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I'm an anime fan and I like baseball

I have nothing to confess, as I am an upstanding citizen and open about everything.
I alo vote conservative and want German Leftists and Greens to die painful deaths.

I want to die

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i ama girl

nah you ara faggot

for years i've cried myself to sleep most nights hoping i don't wake up

contemplated running my car into a semi truck on the wrong side of the road earlier. too much of a pussy and I stretch pussy endlessly to do it though but holy hell am I broke in the head

I do have anime images saved on my computer

Yesterday I watched Downton Abbey instead of the footie

I'm bad at sports but still shitpost on Sup Forums

i fucked your mom

I've also never played any organized sports but still post on Sup Forums everyday

im 452 pounds and never had a job

i constantly lie to my ex gf that my life is going well in hopes she'll at least talk to me more and in my wildest dreams she wants to get back together. and then she can find out its all a sham

I'm a literal doomer
I don't even try to have relationship because I don't want any poor girl to have to put up with me

>anime fan

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i get it. sometimes the only thing that gets me to sleep is thinking there will be a gas leak or a meteor will crash into my house

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I go to sleep dreaming about gas leaks as well

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Every time I meet a girl who is interested in me enough to go on a few dates and have sex I blow it because I eventually come across as exceptionally needy. I constantly expose the fact that I have never had a proper girlfriend in my 26 years of existence, and they run a mile once they have worked this out.
My most serious relationship was three months.


non-sports thread on Sup Forums are better than sports threads

are you, dare i say, having fun right now?

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I like the red wings even tho Im from California

Nobody knows where or what San Jose is a kid, it sounds like some weird mexican name. And fuck LA

All of these put together.

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I shitpost on Sup Forums about Russian girls cultural enrichment during WC2018

I born and live in Madrid, my father and my family are Real Madrid supporters but I'm a Betis customer.
Never been to Sevilla

Holly focking mother please sauce

I want to feed one of my female friends MDMA in order to get her horny and then fuck her

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Post feet

MD isn't good for this. She'll just want to cuddle. Coke will get her up for it.

thank you user

Why did my best friend have to go before me lads ?
I'm a degenerate piece of trash, why him ?

because he was a faggot, user.

I'm high on cocaine right now but I need to be up in 4 hours

just snort more cocaine then

I want to breed a black woman

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Weed. I love it.

But I'm tired

Damn, isn't that serious in Egypt?

My libido is so high I’d fuck anything that moves most of the time


Just sleep and don't wake up on time
Nobody truly cares anyway

t. wall street banker

I don't want to kill myself but I wish I could just go to sleep and never wake up

You can get anything here if you can afford it

I think McDonald’s breakfast burritos are the best thing on their menu

I think traps are gay

this guy fucks dudes

Based Finish black woman poster

I was two hours late to work this morning and I’m hoping nobody noticed.

i am a cowboys fan but i am rooting for daniel jones

I like to sniff my own underwear.

I still claim to be a Tottenham Hotspur fan despite not watching a full football match in about 5 years now. I moved to a different time zone and the games come on much earlier and they're harder to watch now.

based devilish belgique man

I'm actually an Australian man living in Ireland and most of the really bad shitposting you've seen on spee in the past almost 5 years under the Irish flag was me.

I stopped going to my nearest mcdonalds because a fast food worker was nice to me
This tall white girl named Sam started smiling at me and laughing whenever she recognized my voice on the intercom, and gave me free food all the time. One time I asked her why, she said it was because I was nice. I was polite, but I am pretty sure I didnt say anything overly nice. What is there to say at a fast food drive thru, right? And she was white, I was asian. I felt strange getting hit on by a white girl. She was gorgeous and didnt belong at a mcdonalds doing drive thru work, so I had no idea how to approach this situation. So I simply ignored it, like the spineless cuck nobody raised me into. Sometimes Id go back inevitably, and she would be there. I never forgot when we first met, she handed me my order and her eyes got super wide while staring at me, like she was looking at the most beautiful guy in the world, but again how could that be me? Well, it's over now.

I ruin threads by pretending to be multiple posters and having asinine arguments with myself whenever I'm bored.

Please forgive

I don't even like sports, I'm just a hater

Hate hate hate hate hate

I only look forward to the weekend where I pick up my alcoholism and habitual cocaine use where I left it.


sup Rick Ross

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I masturbate to escort listings on Adultwork. I like to fantasise about paying for sex with an eastern European bimbo. I don't think I could bring myself to actually do it.

We are all aware that you are replying to yourself. Ppl just ignore you because we know not to bother responding to retards

>waits until the weekend to binge drink


I drink every night my friend. It's just the classic booze/coke combo waits until the weekend.

I have a major fetish for heavily pregnant women and it's ruining my life.

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l'm not racist and l find the 'nigger' spam at black players to be childish and pathetic





haha yeah praise kek

I wish this one faggot dude would off himself

am broke as fuck

i swear 50% of irish flags on Sup Forums are not actually irish people
there was a spanish guy posting from ireland on the basketball world cup threads

I like Nerman a little too much

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I want to fuck this little bun

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I'm a buffalo fan trying not to tell all my co-workers that the bills are getting expoused this sunday

1) I'm an anime fan and have a waifu

2) I'm not a fan of my local club

3) I love sky blue Man City home kit but I hate this club

4) I used to be a Liverpool fan but then I realised how cringe are history and fans of this club

5) Sometimes I jerk off to 2D traps

6) I'm a NEET

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I still have hope

I watched The Last of Us 2 reveal instead of Tottenham v Colchester

based, go forth and COLONIZE


imagine the smell

I do the same but also go fuck one from time to time

>Dont like Basketball
>Dont like Duterte
>Love Anime
>Love Football
Simple as

i don't really care about anything anymore

I fell for the Sup Forums memes and am now trying to unfuck my brain

I'm volcel

hello me

what do you mean by that? I don't go near Sup Forums so I don't know how they brainwash people there.

I grieve every day that the portuguese fa chose to uniformize futsal over indoor football back in 1997. Seriously, why would anyone in their right mind would prefer a sport with very limited plays over a kick ass game with boards like the one they play in Germany?

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First you laugh at the memes.
Then you laugh with the memes.
Eventually you stop laughing and they aren't just memes anymore.
Sup Forums is designed to make you very angry, and then give you a punching bag for your anger.
For some reason, even though I know this, I can't break the conditioning and go back to being normal.

SHIT. I'm like that on Sup Forums on Sup Forums, So it's even worse on Sup Forums?

Just give in to the hatred m8

You brain isn't fucked user the world is.