Alright I hate to be the one to have to do this, but in the thumbnail I've attached a short clip of two men engaging in sodomy

I want all of you to actually stop and think for a minute. Don't just giggle and go "heheheh gay porn l0lz" but actually think about what is being done here. A man is sticking his penis into the warm shit of another man. He derives so much pleasure out of this sexual perversion that he actually ejaculates. From another man's SHIT.

So just a friendly reminder: This is what you are supporting. You aren't supporting "love" or "letting people be themselves" or "freedom" when you defend fags, you are defending the ultimate in perversion.

I mean, do you actually believe than anyone is just born this way? Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's just a script you've been fed by the kikes and the sodomites to scramble your brain. Remember the first time you heard about the idea of two boys kissing and thought it was fucking gross? THAT is how you were born. THAT is how EVERY man is born. You have to fall really, really, really fucking low to have your brain twisted into only getting off by plunging your dick into men's shit, or by having a man plunge his dick in your shit.

It's fucking DISGUSTING, VILE - The Bible considers it WORSE THAN MURDER.

Enough is enough. These fucking FAGS have had their pervy fun, and because we've been too chickenshit to stand up to fairies and queers, guess what? Your kids, right now, are being trained to be homos by the wicked.

It's time that we've done something about this.

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Dude... I know this is Sup Forums but go see a doctor...

this guy gets it

shut up queer

if there was shit you'd see it

stop acting like you don't know how a rectum works

Gay sex is hot

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Is it better to be gay or asexual?

Saying you’re gay sounds better than saying you’re asexual

Also not ever gay person sticks it in the pooper

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god put the prostate with all it's nerve endings perfect dick length from a nerve ending filled male sphincter

was getting btfo part of your plan?

I didn't read any of that shit, just fapped, thanks op B)

And to think that there's a lot of people who actually think and act like OP

who touched you?

there really isnt not if you don't live in a shithole

if my crazy weird parents can end up being OK with the gay son, then anyone can be . took 10 years but they finally came around.

Can you get me my jacket since you're already inside the closet?

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Shame that you used your position as someone's beloved son, a dear child, to poison and destroy good people into thinking that your perversion deserves anything other than a bullet to the head (performed by the state of course, not advocating vigilante justice okay FBI?).

Par for the course for your lot, invert everything, starting with love and family ties. If you were my kid I'd disown you after 10 years of that shit. Disgusting.

Well, most boys thought girls had "cooties".

You don't think they were born this way? Let me ask you a question.

When did you choose to be straight?

Well since this is part of the porn psy-op, of course they aren't going to show what homosex is -actually- like - They'll make it look clean and loving instead of filthy and hateful. In reality, the top's penis plunges plenty of shit out of the bottom's ass and will even have the bottom lick it off, since the bottom's purpose is to be humiliated, as one of God's creation.

Keep lying, faggot.


No one chooses to be straight. Straight is the natural condition.

Cool rhetoric though, did you come up with that yourself?

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feels good man

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Shut it fag

heheheh gay porn l0lz


it's owen!

yet you have gay porn saved on your personal computer


>The Bible considers it WORSE THAN MURDER.
God isn't real and the bible was made to control gullible idiots. Deriving any morals from it is beyond stupid.

The Bible says you're a faggot
Actually, it's in the Qur'an as well. And the Torah.
In fact, the one thing that all religious texts agree on is your insatiable love of dick

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you personally finding gay sex disgusting is not an objective argument. Personally I don't think I could watch 2 hour HD footage of brain surgery without getting queasy but that's not a reason for me to protest brain surgery being performed. As for your bible thumping, it is an appeal to authority. You are preaching to deaf ears. Those who do follow the bible with fanatic diligence already agree that being gay is a deadly sin and those who can actually think for themselves will not listen to your religious extremism and don't care about your imaginary space daddy or what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home. try harder.
I get that you think being gay is bad and that you would probably disown any children for being who they are, but you are actually retarded if you think that your personal sensibilities or what you find degenerate ("ew icky") is a justification to take a human life. Imagine thinking the government should decide who lives or dies based on your personal feelings. fucking retarded faggot.

Can I still put my dinkle in a lady's bum?

You go, girl!



>taking the supposed Lord's word at face value, millenia after the fact
>fucked women and men
>both enamoured by the fact and action of taking it up the ass
>cumming inside both ends after the fact
>grinning with my shit-stained cock

I think you've all lost.

The bible, Quran and torah are all devices used to control the masses. They're as wrong as each other. Most religious texts also agree that all other religious texts are bullshit, so to use it as any form of evidence would be heresy.

Like seeing a man cum hard while getting ass fucked

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dude. just fucking kiss the guy you got a crush on and get it over with. /b doesn't care about your sexual frustrations.

Help me out bros how do I enjoy anal?

I love to play with my ass and have let a guy fuck me a few times but I always feel so awkward or turned off by being with another guy that the enjoyment of the sensation is pretty much nil. Only time I actually liked it the guy went at it for over half an hour and I managed to turn my brain off for at least some of it.

here ho

a cunt that says "enema, no!"

