Comfy diaper thread?

Comfy diaper thread?

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are these your pics?

If so how do you like the bunnyhops? i ordered the dinorawrz but fucked up on the address so i need to wait to get that straightened out

They're pretty comfy. Not as absorbent as the PeekABUs, but with a booster they're on par. I find both cute.

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How do I get a diaper bulge like that?
Mine end up crumbling and sinking to the middle

Sometimes I pack a booster in the front, and sometimes I toss 'em in the dryer no heat for a few seconds to get poofyness.

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Putting them in the dryer? I like that idea.

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It feels really accomplishing when I soak 'em all the way.

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Is it weird that my bother and my two cousins also like diapers?

Its weird that you know that much about 3 relatives.

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It's not for everyone, and I understand if people don't get it or aren't interested. I enjoy wearing them more than I do boxers or briefs, they pinch my ballsack when I'm sitting. It's never been an issue with diapers tho.

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'See my imageboard.

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Well it started when we were all children so it wasn't really kept a secret.

show your face and it stops being cute, ruin the fantasy

I just choose not to show my face, and I can still be cute.

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face is what tells people you're cute or not

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Yeah, but at the same time I'd rather keep that separate from my own personal life.

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God I need to get those bunny diapers

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Diaper threads occur on both Sup Forums, /r9k/, and /hc/. Isn't that kind of split up?

buy boosters?
got it


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Should i get diapered tonight? Brother went to gf's place, probably only night this week i can.

P-post pics

>Sitting in soaked Peekabu after wearing it all day
>Super squishy
>Horny as fuck now

Peekabus are too powerful

Ive got a tykables overnights on, only slightly wet :p

what brand?


get larger size underwear you fucking mong

Well if you're interested, here ya go:

Only if you promise to change me afterwards

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What's your favorite ABDL-accepting world look like, what would a walk through of your day be like assuming it was a functional, socially acceptable lifestyle?

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Absolutely buy boosters. 300% recommend

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how do I use them?

They look something like this and you just put them inside your diaper.

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to hold more piss?

Yea it's basically like being double diapered. Has the same Sap that is in diapers just no plasic back so the liquid can run trough

I like to double up the front of mine since I don't usually mess.

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What boosters do you get?

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I tried

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I've had trouble pinning down what my idealized world would look like. The big thing I want is for ABDL brands to be somehow more accessible, and to all ages. But I want it done with the least amount of reality bending necessary.

It's difficult to imagine what kind of marketing ABDL diapers would have in a world like this, since things wouldn't be full dumb babu like a lot of ABDL alternate realities. Maybe something like, it just spreads through word of mouth and people don't have any kind of kneejerk negative reaction to it. Kids hear about other kids wearing diapers and get curious about it themselves, and they can just ask to try diapers without any worry.

People going 24/7 and full grown adults wearing diapers would still be considered a little weird.

Tried abrilet maxi & ABU Powerups. Prefer the ABU since it has adhesive.

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how many people in here actually need to wear adult diapers?

I think I would like it more like being vegetarian/vegan, some are just toilet avoidant while some are full lifestylers, enough for adult changing tables to be required in the workplace, but you have to search and hunt for a restaurant that has a blended foods menu and serve drinks in an adult bottle.

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I don't like that degree of reality bending though.

Realistically, maybe one is a bedwetter. I'm at a point where if I drink a little too much before bed I'll just wet without waking up. Also happens if I've been in diapers for the day and I've been wetting them without paying attention.
Kinda scared that I'll wind up with straight up night time incontinence, but don't want to take a break from diapers.

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is that a trap?


Agree to disagree, those seem like minor bends. Not a huge portion of the population needs a wheelchair (and no I'm not equating a fetish to actual disabilities) but every restroom has to have at least 1 stall for the edge case. I'd imagine a larger koala care table with a hinged support leg would be very minimal to add. It's not like we're installing an adult sized nursery area in every building for someone to keep their significant other while they go to work. Everyone still has adult responsibilities and expectations. And like a vegan restaurant you need to live in certain areas for access, otherwise it's just an in your home thing.

Considering common stories like Diaper Dimension world settings, it's very tame.

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That is the perfectly bloated diaper.

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your pics are soo cute!

Diapers being compared to veganism is what is a large bend. Usually "lifestyles" at least have some sort of tenable logic to them.

i wanna see what this looks like with shorts or pants on over it so bad. part of my fetish is the humiliation aspect so im dying to see what it would look like if you tried to hide it under clothes. do you happen to have any pics like that??

To be common enough to be socially acceptable would necessitate a population size that was equitable is my only point.

Your version is like fidget spinner fad that is highly marketable for a period of time and then discarded.

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you look ready to go out to the store! ever left the house like that?

these were from a few days ago, I wanted to see what it would look like, since some artwork suggests its concealable enough >.

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So who's got pics of actual women in diapers?

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you should try going out like that. it'd be amazing i bet!

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Here ya go fam

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>tfw no adult sized change tables in bathrooms