The object to your left

The object to your left ...

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A backpack? I dunno, you tell me OP.

the wall

My 2yo son... If its considered an object, if not a mattress

A door

tv remote

You find the channels on your TV are changing as more and more stuff is shoved up my ass.Oh look ... the football game is on. Opps, not anymore.

OP screams as the knob rips through his anus. Oddly, you hear the sound of a door creaking shut a few seconds after it disappears. What the hell is going on in there?

OP pulls his ass cheeks apart and does a little dance, motioning for you to grab both the mattress and your 2 year old son.

A small electric fireplace heater. It's oddly comforting as it slides up OP's anus. Don't forget to unplug it!

The wall remains attached to your house.For some reason, OP's ass looks sad. Can an ass feels?


My aegis geek vape? I'm trying to get off smoking but if it will finally satisfy OP's unquenchable homosexuality, then so be it.

*GASP* A Contraband Owner! PUNISH HIM

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The back pack goes in fine ... with just a few screams and grunts. Then a surprise happens, several sharpies fall out of OP's pooper. Oops, you must have forgotten to close the pack.

I don't know about the damage, but it would be really pleasurable

OP looks at the title of the notebook, "anne frank's diary", and shrugs ... hailing Hitler and dutifully squatting his bum hole down over the book ... riding it cowgirl style till it is gone.

How full is op's ass now?

OP's ass now periodically glows with an eerie light, puffing out strawberry watermelon scented rings of smoke.

You can keep it

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door knob. you can survive

OP throws himself at you, anus first, impaling himself onto the barrel of your gun and letting out a seductive moan as he slides his ass down over the trigger, nearly taking your hand away with it.

it was loaded, you great cuckmobile! OP now has a loaded piece of Russian engineering inside his asshole, and it's ready to go off!

Shittles the cat,Op in some serious fucking trouble

As the button passes the edges of OP's anus, the device turns on with a pleasant hum. OP looks behind himself with a goofy shit eating grin, his ass now visibly vibrating.

Shrugs, "only 1 way to find out my friend", pointing at the next object to your left.

ceramic cup, have fun

OP dribbles a bit of precum over your doorknob for lubrication before quickly shoving it up his ass and skipping along on his merry way.

And my object is a 50 year old coke bottle

OP opens a can of tuna and rubs it on his ass, inviting Shittles the cat to come over. Shittles was never seen again.

The object to my left is a wall, so RIP OP


OP is a man of culture, pouring tea into the cup and raising his pinky into the air as he lowers himself down on top of it while proudly declaring, "for the queen!"

Well the only thing to my left is an entire dog gate, do yeah OP is fucked both literally and figuratively.

A fuzzy polar bear walks into your room and take the coke bottle with a thumbs up, bending OP over aggressively and forcing it up his ass. Magically words appear over the scene, "Taste the feeling"

holy fuck man that's awesome. kek'd

Next object: A jar full of periwinkle shells

Yet another wall remains attached to yet another house. OP's ass is starting to look clinically depressed, staring at your wall with desperate longing.

a folding chair i forgot to put back in the garrage 47 months ago.

by the gods why

cause it's fun.

Taking your blanket and snuggling with it for comfort, OP starts unraveling the thread, feeding the end into his pooper which slurps it up like spaghetti. Well ... that was interesting.

Cinder block

OP moans in misery remembering his father as he slowly and carefully slides a belt up his anus.

You may be fucked

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OP hitches the gate to your dog like a sled, and blows a dog whistle. Your dog proceeds to aggressively rape OP and then crawls inside of OP's butt hole, dragging the gate behind him. OP now wines like a dog whenever something new goes up his booty. Possibly channeling the spirit of your lost puppers?

Pac-Man plush

better than a phone but not by much. Build a pc, it's a neet rite of passage

One by one, OP listening for the ocean inside of your seashells, and shoves them up his ass. One shell tries to crawl away. Oops, I guess there was a hermit crab living in that one. Good bye mr crab! OP scoops the critter up and stuffs it into his ass as well. OP now has crabs?

bumper car

small die-cast vehicle

A slice of pepperoni pizza with chicken tenders on it

An entire sweatshirt. there’s probably a video of this somewhere...

OP looks over your chair and smiles, wanting a challenge he unfolds the chair first like a maniac, tongue hanging out and drool dripping from his lips. What you see next you will never forget. OP's butthole stretches open like a snake, wiggling its self slowly over the mass of your folding chair.