As a person who hates niggers and Jews I would rather all faggots just do this shit in there nyc apartments alone instead of prancing around in their rainbow thongs in parades in front of children. Fuck the LGBT community. If you wanna fuck another man in the ass just act like a normal person in public and I really don’t don’t care. I still think faggots are degenerates but if you can be a faggot and not project your sexuality on other people then fuck it I’m not worried about it


The author of that movie, by the way? A fag. Oh and Kevin Spacey... Need I say more?

I love it!
Thanks Op

>> The Bible considers it WORSE THAN MURDER.
And then his argument drove off the road and exploded. I saw it with my own eyes.
You think you're making some amazing point and instead you've just demonstrated that you're that guy eating the script.
Man, you do go on about "shit," don't you?

That's because your brain knows you shouldn't be doing that. What you are describing is similar to someone saying "How do I swallow feces? I love the idea of it but I just get such a strong gag reflex when I actually try it."

You should stop now while it's easy to go back, repair from the damage you've done, and find a woman. Don't be a fag.

Do you even lift? Look at those spaghetti arms. Pathetic!

...i mean what other reason could you possibly have to be so unnecessarily outraged? sounds like repressed feelings to me ;)

So you are against sodomy, but not on Biblical grounds but....?

And yet they all tell of the coming of the Great Semen Glutton. How could all of these books, written at different times by different people, so accurately depict your existence?

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faganon here, i agree

also boobs

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How about the fact that an entire generation is being taught that it's okay to be gay, that it's nothing to be ashamed of, and two very special boyfriends can even get married and adopt children to abuse to their hearts content? How about that reason? Would you like to address that?

Extra credit: Write about a time when you got outraged about something that you secretly enjoyed. I'll wait.

Dam nigger thats some good pasta right there i tell you that.

Yet none of those texts explicitly calls out the others, the New Testament has hundreds of references to the Torah and the Quran has hundreds to both the Torah and the New Testament. Try reading a book or 2 before trying to convince people you are 150 IQ when you are actually 110.

>Write about a time when you got outraged about something that you secretly enjoyed

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I'm not going to investigate a story I know nothing about, I want to know when you personally committed such behavior.

Manga is for autistic new gooks old gooks love real deal kid asshole and pussy.

>gets btfo
>completely ignores it, pretends like he won
Christian confirmed

No, you failed the assignment. Literally didn't even follow directions. 0/100.

I proved you wrong. All that needed to be done. Now SEETHE moar

This is now a fag thread

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My only problem with this is that he pulled out

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>God's creation.
kek, find the delusional tard

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You proved nothing except that you're a gullible retard ready to swallow all the propaganda you're fed quicker than a fag swallows cock.


Talk about being a grower not a shower

More of this please

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didnt your little story book also tell you that you should love everyone equally and without prejudice? wasn't it up to that bearded fellow and his dad to do all the judging? sounds like YOU need to do your OWN research into your little fairy tale.

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>nu-uh! you did na prove NUTHIN!
Post moar. Whether you are merely pretending or actually this retarded, I'm loving the cope

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I showed my kids this video. They want the source.

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Shut up and fuck already fags

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dude you came on /b to make a thread ranting about gay dudes, but you yourself had to search gay porn to add in your post. shame on you, god saw that, and hes sending you to hell for making this thread that's consequently created a plethora of gay porn

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That old testament though.
We're in the new.
As long you make anal sex clean as possible.
You'll be alright.
It's okay OP go ahead and give that cock a lick. Just a lil taste.

Nope, yet another fedora showing their complete lack of knowledge about the things they ridicule. Rebukes are encouraged throughout proverbs, and hatred of the wicked is a virtue. But please, instruct me more how to be a good Christian Mr. Non-Believer, your opinion is so valid. I mean you even love sodomites golly gee! How fucking spiritual!!

any more of this?

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Getting wicked sodomites to expose themselves is not "creating gay porn" dumbass.

New Testament forbids homosexuality too. See Paul's Epistles.

of course it's a choice but literally who gives a fuck. i like gay guys actually because many of them are good looking so that means less competition for what few women in america are worth fucking. you ugly ass fascists should be glad gays exist, they're doing you a favor.

idk I used to make my own stuff like that webm where I topped but my ex has it all :^\

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sounds like such a joyous little club you joined. clearly. because its done wonders for your happiness and love for others.

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I have the most awesome boner right now. I'm going to go jizz on a Bible.

Exactly. That's what you tell yourself as the third dick of the night slides into your asshole. It's not gay, you're just exposing sodomites. Serving God is why your underdeveloped 3" dick is ejaculating right now.

Completely agree with OP , This normalization of homosexuality is promoting decline in western population whereas other regions and cultures it's not promoted therfore population increase against the west. It's a race war boys and girls.

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I have a better idea: How about you enjoy your miserable life, and leave normal people the fuck alone?

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shut up fagget

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