I stared to date my cousin's daughter were the same age and I wanted to know if a normal person in the U.S...

I stared to date my cousin's daughter were the same age and I wanted to know if a normal person in the U.S. would be weirded out by this.

Also if you could can you give me tips to convince are parents if they disagree.

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Breh, youre just going to have to stop banging her after she turns 18.

>2nd cousin
You are dating your secons cousin. Yes, you are weird.

how weird like lose friends weird of mild autism weird?

why would I stop fucking her It not illegal?

Its just not going to work. Trust me I dated my younger cousin off and on for years and she genuinely loves me and I love her too, however theres just too much red fucking tape. And sometimes we talked about how maybe its just the sex that brings us together like a couple and the fact that we're relates that makes us love eachother.
Fucking cousins is way more common than people know.

well her dad is my half cousin and so she is my half 2nd cousin is that still to close to workout a relationship? in the rest of the world 1st cousin's make-up 10% of marriages so is it a social thing or what?

It was the same with me. When I first started fucking her, Oh god I couldnt stop.but we did "break up" a couple of times. And she got extremley angry when I told her we had to stop.
Its just not good for either of you mentally. You can keep fucking her because that novalty will wear off someday, but dont commit to a relationship

But I actually think she could be the person for me .
DO you think we would lose friends if we told them about this and
do you have tip for me to making this last or break up?

I cant tell you about friends and family because we didnt go that route and I dont know your nationality or background.
I'll tell you what it was like though after Iast broke up with her.
We hadnt had contact for nearly a year, until the holidays of course. We were having dinner at the table with everyone when I felt her staring at me from across the table (and of course she'b choose the seat across from me)

Worldwide, marriages between first cousins are extremely common - this isn't taboo in most societies. There is no increase in birth defects in the offspring of first cousins, so there's no reason dating a second cousin or more distant relative should be a problem. However, prejudice and misinformation about this in the U.S. will probably cause a bad reaction from your family.

I looked up having felt her staring at me and as soon as we made eye contact she said "we should go to the ____ concert" and she didnt say it in a cutsey anime kinda way, she said it in a fuck me tone. Ill tell you I got soo fucking unconfortable because it was right in front of her mom and grandmother (her grandmother is my grandmothers half sister) and I like a dumbass responded with, what do you mean?

She then went on with "well the concert is here in _____, which is closer to your house, so we wouldnt need to get a hotel or anything, I'll pay for your ticket"
She was trying to normalize going places and doing things with me in front of everyone.
The entire time I couldnt stop imagining her telling me how much she missed me and loved me while we fucked if I did accept her offer.
I just said, Im not sure, and she got visibly angry again. Shes the type that turns red easily, which made shit even more uncomfortable

do you know anyway that I could counter act this?
Do I have to go full fact and logic or should I go with the bible because it doesn't say anything against cousins or anything like that?

So I guess what im trying to demonstrate is that there is a different level of possession in these relationships and because youre related, there is that issue with family always being part of life with her. And breaking up under those circumstances is difficult as fuck.
This is why I suggest simply fucking until you both get over it. Because going further into it may lead you to a dark place in terms of what you think about boundries.

thanks for sharing your story man.
Do you regret anything about it?

When say that do you mean I might start fucking my mom or might view family as a potential fuck feast and would you give a fuck if we get married?

The trouble is Im left conflicted. Because it was literally the best sex seemingly possible. She wasmt fat or ugly. Blonde hair, green eyes, firm tiddays etc.
But its an awful feeling that she might feel abandoned by me. Because she not just some girl I was fucking, she was my little cousin that always looked up to me growing up. Both of us havent gone to xmas and thanksgiving in the past 2 years.

Not soo much a fuck fest, but youll start to see everything as a social construct and so might she. And this can be bad for your mental health. This is why the LGBTQ community is all fucked up.

Top kek. Nice try FBI.

when the time comes how do I go about breaking up and if we get married how do i survive socially and mentally.

Well I'll tell you, when we first started fucking, I had to be gentil with her. Then we got to the "do it hard this time" phase and the sex blew our minds. The trouble with that is when youre having sex with someone new, youre never quite sure of whats acceptable or not. However when youre fucking your cousin and she sees you more as an adult male and you see her as a younger girl, youll see it as already breaking all the rules and youll both feel like anything goes at that point. This is why this kind of sex is perceived as the best. Because youll both also feel as though you both have full possession of eachother. This is why youre 100% sure marriage would be great.
It sounds like youre already really far in, amd I know how that feels. I know her frustration is likely "why cant we just do whay we want, this is all stupid, it would be soo much easier if we could just get this over with and live together forever" which is why its bad for your mental health. Youll start to see everything as stupid and arbitrarally restrictive.
I cant tell you how to break up with her, because I know now even after a few years have passed we're both not over it..

do you thick it is possible to have a good healthy relationship with someone that close in the U.S.?
sorry for taking so much of your time.

