Hunger Games Thread: Literally Nothing Special Edition!

Hunger Games Thread: Literally Nothing Special Edition!

First 24.

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a fookin cave cat

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Mami Tomoe

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The shaolin monks

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Barbara Spectre

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Nutella Girl

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Dracukeo el enpalador

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Skate Meido

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Red Hat

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emo mcgloom

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A Helling Lovecat

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Big Tits Kylie

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My man!

smol hans

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that's the face i make when i wake up and realize i'm still alive



the zodiac killer

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9 males, 15 females

Shall we let the Waifu Games begin?

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New IP--anyone wanna drop a samefag for this dude?



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fuck yeah

i'm curious to know what my gender is..

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܂Goodluck Megumi!
District 10.5 got this

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nice try as always

Good luck everyone

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My man!


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I've always wondered why there's defense from one party but not the other.

And why when one leaves the other leaves too


You're in, courtesy of Org Nigger

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close enough to a cave, it'll do

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Good luck

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Anything for my boy Ted

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Shaolin Monks are fuckin' savage

Everyone else does their thing, for now...

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everything seems pretty normal for now
oh and gtfo my tail

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On this day, sanity was questioned

You sure 8 stars is accurate for Talaya? Seems like with that accuracy she's more of a 6

Goodnight, Red Hat

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Thank goodness Talaya is still alive, and formed a waifu posse

>smol hands starts a fire
I guess it's 420

3D girls don't matter

Cave Cat had the higher ATK stat, it seems

Everyone else still doing their own thing, for the most part...

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nooo smol hans died of cotton mouth


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RIP Orinrin

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Sorry 'bout the delay; just finished the ultra basic wincard for our winner

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Mado with the ol' switch-a-roo

emo gloom doing what Talaya shoulda been doing the entire time

Ebola just had a 200 IQ idea: if you infect the local water source, EVERYONE dies!

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"Sure, you may be large and intimidating, but so is Poseidon's trident"
-02, probably

What goes around comes around, Monks

>trying to befriend ebola
Good luck with that one.

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>just noticed it's default mode

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Clearly, Mado is not one to be trusted with explosives

I'm telling you guys, ebola is serious business!

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large? i'm the size of a house caa - i mean yes, i'm as big as a ferocious lion

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I want a pet cave cat

Hah, yeah, I like to change the background depending on the theme, usually

In other news, ebola spreads throughout the arena, food is short, and mistakes were made

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Take me for example: I'm a great example of a mistake! fuggin' ebola u_u

And the anime alliance strikes back!

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Oh no

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Next slide reveals it all: who will win???
>Skater girl Meido
>Ordinary Maomao


rooting for myself

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Go M.. I mean.. no jynx

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Meido or Mao

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nice, thanks for hosting

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Thanks for hosting

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And this! Considered doing something similar to my last default wincard, but ultimately decided against it. Hope this is just as acceptable!

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Thanks for hosting

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Thanks for hosting

Grats Meido and thanks for the game Vex

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Thanks for hosting

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amazing, thank you very much

Thanks for playing, everyone!

Please come back...

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I sure feel like it...