Perv thread

perv thread

post stolen panties, girls you've perved on, pervy stories etc

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I stole multiple pairs of panties from my girlfriends old roomate. Hot blond sorority favorite thing to do though was cum in her stuff. I came in her milk, in her body cream, all over her panties in her underwear drawer. Was a great semester. :)

neighbors daughters, from the hamper.
licked that crotch clean it tasted and smelled like heaven

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My now ex had her young friend stay over for a couple of weeks. She always left her knickers under her bed but left the door open so I used to sniff and lick them, so hot.

my sisters used to have a lot sleepovers, in the morning when they went downstairs to have breakfast. i'd sneak into her room, open the bag of the friend and pull out the worn panties. take them with me, wank like crazy while having them pulled over my head. crotch right on my nose and mouth. the thrill omg... and i never came so much

I love sniffing and jerking off to my brothers stupid asian whore wife

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When I was at school, i saw a hot girl leave the girls cubicle so i went in and drank her piss out of the toilet bowl while masturbating

Yep, when I was a kid I'd go over to a family friends home and our parents would leave to go shopping. Eldest daughter (15 at the time) was in charge. I would sneak upstairs while everyone else was downstairs. I would go take and fap with both daughters panties and occasionally take a few pairs. This continued for years, and I think by the end of it I had over 20 pairs of stolen panties.

Oh to be young again.

I keep my panties in the drawer this 30 gal. aquarium sits on. I get my panties from everywhere. I might steal em, get them for free, find them on hikes and bike rides, or buy them them sites like Poshmark, Mercari, and e-Bay. The latter being the hardest to get them from thanks to their policies. if I by online I'll generally find large bundles of (clean) used panties, but a few times on Mercari and once on ebay I found listings for dirty sets. I've even duped women online into sending me their panties.

I have tons of them, too many to count at this point and I've even had to liquidate a ton of my stuff.

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this is the kind of shit you do when you get home, it's late, and you've locked yourself in your room, not in a building full of your peers. Isn't that the least bit embarrassing?

I'm a maintenance guy that goes back and forth to several big apartment properties owned by the company I work for. I'm always stealing one or two panties from the hot girls dirty laundry basket. They always smell so good.

Yea me also, got a nice collection. But had to throw away because I was moving in with my gf. But now I have started to collects again.

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A friend of mine lives in an apartment full of old ladies, but they have a laundry room and a huge folding table, and occasionally people leave hand me downs up there or lost clothes get put up there and a lot of times there's panties and he takes them for me. Having a collection of old lady panties in interesting. There's the shapewear and nylon panties, typical, but also Victories secret and some thongs.

this is you.

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Well he's different. He was an officer in the Canadian Air Force. He had survival skills, social skills, physical fitness, friends, family, and when he stole he actually broke into people's homes and wrote disturbing messages. He was able to do what he did because he was a sociopath but he would never browse this website.

in other words better than y'all in every way.

If you ask me he was retarded because he got caught, and he sealed and labeled everything with a time stamp and name of the person if he could. So it was easy to connect the crimes.

slow night...

Well what I've gathered is that just like that guy who posts the real dolls, there's some fetishes that even the majority of Sup Forums seem to shy from.

nothing better than smelling and licking yng teen panties

Used to cum buckets in her panties, about 4 times

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Define young teen

that one was onefour

Same as this girls panties, god they smelled 11/10

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i love vs panties. i used to steal dirty panties from friends sisters, but now i just buy my own and dress like a sissy

see, I steal panties too but I've never really understood tho whole smelling them thing. I've tried but it does nothing for me

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Gotta be dirty so you can smell their snatch

Hot mother in law

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they were. I'm tellin you man I don't get nothing off it.

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no smell? or no arousal?

jerked with and worn every girls panties that I've lived with at uni, even kept a few

Pic of collection?


Cant find pics right now, but I use to steal pairs of my friends little sisters panties, used them to jack off and cum in them, then the next time I was over, id put the soiled ones way in the back of her drawer, steal a new pair, and repeat the cycle.

Love taking creeps of my friends, and jacking off to them when I get home

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I do that of my sister in law, I steal her panties when she's doing laundry as well.

I have a pair of panties from about 6 different girls. Some stolen when I decided that whenever I fucked one I would get a pair as a trophy and some freely given. I didn't keep up the habit as it's pointless but I didn't get rid of the existing ones.

Sneaking out of a girl's condo with a pair wrapped around one of my ankles was pretty funny though.

Probably need to throw these out before my fiancee moves in.

Stealing is wrong and will land you in jail if you're not careful. I've already read a couple of posts in here that could probably get someone registered as a sex offender.

It's good to treat women like women, and not sex objects. Respect women and their stuff, and maybe you'll get lucky with her.

I have some panties that are from the time I was 13. I'm 27 female and they still fit lol! They have holes and I would be willing to dirty them for you.
Kik is cockvision

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