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is it even still a waifu thread anymore

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what do you mean?

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this is my waifu and i think she is very cute!

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only if it would make you happy

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2B is mai waifu.

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that's good
i noticed, didn't expect it though
that's good, hope it was nice?

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Where have you been hiding?


thank you for making the thread ^^

w-would it make you happy?

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did you come to check randomly or were you there for a while?
it was alright

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just me being a sperg
everyone look and laugh at the Yui poster
she is super very cute
her waist is very thin!

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yeah she sure is

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i enjoy what you enjoy

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Big blep

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nowai that means you would enjoy lazing around the house and reading books all day

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the bermuda triangle
sachi? (that's my only guess)
I was gonna post earlier but I fell asleep lol
it's kinda a funny story I don't wanna say here
I'm glad

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she really do be like that sometimes, doesn't it?

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>her waist is very thin!
That's true. She has to be careful not to break in half.

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i wouldnt laugh at you dont worry, it's fine i was just confused and thought you were calling my thread an animus thread

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she be like that all the time

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good guess o:
glad you're still alive
*pat pat*

does she use a corset?
did she break her ribs?
i mean that

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yes come over let's read and relax together all day

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Sachi when will you kill yourself

don't worry I'll be dead within the next 5 years I promise

sounds interesting
ti dotto#3854

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you promise not to smack me in the face with a book?

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proud of myself :o
i am too
sounds tiring
nice utah

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i promise
i don't smack people i like

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How was it?

its ok

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it hasnt been for a long time

nice uh

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b-but there is nothing to like about me..

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you know we're great for each other

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i'm sorry
Tsugu is cute
how are you?
it's my fault, isn't it?

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im tired

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iunno... you said a lot of mean things that hurt my feelings for a very long time...

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good night

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it rained yesterday, how is canada?

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aw, i'm sorry
are you thinking about sleeping

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you know it's my way of showing love
well im going to sleep i have work in a few hours goodnight

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I'm not sleeping, I'm just bored

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Don't come back

same, ive got no one to talk to

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Wowee, guess I'm no one

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o i didnt think you wanted to talk to me, thats why i said no one to talk to kek

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i ever tell you about the time me and Keith made home made bumper car ride with riding mowers in his back yard? mower blade wounds over ninety percent of his body. i didn't run him over, either. he somehow managed to fall under his own.

You're cruel

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ellis, we don't have time for this

who are you and who's keith and that sounds like the dumbest thing ive ever heard in my life so he probably deserved it

i thought you found me boring im sorry i didnt know you were ok with talking to me, im not trying to be mean, what do you want to talk about?

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this guy has a nice penis

i ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith made sushi? yeah, his mom took him to a sushi place for his birthday and he didn't want to go, but he turned out he LOVED it, man. but it's like 10 bucks a su-sho in one of them places, so Keith figures, "hey, how hard can it be to roll up some raw food in seaweed," right? as it turns out, it's hard. now, they say experience is the best teacher, and experience taught Keith that if you ever eat three pounds of raw chicken, it kills you. now luckily, Keith's brain went into self-defense mode and started shutting organs down to head the chicken off at the pass, and the doctors were able to get 'em out before his heart stopped. but to this day, Keith has no sensation in his right foot, and he doesn't recognize his own brother Paul no more.

Why would you think that?
Also, I have no conversation topics, I'm not good at this

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torpedo dick

o so it was a copy pasta bot

i dont know, i find myself to be boring so i assume most people dont feel like talking to me but if you dont mind me then that's cool, thank you
im not good at making up conversations on the spot either so you want to talk about video games or something

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>t. never played Left 4 Dead 2
the only game i want to speedrun despite being bad at speedrunning it

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ellis? why don't you just tell us this in the chopper?

i liked left for dead 2, it was a lot of fun and ive thought about reinstalling it and playing it again some time, you should play it it's a ton of fun

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best waifu

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i am gonna play it! right now! wanna play together?
how old is she?

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;~; goodnight haruhi :(

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i cant give my steam out im sorry, i would if i could so no hard feelings

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don't worry
i'll find it

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Games like?

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id actually be kind of interested to see if anyone could somehow bring up my steam through my discord name and waifu, i know it's almost certainly impossible but thatd be funny if someone did try

any games you like that me and you might both find a common interest in, i dont know sorry im not good at making conversations

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I already said I'M bad at making conversations
You mustn't forget how autistic I am

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is that slime looking up her skirt? i dont blame it id do the same but thats kind of perverted for it to do
i said im bad at it too so we're stuck with yelloing at each other about how bad we are at making a conversation even though thats the conversation we made

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It's looking at the pudding, hence her gesturing to be quiet so that the forbidden one who shall not be named is not made aware of the pudding. Also,
>i dont blame it id do the same

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it's okay i already gave up before you said that

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why should the slime not be named? itd want that pudding too if it were being served by her but i dont get how being quiet is going to keep the slime away if it already sees the pudding
you cant blame me, if i can look up a skirt you can bet ill look up one and its size is perfect for looking up skirts

you checked my discord info to see if it was there didnt you? thats a nice try and a pretty good one at that but youll need to try a lot harder if you want to get it but its not worth finding so i dont blame you for giving up, maybe when i become less shy and scared ill share it

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9kZmzD share waifu

The one who isn't allowed to know about the pudding's existence is Neptune. She's a fat piece of shit who has a fetish for pudding or somethin. It is a long standing joke in the franchise.
I can absolutely blame you for being morally degenerate, so I shall continue to do so

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this little witch is my waifu

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she doesnt look fat but eating so much pudding is gross and i never heard about someone having a fetish for a food item but if she eats so much that hearing the word pudding makes her show up then i guess i can understand the fetish part
im not a degenerate for looking up someones skirt when the opportunity presents itself, its weird at best but i wouldnt call it degenerate

that's a very cute girl and image, hello it's nice to meet you how are you doing today?

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Degenerate. Sinner. Filth. Pervert.
That's why skirts are so uncommon nowadays, damn near impossible to wear without people hovering around air vents you walk by. Yes, I'm exaggerating to get my point across

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Meltguino is top cute.

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im not that bad i wouldnt force an opportunity to look up someone's skirt but if it flips up or if im on the ground for some weird reason and i can see up a skirt then im looking
no like i said i wouldnt do anything weird or gross to try to see it but if by coincidence i can see up it then im going to

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Excuses, excuses
I'm gonna go to sleep before I pass out, cos I have to wake up early every day until I die (hopefully soon).

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good night and sleep well

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well, to be honest, that was my second choice
my first choice was to scan Steam profile friends lists

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no dont waste your time doing that please, thats a giant waste of time im not on anyones steam friendslist, im surprised the quick option was your second choice to be honest, why was your first one the one that takes the longest to do?

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hello there ump friend, i havent seen you in a while, how were you during the time you were away from waifu?

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i just figured that it was more likely we had a mutual than you having it on Discord

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