How do I respond to this teen, Sup Forums?

How do I respond to this teen, Sup Forums?

I really do like her but idk what to do, I'm crushing on her but I don't want to get I'm trouble. She's absolutely gorgeous and looks like she could easily be 21+

Wtf do I do Sup Forums?

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post pics of her

second that

that shit is clearly from like 2013 or you're just white trash because nobody talks like that

Y do u want pics of a fresh, prime 14 year old teen girl?

fuck her and have fun in the pokey

Why would you not want pics of a fresh, prime 14 year old teen girl?

what the actual fuck you actual fuckin pedo

Sounds like you are a pedo and Cynthia might be your one way ticket to prison rape. And when you get fucked there is no coming back from that.

Fake and gay, OP is a huge LARPing pedophile faggot who will never get with any girl ever, regardless of age.

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hello newfag welcome to Sup Forums

same style of writting on both sides
change styles when you change characters

14 year olds would be harder to get with than legal women

And this is fake, stupid faggot.

How tf is it fake dumbass? It's literally just a screenshot

Even fags and little girls think that's too many smilies. And anyone who uses awks should be shot, even if it's a joke or used to mock someone.

>looks like she could easily be 21+

i mean, i understand she using so many emojis, she is 14, but what the fuck man, why do you use it so much

fake and gay OP has posted this a thousand times

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where do you live? depends on the age of consent

post pics and yes


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Have you tried not posting 6 year old pasta?

AoC here is 16 but she's super mature and really beautiful

She's at least 20 by now so go for it.

Homosexual detected

fake and gay. Op is a larping pedo and is jacking to your replies

At least fucking try... and change the filename.

Wow. Shit isn't even worth a bait pic

That gets posted every other fucking day.

i just called the cops

Damn Chandler. This board is for porn, not relationships.