You sound like a simpering cowardly faggot whose projecting his own fear of commitment onto the excuse of incest.

Just to givee you a diferent perspective OP, I eloped. Wasn't related, but it was against the wishes of our families. Us against the world. Fuck em. We never looked back and if anything it made us closer than ever. 5 years married, and she's better than anything I had ever hoped for.

Marriage isn't about sex. It's about compatibility. People with similar backgrounds have excellent compatibility. Most of the world thinks 1st cousin marriage is fine, and 2nd cousin to my knowledge isn't even illegal. If your family thinkgs its weird, then decide if its worth telling them to shove it up their ass. We did, and eventualyl they fucking ot over it and had to apologize to us (they're still apologizing).

Most people in this country are afraid of commitment. "Adulting" manchildren who don't marry until they're 30 and realize time is running out and panic and settle for some garbage and then tell themselves they were wise. I laugh at them, because I knew the perfect girl when I found her and I didn't hesitate. The best girls (and guys) all pair off quick, because loyal people don't fucking break up 600 times before marrying. They don't get assmad about stupid shit that doesn't matter. They have perspective, value commitment, and see it through.

Choose which type you are, because that will decide which type you end up with.

No worries. Im trying to help you not with advice, but with what my experience has been.
I think like any relationship, youll have your ups and downs, however those ups and downs may be more extreme than they would be otherwise.
As for what it would be like here in the US, I cant say for sure. You'd have to share what your plans would be. I'd likely move to another state with her if we made the leap.
This is cash and I can agree with you because I lived it for years with my cousin and porn doesnt even work for me as well as me remembering stuff I did with her in the past.
Has she done a lot to express how she feels about you yet? How long have you been on with her?

>fear of commitment
Thats not it at all. Its taking someone that is younger than you and conditioning them through "forbidden" activities to wanting you badly that is concerning.
I didnt do this on purpose, it just happened. And I want better for her than some massive clandestine operation and ultimatley a relocation etc.
Sure it could be fine and dandy. Then again, it could end up on the fucking 10 o clock news

i am in the same spot user, my second cousin wants my dick, and i've kind of wanted to bone her for a while, but you gotta do a few things before you come to a conclusion

in most countries its very frowned upon even if there is no risk to the baby and the dna is different enough, even in countries where they do that shit, its still pretty weird

second off, is it just for fucking her and quitting?, because shes your second hand cousin, if things don't go well between you 2 you're gonna be left with that awkwardness for the rest of your life, she might even shit talk about you to your other relatives or friends.

my advice is to ejaculate before you think about this, so your mind is fresh

Want to stay with her. I really care for her but I dont know what my family or friends would think? they look half red-necks and half normal people we live in Missouri.

talk with your parents user, then talk with her parents if possible, just so there is no surprises, next you really want to take things slow and act cautious, shes not a stranger, godspeed and have fun

The dating thing is pretty recent but we have been friend for a while now we do stuff like cuddle, watch anime, give messeges and walk on trials,work out, and she make me cute little origami.

Yeah you're gonna have like 6 divorces if you think you have the right to decide for other people what is best for them.

Also like fuckin everything is forbidden for teenagers and sex. At least a little. Sup Forums degenerates may no longer have any concept of that, but just losing her virginity is exciting enough and almost every virgin is clingy. And they should be. It's not until you break their heart that they that love and passion are just false hope in a society full of narcissitic cowards like yourself.

My wife has been with me and only me. Only ever wanted me. I never broker her heart and our marriage is great. You'd break up out of some faggot excuse that you're manipulating her or whatever but really you're just making an excuse. Because you're scared? Because you're selfish? It doesn't matter the reason- it's an excuse. And I think you know fuck all about healthy relationships.

Incidentally, Missouri has the highest rate of accidental inbreeding already. So you'll be in good company OP

This is a good phase in the relationship. It would probably be best to break it off now.
If you do, youll always have good memories of when you were both young and wild and did crazy things together.
If you get further into eachother, thats when it could get scary.
You can always love her without fucking and being in an intimate relationship.

>Ive been with my wife since high school
>youre a coward for banging your younger cousin
I dont know that youre qualified to weigh in on this discussion. It sounds like you dont know anything about hving these feelings for a cousin or being in an actual relationship wit h a cousin.
>hehe yea bro, missouri is inbreeding central, do it, bro
This kind of statment is exactly what Im talking about. Youre the last person that should be injecting themselves into a discussion like this

Just observing you probably suck at relationships in general, so having fucked a cousin or no, your advice is probably shit.

