Your life sucks, user! Why are you not living like me?

Your life sucks, user! Why are you not living like me?

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What's the bandwidth?
Hopefully not by mobile data, or your location just became irrelevant.

I have a satellite internet. 980 USD / month

>reverse image search
fuck off bitch

>he reverse search images of random people homes
the embarrassment

Living like you? You fucking idiot, anyone can get a job at a ski resort and get employee housing. Nice try though.

If you zoom in really close to that window you can see me watching you with binoculars, jerking off vicisouly with a pair of tweezers and vaseline

>spends his time on Sup Forums raging about someone's home
the embarrassment

I don’t have the money.

Can you help me?

Some of us do

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PLASTIC FUCKING BAG! IN MY FUCKING THREAD! Have you not seen Greta the Great? Fuck you, user! Ruining the natural world!

I just throw them in the river, even though it's a bag for life, it's still destined for an otters neck.

In fact, I'll fill it with paper bags so more trees are cut down...

Apologize now.


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I thought I was the only one who put plastic bags in plastic bags in the river . Good Sir you have an excellent day

Apologize or you will be forced to leave my thread.


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I have many connections.

Triggered ?

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You will regret this.

Bro I thought this was the view from Linguini's Paris apartment in Ratatouille and got excited. No I don't want to live in a fucking cabin lmao

Thank you

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enjoy your 500 milliseconds of latency

I'm a very powerful woman.

I didn't know you posted here

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You should be afraid.

I am look at those arms

I will soon have all the information I need.

Hoping to one day aspire to be a potato?

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There will be no more chaos.

The chaos lord of lgbtqpickle says otherwise

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