Rekt thread

rekt thread

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how fucking retarded are you to not move when you see something falling at you. he was WATCHING it happen. seriously. what. the. fuck.

Only good nigger...

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Nigger died and the shop owner wasn't charged with anything.


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>posts a very minor, obviously intoxicated punch
>in a rekt thread

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Niggers gonna nig

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The guy killed himself after, you dumb fuck.

>He KilLeD HiMsElF aFteR
so what? that suddenly makes the video "rekt"?

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what are air bags not a thing in europe?

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i'm going based on the plate and wheel on the left side of the car so i'm thinking it's switzerland.

of course it was a woman

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Shit I remeber that day, I was playing fornite and thanks to this fucker I lost my game, aslo we had a 5 hours blackout

What's the story behind it? Looks like seizure or something?

Whoever threw the guy that towel, you are a fucking legend.

probably epileptic. looks like a fascinating (and shitty) condition. i've always wondered how certain light sequences can throw some one into a seizure like that.

Who cares if it's a minor intoxicated punch dipshit, it's a rekt thread, gore and death arent required

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is. there was absolutely no fucking rekt. the guy is still STANDING. he didn't even get knocked out. you're a pussy.

>trump supporter

"Aw fuck, I can't believe you done this"

threw a bag on the desk for money?

The point at the end fucking slays me

>living rent free
kill yourself faggot

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Eat shit tourist

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This isn't a ylyl thread.

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love how the dude driving the white car just bonks the fuck out

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Gooks have no soul.

>posts irrelevant shit or doesn't care irrelevant shit is posted
>HuRrRrRR DaMaGe CoNTroL
kill yourself. might as well turn it into a cuck bbc thread. your faggot ass would probably love to contribute to that with actual relevant shit.

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lol okay heeb

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i would have found out where each one of them lived and (insert edgy retaliation here)


>get smoked by a fat dude in flip flops
too much kek

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Fucking gay, i hate faggots like this who doesnt hold their own.

She'll beat her in math though

> thinks of bbc at all times no matter the situation
This is your brain filled with cum

>43 Stunt Jumps remaining.

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Stop.. dancing help her, you fucking morons??


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The show must go on, user.

(you aren't supposed to move or restrain someone while they are having a seizure)

thats what a human would do
these are asians

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Is that a bobblehead alien interrogation?

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please kys

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Based as fuck. Checked

im sorry but that person looks like it fell from a 30 story building or some shit.

unless you don't care about your own life, your likely to just die yourself, and maby make their death a little worse, maby instead of them dieing instantly it takes a few minutes.

same goes for falling equipment, don't try to catch heavy things, or save tools or machines, get the fuck away from them, they will fuck you. playing hero for a $1000 fix is not worth it.

my god, asians are hideous

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>trump supporter

that's from dawn of justice

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>trump supporter

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You're from dawn of justice

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What the actual fuck, how'd she not see him and why is there no airbags lmao?

Racist white guy racistly reaches for his racist gun "just in case". He should be charged with a hate crime.

I bet each of their crotches are nice and sweaty...think they were a little stinky?

Stopping and helping or being aware that she is having a seizure would have looked ten times better than just dancing regardless , fucking gooks.

Holy fuck but at least they landed on some "soft" snow


discord.. gg/Sup Forums ((remove the extra dot))

server with no rules. Anything Goes!

loli, cp, gore, nudes, and A LOT of shitposting!

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yeah they probably smell like fried fish and shit

Wow look at this pretentious entitled cracker. He was reaching for his gun the moment he saw a black silhouette on the other side of his window. How trigger happy is this twinkle-toe fairy to have his gin lock and loaded, on top of that, ready for an innocent black man to come by. I bet he was anticipating hard to himself " this is the day I do it. I'm gonna kill me a nigger if he does the slightest sketchy thing and I will have my surveillence camera on standby without sound just so o can be innocent. " Notice how the black guy lightly tossed and item on the desk, which probably pissed off this neckbeard to the max and triggered him to full rage at the innocent guy. There was no confrontation, heated exchange of words, physical violence, or provocation. Another son of Obama is slain and the community is hidden from the truth. The guy even had his back turned and got dropped. On top of that, this honkey went berserk and emptied the clip on an already dead man. After noticing for a second that his vid was recording he hop scotched his way out like a freed jew. Kinda disgusting if you asked me. We need justice to get this white supremacist off the street. I am afraid to now walk out because of crazy ass crackers with a loaded holster.

he just killed a man with no cause. hope he gets the death sentence

2/10 for effort
Hes holding a gun when he walks in

Nice bait shitpost nigger
You could see a sketchy nigger walking torwards the store wearing a hood. I think anyone would be alarmed because niggers cause the most crime in the united states in stats. The nigger pulled the gun on him first end of story.

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knock it off.

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filename kek

what a nigger. poor girl

You monster!

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bet that printer still works

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dont blame the thing , i would do the same if I was raised by a bunch of shitskins

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I went to exactly one rodeo in my life and saw this exact same thing happen to one of the horses. Fucked up, they hooked another horse to it and drug its still twitching corpse out of the arena.

Never went to another rodeo.

This is why I have concealed permit. The cops aren't going to be around to help..