Rate my apartment. Rent is 2100 USD per month

Rate my apartment. Rent is 2100 USD per month.

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Stop larping faget.
But nice one I give it 10/10

Where yat neegah?

6/10. could get it to a strong 7 if you added tons dry ice so there was smoke on the floor. I bet you are too gay to do that though. dont say smoke machine it doesnt get the same effect.

That's 2100?
Sheeit where you live, that's a 3 g plus apartment here easily

rate mine

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Your rent is low because the weather above you is shit and the streets below you are flooded with shit people.
Your tower is temporary, the glory of Rome is eternal

>live in a nice home for the rest of my life
>this fag lives in some shithole
>"a-a-at least this is only temporary"

why dont you have curtains/blinds? you like everyone watching you fap?

Yes, I have a kink for being watched without my consent. I know it's weird. Shut the fuck up.

>reverse image search
>fuck ton of results
I can't be arsed to put it into paint and crop it but OP is full of shit as per usual

I hear you perv user. If it were me I would spend all my money on zoom cameras and spend every night looking through those windows. No shame.

What are you going on about?
That cubicle youre trapped in isnt a home.
You dont even own the land that commieblocc is situated on you fucking pleb

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You own nothing nigga

what is your job?

Fucking your mom. She's so ugly and fat she pays me out the ass to put it in her ass

I travel the world with my daughter and take pictures from hotels and famous places. We are modern day influencers.

Based and lolipilled.

smelly fat girl, living in disgusting polluted city, not building any semblance of equity towards anything meaningful

3/10 cool bed.

>i post lewd photos of my teenage daughter on instagram and then pimp her out to rich arabs for a fat check everytime

You hateful fucking little tiny bitch. Apologize now.

She is 10, there are no lewd pictures.

Solid 7,5/10 also more ?

What city?

The city that never sleeps

Do you put your daughter in these photos you take?

Sometime she takes the photo, so it is just me.

How the hell do you pay for anything?

We have 3M followers on IG. For three photos from a hotel as an ad is about 2500 USD for example.

Oh so you 100% pimp her out nice bro

She doesn't have acne.

How is that significant?

Post your instagram

2k/mo my ass


She has a very beautiful and soft skin, so no pimps.


Why not? If you have that many followers what's it gonna matter if a few anons from Sup Forums see it?

2K/night. I made a typo.

>very beautiful and soft skin
Oh, you aren't pimping her out you're the one that's fucking her

So you can't quote this thread on our IG.

You call skin of little girls any differently? Embarrassing.

Very nice
Mine is $1225 CAD plus utilities. Considered upscale here but I border the niggerest ghetto in municipality.

I don't have a reason to comment on little girls skin cause I'm not a pedophile

Shits tight fam, doubt its 2100 a month put I like your sense of interior decorating

This thread isn't even saying anything worthwhile what's gonna happen? "Ohhh you posted you had this instagram on Sup Forums oh noo!!!"

You asked about pimps. You're embarrassing.

I do not approve racist commentary in my threads.

My link is secure.


>cause I'm not a pedophile
Why the fuck are you on Sup Forums then?

just accidently knocked up a chick, her parents are gonna be pissed at me. any suggestions?

inb4 baby gore

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You pay 2k a night? Wow get cucked...

OP confirmed pedophile. What's it like sliding into your daughters vagina?

Age? Are you married and got your side chick pregnant? Can you move and start a new life?

We didn't pay anything and got for 3250 for advertisment on IG.

$2100 a month. Youve lost your fucking mind. I would never pay more than $900 mo.

I want to hug that stupid looking fluffy thing.

Then how exactly are we rating "your apartment"....

More like hey guys look at some bullshit on the internet that I got to stay in one time... like wtf?

Have fun living in shit holes or 4 hours away from anything noteworthy

Yeah, what this guy says. How long did it take you to get used to a hundred thousand people watching you jack off when you're on the computer?

it looks very cozy with a nice view. watch this if you got time op


Its probably in Wisconsin.