Just found out I have 400,000 waiting for me if I can manage to be sober and go to school for 2 years...

Just found out I have 400,000 waiting for me if I can manage to be sober and go to school for 2 years. What easy thing should I go to college for?

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How to be a faggot 101. You should pick it up pretty quick since you're a gay faggot

something that wont make me want to kill myself

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Business. Then actually be a good guy.

I dont think this money is going to help me be a good guy

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Checked lol

Why is that picture low-key hot
Like I don't even find black dick hot, has all this BBC finally brainwashed me?

I was watching this fat black guy fuck crack whores and it was kind of hot and idk what's happening

Sorry for derailing
I am a senior in high school and literally 0% qualified to answer but maybe get a degree in whatever field is booming in your area or has traditionally been really good
Unless you don't plan to stay in your general area then nevermind

That's a horse you disgusting fucking drone

That's a horse cock

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Game design cuz why tf not

This reminds me of when I thought a horse pussy was from a weird looking black woman

Okay nooow I notice the hooves
I thought he was just really muscular and bent over
Goddamn it

You're a faggot

I could take literally anything I want and it will be covered, but the only reason I'm doing so is because I have to.

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Why would I thank you for a virus?

I really am. Why do I keep mistaking horses for black people?

You want easy and interesting?
Psychology, history, and art, in that order.
You’ll never use it but you’ll learn a lot about people, which I always find fascinating.

It’s all farming equipment, really

I've always been pretty interested in psychology. I was thinking about going to school for that before I had the money. I heard its over saturated though and I think I'm better off with other skills

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Yeah, then end up a bum, judging every and anything, selling your shitty drawings to folks who don't give a rats ass about what you think- because they're actually making money.

Well, yeah. I stated pretty clearly it was not useful, i was just answering your question of what would be easy.
Looking back, I wish I would’ve studied finance.

I'm already a bum of judges absolutely everything. It's actually kind of why I cant be happy.

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Hell, get a marketing degree and either join a firm or start your own business then.
People love being sold stuff and they don’t even realize it. How hard is the sober part of this gonna be?

Then be a goddamn judge you horse cock loving faggot.

I like the business idea. I'll have more than enough to start after I finish college.

keep calling me that

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What? Judge or horse cock loving faggot?

Computer programing. iT's ThE fUTuRE

>horse cock loving faggot

too many indians already doing that

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Instead of them fucking a butt ugly horse can they fuck me since I'm probably at least slightly less ugly

Actually I take it back. I was just being mean. While horses aren't sexy, many are beautiful and majestic

I wish someone would edit this to where he's licking a human cock

Get that marketing degree and be a sales rep for bad dragon then.

What the hell are those pics?

Man, people get super offended when you're hot and would rather fuck a horse or dog instead of them.

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I already apologized for being salty because the fictional horse gets sexy ladies and I don't

Plus I just got dubs and in my original apology I got dubs

Humans can't compete

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Especiall this one

Luckily my ideal person isn't a zoophile so I should be fine

I'm not into horse sex hentai either. But they're pretty hot if you ignore the entire horse and basically most of the image

Why would you do this

rational unlike most

Horse cocks

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One more for the road, my favorite

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Is it bad I like some of the horse cock images but not because they have horses lol

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Why does this make my pp hard?

Any more lol?