Rate my gf and wwyd

Rate my gf and wwyd

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7.7/10 would fuck

I would need less clothes

8.5/10 I bet when she gets dolled up in heels and a dress she's a solid 9.5.good job man. Got full body pics?

Hell yea

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unsee dot cc/c36105fd/
Comment and rate for more

oh shit that's hot

Lynch her

9/10 would smash. Nudes?

need full bod to decide nudes are a +

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need full bod to decide nudes a +


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Nice tits. More?

Anyone stroking?

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have her roll me a joint while sucking her tits then smoke away as she suck dick looking me straight in the eye

can you post video of her sucking dick?

Time to rate her ass

fuck yeah strokin away

Don't have any, she usually doesnt let us record sex


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Pointing the north

What does this mean

She’s hot. I would fuck her senseless.

Got any booty pics?

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Very nice

Drop everything u got

10/10. More ass?