Nostalgia fap

nostalgia fap

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I was 16 when this came out. Not even old enough to buy. But I wanted this so bad I nutted up and preyed the lady wouldnt call me out.

I still have the magazine to this day and it's my most prized porno mag

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40 here.

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Who dis?


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Kari Sweets and Alison Angel were my fav. I filled buckets.

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Cody Lane

Was this the one with the hoof?

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Just looked her up. Absolute whore. Looks good with and without makeup

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i fucking love the gross bitch

post hoof pic please LORD

Megan nometro

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liz vicious was always a fav of mine. too bad she only ever did b/g with that dicklet emo

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only one I could find.

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Here's the real nostalgia fap

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Didn't she have a hoof for a foot or something?

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lol she's under age

shame Sara became a scammer.

missing 2 or 3 toes. Remaining join together like a hoof.

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Look up the blue room gangbang and skip to the 15th minute mark.

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I wish Kari done porn. She was such a tease. Anyone remember that chick that would only ever do that one stupid dance with her titties out?

I remember this bitch, she became a full blown Christian

what am i looking for?

No she isn't. Fuck I loved that bitch.

last time i was keeping up with her she was doing lesbian scenes with andi land/pink. no idea what she's been up to recently

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fuck you she was 16

she was the best

She squeals like a pig and then demands to be choked...its pretty hot. Years later she told people that she was raped in that scene, but she was into it. She tells them to stop on multiple occasions by smacking her thigh.

16 is legal here faggot

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for porn?
jesus how do I mute this faggot?

who was it, some faggot got it deleted

scams guys who buy private videos. Lots never receive them.

Ugh. Who gives a fuck dude. It's been up on porn sites for fucking years.

Titty Monster

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Anyone have more Kari pussy shots?

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Who else remembers this porn retard?

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who are you talking about?

who are you guys talking abut? Tracy Lords?

My nigga

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We are all porn retards

That's a fake

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Some slut called Hannah Galore.


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>Hannah Galore

Danni Ashe

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The best!

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Biffany Been

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Gauge or Gaige? damn

Heather Harmon... fan favourite.

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STILL one of my favorites.

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I really like Raven Riley

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has someone some zoey

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Hannah wasn't underage you fucking autistic morons.


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op did you see her ultimate stuff?

Here's a close up of her butthole, lol I'll post pussy next

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anything from around 2000 or 2001?.

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Damn. What a fucking hottie! Who is she? I don't remember her

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See Megan nometro:

she was known as BMW girl, has a set out there somewhere

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sucks that you can only post one image at a time and the max file size is 2 megs had to resize it just to post what a hassle eightchan was way better

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HA! Yes.