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Ronald Patton


Béarnaise Sauce

For me, it was a pic.

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动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门


assault rifle

Suspicious token key. Probably posted from Edward Snowden personal PC computer.

why am i always turning my cmoputer on for these threads



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WHAT the fuck is that? I bet you could turn off the entire internet with that link.

Seems like a torrent link

Its just a magnet link to some weeb shit


* gotta pay my bills I guess

what is the difference between utilities and neccessities. im from uganda

Misaki Rola

sprintStart = Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.LeftShift);
if (sprintStart)
moveSpeed = moveSpeed * 2;

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Just pick out your favorite yugioh card and try to find a girl that looks or matches it.

The downside though is you'll stop playing yugioh and then eventually she'll date her friend when you give her space, and then you'll slowly get back into yugioh and see the card that reminded you of her and it'll instantly make you think of her and you'll feel something tug at your heart and the guitar and singing part in 'I No Longer Fear The Razor Guarding My Heel (IV) by $uicideboy$ will play in your head and you have to stand up and walk away because you weren't ready for those type of feelings and you thought maybe you were over her by now.

>Pic Related

>>Pic Related

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Is that Joueur du Grenier?


Oui c'est clairement lui.

Genial! J'ai bien crue que c'était lui, j'ai adoré son série sur Kerbal Space Program

First, no per-campaign donations. All campaigns recieve an equal share of the pot, anyone can donate to the pot. This will guarantee that the only money going into politics is the sources of money that cares about FAIR politics. Second, no government employee or official can earn than the median wage. Watch them all scramble to improve EVERYONE'S lives for a change. Third, shorter terms, more terms total, term limits for each branch, and a total term limit for all branches overall to prevent career politics.

Is fapping to t-girls gay?

Momoiro Closet

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