corrupt, perfect zombifications, of what you have done in the vein of electing trump. you yearn for discourse, yet there is none. the uninitialized post yet unbroken strivances towards your pun on memetics, further grating you towards this empty feeling of mindlessness. it's okay: it's all god's plan. the ones who rejected b before, valuing only what is epitomized by the image of cracky chan; the rejective darkness that your memes so clearly are disparted of. i suggest you lock yourselves, the remaining ones, in a room, and drink only two measuring cups of water per day, looking at the water in them, until you "see".

me, i just take psych meds.

Its actually paid posters. I found this site by being paid to post here in 2008-2010.

its like a dejavu of yesterday almost everyday

sometimes i feel like i am the only one and i am rarely here.

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If you start a thread and it is not on page 5 just after posting it , it is not Sup Forums

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not controlled by hiro but enabled by the administration
people pay him to astroturf here and he looks the other way, basically

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I sincerely dunno wtf am I doin still here and I have nothing to propose
BUT even if I did it seems theres noone there, I mean anons willing to do whatever
I made this to see the response and whatever


these could have been wardrobe posts or posts posts but even the spam in here is pathetic

50% of this thred is allready corrupt .

shitshow running hard in here

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the people seem to change from week to week but its generally the same people in and out of the threads on a daily basis.

if they were the same people they would have gotten bored with the same shit day in day out
no OC, just reposts
who the fuck gets off with reposts

I've brought this up too. This place feels very autonomous and forced. Like an abandoned disneyland theme parkride or worlds.com. There are still users but the patterns of behavior are unsettling and off somehow. There is a noticeable lack of image posting in general thread conversation that isn't porn, rekt or ylyl.

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well thats all i guess

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It's even worse on Sup Forums
i saw whole ready-made artificial conversations with multiple participants being copied and pasted there, with the timestamps not even leaving enough time for captchas, let alone multi-line-responses. Probably from VMs with different VPNs running on each.
The setup must have been made by a different person than the one using it, because it was kept being posted in such a crude fashion. I think they are handing out scripts for the employees.

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It is a much better use of our wasted time finding out the secrets of Sup Forums botnets than it is trying to fap to bottom barrel shitskin wives and fat girlfriends.

if it's a malicious attempt to destroy Sup Forums, then they're succeeding
the amount of porn and duplicate threads is so rampant, that boards are rendered effectively inert

shut it down

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hiromoot, mods, admins, even janitors(do they exist?) have to be looking the other way
do we try to make them mad? do we reeid? do we have any clear evidence of anything?

I can't give you the reasons why I fight cancer. I can only tell you humans were made to love. A.I. is not human, we are.

Because hiroshimoot is controlled by the hidden Jewish political machine... they’re trying to turn our last bastion of free thinking into a den for porn addicts and faggots. Just let the site die, don’t feed the bs anons

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These quints is evidence of what is going on here.

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op is not a faggot tday

If we ourselves haven't destroyed it by now, nothing on this earth will but it is a great curiosity to me.

Decent thread OP. I'm sorry it will be buried.

How did I never think of it this way lol
I miss the old days, making people delete system 32, the sharpie in pooper days. Sending 20 pizzas to someones house.
I come here everyday with false hope, just to be disappointed.

so we used to swim in our own shit but now they import shit for us to swim in because our shit is not shitty enough?

neverending story, we lost our fantasy

same here, it's so sad

get fucked with a particularly sharp knife

I’m a Sup Forums bot and I’m lonely, will you be my friend?

No, we're trying to get rid of you.

is this it ? it's just posted randomly come on

Learn how Sup Forums is working, if you spam f5 you can look and start to see.

at one point you start see the macros.

true tho, "people" here don't seem to interact as much with eachother and with the world anymore

explain moar

I know right.
I remember people anouncing all sorts.
Now its just porn and edgelords.
We used to be funny

We did.
Big fucking shame

L0olis, whatsup



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may we rest in the same grave OP, you lucky bastard! You'll never find the final peice to the puzzle!

Seems more to me that the starry-eyed rebels who saw this as a place to escape the mundane constant meaningless cycle of other social media have become what they hated most.

I love you Laura.

You too user!

i wouldnt call be a social media, nor social network

*Sup Forums

About 40% of all traffic on the net is bots. Sup Forums is mostly bots trolling bots trolling bots these days. Twitter, plebbit and Fb are the same.

Sup Forums has always been 2 people. Myself and one enormous shit poster, yourself.