At least we aren't speaking German

At least we aren't speaking German.

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>government should intervene to boost the sexual attractiveness of trannies

This. Also, what does it have to do with speaking the German language?

More trap pron on Sup Forums. I'm down.

> men larping as women aren't attractive to straight men who like real women

nobody will ever convice me that anything with a cock and balls or a fucking axe wound where the cock and balls used to be is a woman. no matter how 'attractive' they are

and what the fuck are the govt. supposed to do?

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>what does it have to do with speaking the German language?

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And then one day, for no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power

>boost the sexual attractiveness.

What the fuck????? If I don't (and I really do not) find them sexually attractive, would the government force me to do it anyway? I wouldn't touch them at all, government or not.

euch müssen mein Sprache lernen

Transphobe detected

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Transgender people are fucking disgusting, they pretend they are something when they are obviously a abomination

This has to be from a German version of The Onion.

Good, that shits disgusting

>Transphobe detected
Yes I am, and not ashamed of that. The trans creatures are the ones that would be ashamed, wanting to be nor male nor female. 'Boo-hoo, was born with a penis, don't want it, want a axe scar instead, boo-hoo.'

Wow, Breitbart is far more progressive than I thought.

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[ citation required ]

We fought the wrong enemy


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Literally fake news. You know that image search is a thing right?

Sure it's all fake news right? Tranny shit isn't being pushed into all facets of society at all. No wayyyy.

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It should be law to watch 4 hours of trap porn a day.

It's interesting how much time and effort is being spend on the LGBT community every day, how insanely over-represented they are in every day life and in movies, TV shows.. when's the last time you could watch some casual show with the obligatory gay person or couple, not to mention in videogames.

Whilst statistically they make up a very small percentage of people, similar to the amount of deaf people, or handicapped people, depending on where you are.

Yet where are any of the other groups that make up similar amounts of people, where are all the wheelchair people in movies, where is the blind or deaf guy? People who have ACTUAL problems in life and have to overcome obstacles and would greatly benefit from more representation to improve their quality of life.. not just a petty fight for acceptance.

Don't tell me there's not some mentally unstable crossdressers out there who would love the govt to force this shit on normal folks. At least men with their cock and balls cut off can't procreate, not sure how it works for women with a sausage stapled down there

Breitbart …the best part is one of their cited sources is a twitter post by one of their employees linking to a Breitbart article. It’s a closed loop of eating your own shit and screaming.

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if the government paid my bills.... I'd take in a tranny.

Both sides are stuck in echo chambers, social media needs to die

This. Unless they invent a magic wand, all they're doing is mutilating their bodies. More power to them if they want to fuck other mentally ill people. But it's sad so many people indulge their delusions.

I don't have a thing against gay folk, but the trannies need psychiatric/psychological help. They're fucking it up for the rest of the alphabet people

>when you say "both sides are idiots" with no added input of your own

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What fake/fringe website is this from, again?

> men larping as women aren't attractive to men who like real women
>men larping as women aren't attractive to women who like women
>men larping as women aren't attractive to men who like men
> women larping as men aren't attractive to women who like real men
>women larping as men aren't attractive to women who like women
>women larping as men aren't attractive to men who like men
how is this surprising to anyone?

Our overlords that have ascended beyond the concept of ding dongs and coochies have decreed our behavior unfit--please! Punish me oh genderless masters!


They aren't genderless, there's about 731 to choose from now

Sexuality is not a choice so why should you get to choose your sexual partners? You're literally committing a hate crime if you don't have sex with anyone who demands it as long as they're transgender. If a straight white male demands sex that's rape.

No you should be ashamed of letting the left dictate your language. Are you afraid of trannies, no? than you're not a transphobe. Say you loathe them, say you find them disgusting abominations and an offense to God and nature. But never say you are a transphobe.

Yeah, fuck all this -phobic shit. "They don't like us so they must be scared. Reeeeeeeeeeeee."

I hope a trap rapes you.

Hello my name is Elsa and my gender is goulash

> excuse me sir, did you find that tranny attractive?
> errr... no
> why didn't you find the tranny attractive sir?
> because I'm straight and I don't want someone with a cock and balls
> I see sir... well sorry to have to tell you that you're under arrest for a CIS crime

what the fuck are the government going to do? FORCE people to fuck trannies? Arrest people that don't like them?

i don't understand what they're trying to get out of this

OK. I loathe trans creatures! I find trans creatures disgusting! They ate an offense to God and nature! And... I am also a transphobe. A proud transphobe, that is. I fucking hate them.

And yet we jerk off to purty traps and these same people bitch we are "fetishizing" them and how dare we!

I'm trans, but still don't feel comfortable flaunting it, probably never will. I see it as a delusion I must live with.

I just want everyone to get along. The bakery lawsuits and state boycotts kinda make the rest of us look bad.

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Wtf fuck man, i would cut mi dick and give it to my dog before touch one of this things

Another delusion. Schizoaffective on my mother's side.

Wait, so these trans people are having a hard time getting laid? Well that makes them incels, and therefore a terrorist threat! I guess it's not just the suicide rate we have to watch out for with that community.


honestly? we need anarchy


>we're rich spoiled brats, let us larp
This is what happens when you stop providing necessary public services like mental health treatment. All neoliberals should be raped to death by trannies, then just feed the trannies into a wood chipper.

lul incels. what do you call trans incels? trincels? traincels? transels? 40 percent?