Alex DeLarge is the best rapist of all time

Alex DeLarge is the best rapist of all time.

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and you don't need to care and you forgot also nice digits

Really. Aint met me

Alrighty then, tell me your skills.

>gets caught

not on my level

It was because of that fucking faggot Dim.

>not bad

I'm better

Rape them so hatd. They wont have a clue

It was a movie.

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Okay I’ll rape them hatd.

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me neither but i’m curious

You didn't get paid for your rape scene.

Eggy weggs... I want to smash 'em.

Much more than just a movie

I mean, you're not wrong

I can hold a large woman down and I can carry a woman against her will for ten minutes before tire

he became a little bitch in prison. 0/10 would not

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You mean a book?
He didn't really have a surname, you know. Not until Kubrick showed up.

Sucking a cock once doesn't make you gay.

Yeah, it kinda does...

Anthony Burgess. Damn, that man could write.

harvey did nothing wrong!