Also I live in the Branson area. It's why I know things about Missouri.

OP feel free to take my advice with a grain of salt, but consider for a second that maybe this guy thinks he knows more than he does, and is projecting things on your situation that actually aren't important.

see here Im not dishing out advice. Im sharing my experience. Try and be more productive and contribute to the dicussion rather than being upset about what others have experienced.
Get over me.

Got a blowjob from a guy when I was about 30.
He easily deep-throated me (my measurement when 21 and I'm an accurate OCD "Mother Fucker' was either 5/3/4" or 7/1/4".
I went back & forth about it for a couple years, eventually guessed the correct measurement was 5/34".

Actually had a girl who wanted to measure
my cock when I was about 23. Extremely intimidating for me (how about you guys?

Anyway, after he sucked me off in less than 2 minutes. My balls shrivelled to almost nothing.
In Vegas at the time, girl approached me at the bar and offered me a BJ for $20 (late 80's), about 2 hours after the guy sucked me DRY. Went 2 the Men's room w/ chick, cock was shrunk to less than 2", she sucked it for less than a minute. Security walked in and thew us out.

Anyhow, the BJ I got got from that dude, quite sure, he could have easily deep-throated/ a 9" dick.

Something about his mouth all the way down to the base of my cock completely emptied my balls .

I never experienced a BJ like that again.

Just turned 60. Anyone else share mind-blowing blowjobs?

the main thing I want to know is do you think that my friends will leave after they find out about this and if you don't know if it was your friends would they leave?

Just make a lot of babies and the ones that turn out retarded you kill and keep the good ones.

You have to go as far as 3rd cousin for it to be semi normal.

I lived all across the U.S. Born near Detroit. Lived in North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Texas and Michigan. I would tell you're fucked up like a football bat. Do not date family, you sick fuck.

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Half the people on this board are probably the product of incest.

If you ask anyone from the country bumpkin states, theyd see nothing wrong with it. Theyd start asking why you aint banging your sister tho

can you explain your reasoning like other than the social reasoning? if I'm going to leave her I need more than a sup-par grade school insult.

Wrong, idiot. See above.

You fuck, you get fucked up kids. Birth defects. So, if you even fool around, it's very taboo.

I think if they're actually your friends, they'll be glad you're happy. And that part of having self-esteem is not living life in fear that other people will abandon you if you don't live your life the way THEY want. And like 90% of the time people don't care actually. At most they might poke fun a little but that's if you're friends with the kind of people IRL that hang out on Sup Forums and troll people anyway. In which case you should be used to it by now.

>congrats on being a vocal minority in all those states despite being white

and were not even that close and the bible has nothing saying cousins or further cant get together.

cousins and second cousins are far enough apart dna wise to not cause any health complications, look that shit up before you comment, sperg lord

It's not like that at all. You are sheltered. Dating family is the worst thing you could do.

Quite the opposite, hero. My opinion is very much the majority. Step outside for once in your life.


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Says you.

I already stated it - Fucking your cousin causes brain / birth defects in children. So, just fucking around is a no-go.

and she is my half second cousin so we should be good.
we only share a grandma her great-grandma.

>You are sheltered
>10000 keks
Motherfucker is this bait? if so 9/10. But my initial post here is that we got disowned, and couldn't be happier, and in the end people had to just fuckin deal because they wanted us in their lives.

Go be a family fucker. I don't care. I'm just telling you how it would be perceived. And that is very negatively.

Do what you want, dipshit. You asked for opinions and you got it. Sorry it wasn't what you wanted.

You have a brain defect you Big Pharma fucking shill
Inbreeding doesn't cause any weird Amish disorders until you do it for generations on end
What it does do is reduce the chances your kid will die from cancer by like 25%

>You asked for opinions
No I didn't. clearly you lack the necessary reading comprehension for Sup Forums. maybe reddit would be easier for you to follow a thread?

Like Prince Leopold?

Brain defect? No. You have an emotional bias and cannot accept the truth. Go about your ways.

Things that slow the spread of cancer are usually illegal for some reason

> I wanted to know if a normal person in the U.S. would be weirded out by this
Go trough with the pigs, moron.

How many generations of inbreeding did it take for prince Leopold to be born with hemophilia you sophomoron?
1? 2? 9001?

People in the US love and worship cancer disease and death so yeah

blah, blah... Whatever, kid.


Because feelings are so much more true than facts, got it grampa

If you're dying to fuck your sister then go ahead. You don't have to convince me first.

That's not my website or my case study

The solution is to not tell every person you meet that you and your gf are distantly related. I guess this is becoming harder in the world of social media but still doable as long as you never get famous.