Just went down the rabbit hole with Terry Davis

Just went down the rabbit hole with Terry Davis.
Looking for recommendations on more crazy people. Pluses for people like Terry who were at one point intelligent and spiraled from there. Permanent tards are much less interesting

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if he was so intelligent why was he lower middle class

Because the train got to him before his big break

You might be interested about this video then :


The story of John McAfee.

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discord.. gg/Sup Forums ((remove the extra dot))

server with no rules. Anything Goes!

loli, cp, gore, nudes, and A LOT of shitposting!

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Of you just want flat-out crazy, this guys a fun Wikipedia read

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Neil Breen remained employable, but is clearly lacking self awareness.

Money isn't everything to everyone. Believe it or not, you burgerfat.

Frank Gallagher!?

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Fuck you C.I.A nigger

FBI plz go

Just wait. They'll pass a law that makes whatever you care about a service you have to buy, and imprison you for competing with any existing cartels or modifying any related equipment.

He built a compiler, niggers can't do that, or talk to God. The pope don't know what a compiler is

Ah yes, McAfee, the real life Bond villain.

Check out the Church of Gail.

Spam is against the global rules, even on Sup Forums.

Who is this?

There are compilers to compile compilers. You just need a little math to understand what you're doing.

Why are you telling me this? I didn't post it.

Terry Davis was brilliant to the end imo. Even with the schizo.

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Because you can report it, niggy

Programming is so much more than just math you absolute fucking mongoloid. Math is just a fraction of a fraction of programming.

Mods are too busy beating their micro cocks to the very cp in that server, what would that accomplish, really??

> "At one point"
He got better as time went on

That .giffy lube just gave me a seizure, kudos.


Internet Insanity by mister metokur is always good

But to make a compiler using common tools, you need enough formal logic to construct context free grammars, and express them in BNF or some extension of it.

None of you mentioned this glorious theory because you are all educated stupid.

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>Permanent tards
Did someone say tards?

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your mom is fat. she wears skirts to hide her fat legs

Charles Whitman. Ex Marine marksman who had a brain tumor and held the hs for school shootings for a while. Austin U of T shooting.

Nature's Harmonious 4 Day Time Cube!