Hey fellow Canadafags

Hey fellow Canadafags,

What are you doing about skyrocketing housing and rent prices? Literally the shittiest dump near any major city starts at half a mill, averaging a mill or more. Our dollar is worth jack shit. The country is being flooding by sand nigs, chinks, etc.

What the fuck should we do about it?

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For starters next time someone makes a Trump joke as them who our prime minister is

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Your dad owns a house.

Toronto here. Even with a good income you are screwed in this place. There is essentially no hope of any kind because no one is doing anything about the Chinese coming here and buying up everything in sight. The best you can hope for is to give the government a 10% stake in the home you pay for with their new bullshit First Time Homebuyer's plan. So you may be able to purchase something and then instantly lose 10% of the value of the home when you sell.

No one has any plan to combat the endless strain from the increasing cost of living. No one will speak a word about doing something about mass immigration (aside from Max who has been cast out as a racist by MSM because he said we should have less immigration, not even zero).

We are absolutely fucked.

They should illegalize foreigners buying property.
Increasing tax for them is pointless anyway because they are willing to pay extra to launder their dirty money from China

Stop voting liberal and cpc. Move outside of the big cities and look into moving to Maine.

East or West?

Buy bitcoin while it's down


voting conservative? sure.
But what if you were born and raised in that major city? It is so stupid seeing the old residents of the cities leaving home because of some foreign money flowing. It's almost inhumane.


Suuure, you use your racist card while you can.
I am asian Canadian btw. you chink.

Pretty much this: That's what you are called if you dare to put forth the idea that we implement the same laws they have for us (although I believe that guy was being sarcastic). There is no foreigners that are able to buy property in China or Singapore. But they will instantly call us white supremacists (the way they did when we arrested the criminal head of Huawei) if we dare to stop letting their people spread their influence into our lands.

wise man.

Yeah, you fucks deserve it. You've been living of the West's productivity and equalization payments while you fags fire up a new "Gay Patrol".

It is sad, I agree. It seems stupid to stay though. You think the niggers and pajeets are staying in their shit holes when stuff gets bad? Sometimes you just have to move on to find a better life.

If all white men and Trump's a racist, Canada is one giant Hitler.

Canada is deeply corrupt and doomed. The Canada that we grew up in will be dead in 20-30 years. This country is so against competition and innovation that people gladly get fucked in the ass on their phone bills, groceries, rent, mortgages, taxes, etc. "But at least we're not America!!!" Is the response everytime someone points out this stuff.

I strongly agree. I am not even white but sometimes feel sorry for white people. It is almost like a counter-discrimination towards them.
Sick of some shit countries trying to take advantage of our decent social system, and when they are stopped, they always use that racist card.

1. Mass earth wide EMP.
2. Civil unrest to attain new form of governing party.

Yeah.. true. I heard there are EASTERN indian gangs now in major city. Lots of violence, looking kinda like America


Preventing foreign ownership isn't going to fix it. It barely slowed the market, then heated up others and now the markets are on an upswing again

Canada's housing market got fucked because the group that is supposed to stop such a scenario, the government, didn't. They didn't because as property values increase so does property taxes. Why would government want to limit their coffers?

Fact is our countries housing market got fucked because boomers decided that something you need to survive in this country, a house or apartment, is an investment and they wanted to see return on it so they sell for way more than they paid. Couple that with our stupidly low interest rate (that has been too low for too long) and everyone has to, and can, take out massive loans to buy houses.

Good point. And I understand that it did play a role, but it is supply & demand. Simple math.
If there is no foreign money flowing in, supply will greatly surpass the demand, and the price would've been somewhat lower than where it is currently. It is just a fact.

All your big cities are turning into junkie-filled Seattle. You have to leave.

kek. can relate. used to live in Seattle.

Because all white men and Trump are not racists, Canada is not one giant hitler.

I live an hour north of Toronto (705 reporting in) and ya Ontario is fucked. I'm 24 and don't like my odds of owning a home for under half a mil unless I move an hour or two further north. Seems likes everybody is trying to get outta Toronto and head to the country and surrounding area's.

>supply will greatly surpass the demand
Untrue. Markets that exploded first were ones with restrictions on housing developments. Vancouver because island and Toronto really exploded after several mid class condos were stripped and renovated and new developments weren't in place for all the people. The newly renovated condos were all luxury buildings and the supply wasn't fixed. Eventually Toronto's market snowballed and now both markets are held by price memory.

Surrounding cities real estate exploded because middle class and entry level home buyers were priced out of those cities and rippled into surrounding ones. Once there they raised the demand while also walking in with way more money than what most folks not making major city wages had.

Foreign dollars affected here as much as they affected elsewhere, so there's some extent, but foreigners wouldn't be throwing money into Canadian real estate if it wasn't already seen as a good investment. They threw their money in because boomers/government were already pushing the market into a spiral. Foreigners are a symptom of a fucked housing market, not a cause

Lets meet up at the legion
Who's down to start a militia?

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>v&d by Trudeau's PC police.
Wrong answer, fuckface. Get on the floor!

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>vote to bring in millions of immigrants
>complain because housing prices skyrocket
You chose that path, Canada, no sympathy here.

I for one am getting the fuck out of Canada. Stagnant wages and fucked housing are ridiculous. This entire economy is built on debt and it's about to implode. There's plenty of white, English speaking nations out there

Isn't all those English speaking countries just as fucked up as much? They are all built on debt, esp USA.

>implying the US ever has to pay it back
You're our bitches, non-America. The world runs on US dollars.

It's Sup Forums newfag.
You get the fuck down on the floor and open your legs.

What a dumbass. Typical American. Educate the fuck yourself.

Honestly my best advice is dont live in a big city... My city has 30k people, im 24 and own a nice house and brand new truck working as a labourer, and still have like 800 bucks a month i blow on oxy and weed. Also most people are white and crime is low. Fuck Vancouver, Toronto etc. Of course housing is gonna be fucked and thered gonna be chinks everywherre.

you don't own it till you've paid it off, and buying a brand new truck (of all vehicles) is one of the worst financial moves you could do.

Personally I couldn't live in a small town because the work I want simply isn't available in small towns. They don't have a population that can financially support it and industry doesn't wanna set up STEM research branches out in nowhere. Plus I'm a huge fucking faggot so I'd never wanna live in a little town

Shit ur right bro i should have bought a used versa im gonna be homeless now
You do sound like a huge fucking faggot stay in hongcouver please

lmao stay mad

Yeah, you stay in a small town because you don't have a capabilities to compete with chinks.
You truck-driving, uneducated pieces of beta shit.

>Foreigners are a symptom of a fucked housing market, not a cause
It would be more accurate to say they're a contributing factor, further complicated by the way foreign real-estate investors without any other local commitments amplify boom & bust cycles.


that is true

The vast majority of those "foreigners" are Chinese. Get real. Nice try tho.

South of Toronto here

Shit is a fucking pain, to be honest. The worst part about the whole thing is people dont even think above or around it. It's like something out of the animal farm. Just work Harder

My brother is 28, accountant, never spends a god damn cent lives at home and still cant afford a 2 bedroom bungalow. Wanna kms because no way im ever gonna afford shit fuck around here. Any ideas on how to store money that will be safe from sharp changes?

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Bitcoin bro. Buy some now, when it is down and hold.