Unfortunately for OP I'm sitting in my garage. Closest object is my chainsaw.

good luck with 10 soda cans

if you use them like anal beads it might be easier

*rip and tear intensifies*

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OP mashes up your cinder block and pours silk milk over it, spooning it into his ass while watching Saturday morning cartoons.

String them up with electrical wiring

OP drinks the coffee out of your mug first. Hey, is that cheating? Then he pours fresh scalding hot coffee inside, "I like it black", giving you a wink and moaning like your mom taking a bbc as he shoves the hot coffee up his ass.

OP's ass now makes PAC MAN munching sounds every time something new goes in. Your plushie never stood a chance.

Please don't put my brand new fountain pen in your ass ;_;

OP starts tossing all kinds of items from a strange man's garage into your bumper car, including a chain saw. Pulling an electrical cord out of his ass, OP uses it to power the go cart, which sparks with power as it drives into OP's ass ... bumping off of it several times before going in with a blood curtailing scream.

unexpected. nice

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7 foot 8 drawer dresser with mirror and a nine year old cat

Bad kitty.

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OP strings your soda cans together like anal beads and forces them one by one up his ass, "thanks for the ideasy Sup Forumsro, you've done this before haven't you", OP smiles and winks as if he knows your deepest darkest secret.

A metal filing cabinet

a giant cabinet tv from the 1980s

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As the pen slowly disappears up OP's ass, ink squirts out of OP's ass like an octopus. Feeling sorry for you, OP collects the ink into an even better pen and hands it to you .... after signing your desk with it, "OP is gay".


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OP's asshole scrunches up and sort of looks like a pepe, as he takes your pepe meme and puts it in his ass too ... once again hailing Hitler. Has pepe infected him?

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OP shoves both cats into dresser drawers and motions for several moving men to come into your room. The buff movers pick your dresser and starting gang banging OP with it. You can barely hear your cats mewling over OP's screams as the dresser disappears inch by inch into his ass. You can hear glass breaking inside of OP's ass as a bit of blood dribbles out. Ohhhh, was OP a virgin?

The cats get returned, right?

OP pilfers through your filing cabinet, stealing all of your personal information, and uses your credit card numbers to hire more ass stuffing helpers. Don't worry, he tips them very well after your filing cabinet is gone.


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America's economy collapses and liberals everywhere shed tears of joy. OP's tight little butt hole is now a hero.

OP calls the NAACP to make sure it is ok first. It would be more racist not to stick a nigger up his ass? The man dutifully the first man of color to enter OP's butt hole. It is a great honor.

What's this? OP's ass is rejecting the trap thread? Nope. OP's ass turns into a black hole which sucks in traps everywhere. The world is now free of traps. A portion of Sup Forums never faps again.

OP motions you over, inviting you to crawl inside of his ass. You hear the ominous sound of, "come on in, we have tacos", echoing from OP's butt cavern.


OP nays like a mare in heat, having vigorous gay sex with the horse furry .... swallowing the furry horse man, knot and all inside of his asschasum.

OP points at the next object to your left, hoping to cheer you up, begging puppy dog eyes on his face.

Wish i had a trap

All of a sudden, OP rushes towards you, butt hole first, and jumps into the air, landing on your head with his anus, and making a sickly squelching noise. You are greeted inside by a harem of traps, you pull you into the magical realm of OP's ass.

*who pull you into

Deodorant? Hell no.

do you have waifus in there?


Well I'm laying on my left side on my bed so the object immediately to my left is... A mattress. A mattress is going up OPs butt. OK.

Your bar of deodorant crumbles into pieces as OP smashes it against his ass like a retarded cookie monster. "OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!"

OP points at the object to your left. Is it Waifus?

OP is a faggot

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My water bottle is to my left, fairly easy for op I guess

nah but i have some naruto volumes to my left

Taking a running start, OP charges backwards at your mattress with you still on top of it, his hands spreading his ass cheeks. The ground is shaking with the weight of everything already inside of OP's ass, the asshole of death hitting your mattress like a freight train. Only OP's screams of pain give you any hope of surviving .... as he slows down, your mattress half swallowed by OP's butt and your body a mere inch away.

it's a bookcase

OP is very respectful towards your soldier, saluting her and hailing Hitler. An epic battle ensues, shots are fired, a grenade explodes ... the explosion swallowed by OP's ass and redirected at the soldier, cooking her like roasted whore steaks. OP's ass shall dine well tonight.

You look to your left to find that your water bottles is already gone. OP grins and blushes at your with a suspicious smile, nibbling on his fingernail and grinding his foot into the ground innocently.