Okay, so, i need /b's opinion, met this girls last week on tinder, we went out to a party...

Okay, so, i need /b's opinion, met this girls last week on tinder, we went out to a party, got back to her house and fucked. I have a problem that when i fuck a girl i think she is a 10/10, but after a month or so i realize i fucked up, happened to the last 3 girls i fucked, looking back the best of the 3 was a 6/10, so i really cant trust me anymore. And i think its happening again, i was planning on getting more serious with her, just because i think she is incredibly beautiful, not even that interesting to talk with. So help me god, what is she out of 10?

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she is in fact not jew, but looks like it tbh

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She is hot you tard

she is hot but ugly man, OP dont be a tard

she is fuckable not dateable, dont fuck it up Op

okay, so no one thinks she is cute? just hot, got it

Definitely fuckable but certainly not a 10.

She's fuckable, sure, but is she a fucking bitch though?
If so, just don't

Nah, she’s not bad at all. The other guys are right, she’s not a 10, but she’s definitely not ugly by any means.
How’s her personality? I mean tits?

Prob an 8/10 to 9/10 imho ya did hood op

Solid 7 or 8.

New pussy always seems hotter than pussy you've already had user, you're just getting bored, its normal.

The real questions of you're getting serious are is she cool and fun to be around? Could have a friendship/emotional connection? Do you have anything in common? Is the sex good? Do you have compatible goals in life?

tits are fantastic, personality kinda shitty, not a bitch, just boring. But the thing is that im a 5/10 at best, and i havent had any luck with girls recently so im settling with whatever i can

not cool and fun to be around, but i wouldnt avoid being around her too, so idk. I could see myself spending time with her, not thinking of marrying or anything for now. Sex is pretty good, prob the best i had yet. She kinda doesnt really have any goals in life kek, she is working for her fathers company and prob will just continue there although she really dislikes it, but makes a lot of money, so i cant judge

That sounds like a good plan user.

Also, got nudes

kek, the bots reached the point of creating a volafile archive oskfoafa


i wish i had nudes to share here. she doesnt send any because apparently the last few guys that went out with her shared her nudes, so it is out there somewhere lol

great sex, reasonably attractive.. make her your gf for awhile until / unless you can pull a better grill or she gives you a better reason to move on besides a mediocre personality.

wait a second, tbh i was thinking i recognized her from somewhere, i might have seen a vid of her on here already OP

Do her a favor and dump her.

yeah, thats what i was thinking of, kinda shitty, but seems like a plan then kek

i'd be like, bitch why am i being punished for shit your ex bf's did?

also, i'd rate her an 8 or 9/10 body and 6/10 face.

p l e a s e s h a r e


yeah, i told her that, i would honestly never spread her nudes, just wish i had them kek. And seems like a fair rating

that's a 6 i guess

You fucked her, it doesn't mean you have to marry her. Why does it matter how hot she is?

To save her from yourself. You sound like a bad person tbh. There is nothing really wrong with that but dont waste her time and find someone you actually are attracted to without the need to ask strangers online.

I don't know about her... you are retarded/10

to see if its worth still going out with her, she wants to take it more seriously

shut up man, the girl wants to be with him, stop being a pussy

she is way above average

Maybe in the us lol.
That's the most average girl.

8/10, nice one OP

what average are you talking about man? is your average a 1/10? she is a 5/10 at best. all you niggas saying she is cute should reevaluate your girls srsly

not even average

you guys are blind

yeah a 5-6

do you even have standards guy


OP, honestly, ignore everyone saying she is above average in this thread, SHE IS NOT, they are just incels that never see girls irl, if she is boring and has shitty personality dont even bother messaging her, definitely not worth it. even if you are a 5/10 you can do better than her

well, that changes things

Bruh you're tripping, she's a solid 7

if she is a solid 7, i dont know what is a 0 for you k e k. Just look at her nose and her chin man, they are disgusting

That's why she's a 7...She has an above average body, but her face ain't all that. She will look ugly as she ages. You are extremely critical no bet you're ugly yourself and hate the world. Get some pussy you incel.

7.5. tits and ass are meh but face is perfect for bukakke

i agree with you that the guy is a full-on incel, but her face "aint all that" is a reduction of the fact lol, its a 5/10 at max imo

>personality kinda shitty
>im settling with whatever i can

ohh boy

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She's like a 6...
Body's 7-8

shes not a 10 but probably the best you could do, keep fucking her, shes got a killer body


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Sounds exactly like what a jew would tell you.

idk why you guys think she is a jew, she is more asian than anything wtf

You got jewed bro

okay hittler, calm down

why don't you just kill yourself? that will fix all of your problems.

jew fucker

you know nazis fucked jews right? just like slave owners would usually use the black girls as sex slaves

sounds about right

OP confirmed nazi

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