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I wish I had a Sup Forums

Is that supposed to be farting? Honest to god I can’t tell what that is

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No, it’s a TNG episode about a ghost

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Finished my dump. Take up the reins Sup Forumsros

what is this game

Besiege, its on steam

How does this happen? It looks like, what, warts? Or is it cancer of some sort?

Nananananananana winecat!

Harhar cool Readit maymays newfreend

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Ok post someone good then faggot


Fucking kys

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Not the double nigger you replied to but here's something.

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I love comics like this.

This is amazing

I don't get it. Checked


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haha bad word funny

GRRM watched the world do this and just said nothing and I think that’s just amazing.

how did I miss seeing this one?!?!


Me too

>tfw posterchild for fetal alcohol syndrome


I don't get it.

made my night lmao

Lost hard at /r/

>that ground beef that's been sitting in your fridge for 3 weeks

He had nothing to do with the last season, his book wasn't done so the show hired TV writers.

Oh, man. Thank you, user!

This thread is awful
Worst ylyl ever

Like if that was a good sub that would be sick. Listen to some dubstep and just fucking die from orgasms

Didnt this guy have hentai porn tabs pulled up on his pc? Lol

How do I make a Sup Forums?

Lost harder than I should have

This thread was fucking abysmal

Thanks for your contribution.

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Why thank you

Very good. Now discuss who will be the top and who will be the bottom first.

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I know its fake but... Story says Maine, image says Florida

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Israel, Palestine, Brussels.

1. Mecca
2. Tehran
3. Brussels or Jerusalem

If you really want global chaos you're doing it wrong.

Pedro Miguel Locks in Panama
Suez, Egypt

That takes out the world's biggest financial center and its two most important shipping lanes.