WHAT's on your mind user ?

WHAT's on your mind user ?

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I'm gay, btw, if that matters.

I've got a qt girl who's almost underage for me but theres a tiny bit of time left but idk if I should do it. Watchu think

it doesn't
enjoy the gaydom ?

sad that i am neither a pretty girl or a passing boy

do it.
i understand

Do you have a vagina? Cause a lot of dudes are pretty desperate and those guys tend to be nice, will start a family with you and be content living a happy life with a not-hot wife.

Sauce? I think ive fapped to her before but i don’t remember the name

yes. but i know i dont deserve a man. i dont take care of myself im obese im unstable. i feel like if i am a man i will be strong

I hope they wipe that bench down



I haven't had sex in weeks and frustrated. I'm so horny as fuck but I hate masturbating.


>but i know i dont deserve a man
>im obese
Start by losing weight. Just eat slightly less calories every day. Do whatever you can in terms of exercise. You can do it.


I recently found a lot of money on my gf closet. When I asked from where that money was, she said she is now a cam model.
Her name is Cassidy and she is under the username CassandraMoon
You can find her at exposed-whores d0t site
The registration is free you just need to confirm the email

why is kirk cousins so awful? there are so many people to be mad at

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Lmao, those dudes i just informed you of love taking care of women. It makes them feel more manly and masculine in a “take charge” kind or way. Also, the fat thing may be an issue but being a fat-man will ONLY exacerbate the issues you’ve stated.
Im not saying to take advantage of military members, but im in the military and my colleagues seem to take pride in having a fat wife.

okay thanks,, i dont want to be worthless

I have zero desire to have sex with my wife of 18 years.Still love her, just would rather jerk off than run a marathon trying to make her chubby ass cum

i see... i think i'm too vulnerable. i melt like putty. also how do your colleagues deal with being away with their wives and how do they know they aren't cheating

>i dont want to be worthless
Nobody does. Sure, it takes effort to better yourself and it's incredibly hard to do... but you can do it. That's the point. I'm just under 6 feet tall. I weighed 250 fucking pounds. I got down to 190 pounds in under a year. I'm the laziest fucking dude you'd ever meet. You can do it, seriously.

Is it because you're not sexually attracted to her? Not married because I'm an inept fucking moron but from what I've heard, it's common for dudes to still love their wives as much as they always did but have no desire to fug.

make her lose weight by fucking her

I recently found a lot of money on my gf closet. When I asked from where that money was, she said she is now a cam model.
Her name is Cassidy and she is under the username CassandraMoon
You can find her at exposed-whores d0t site
The registration is free you just need to confirm the email

thanks im proud of you!!

cassidy give me money

Just wanted to offer some motivation because someone did the same to me when I was in your boat. You can do it and you'll be proud of yourself when you hit your goal. It'll help with self-esteem, confidence, everything.

a friend visited and I wanted to blow him

Wondering about next week. Getting kind of monotonous.

That's gay though, user.

what's stopping you

Hungry but I dont know what to eat.

You dont, you just trust they wouldnt cheat. I know plenty of dudes who have been cheated on and got a divorce. Being a military wife has so many perks it’s literally like winning a lottery, so cheating and ruining that seems like actual autism.
And if the guy cheats he goes to prison so you can rest easy.

Do you have a vagina? If not you are big faggisimo

I love her, she's awesome and a great mother, just have no sexual desire towards her at all. It's not because of the weight either, just bored I guess.

Wanna watch plumperpass videos for free by changing the URL, like the good old days. Wish I downloaded every single video. Does anyone know if it is still possible to do it? (I know they fixed the bug)

Is that in Athlean-X's gym?


dont wanna ruin the friendship

i have a cock

That's sucks, user. Sorry. Have you tried spicing things up? Despite that being cliche as FUCK.


i should try to sleep..or smoke more weed so i really fall asleep. but should i go to bed or just sleep on the couch?

U gay as hell

Buy some ass, you pay for no matter what , what's the difference?

Hard to when you don't a straight job and making 60 a week. Second, Backpage's termination killed the hooker scene in my city.

yeah, we both have tried to "spice" it up, but it hasn't really helped at all. When I was younger I never thought I would feel like this ever, it's pretty fucking sad user.

alright bros, story time. Im very confused as to what is going on with me, lets see if any of you ever experienced this type of shit. This isnt as much a sex story but it's interesting
>be me, college senior, 3 weeks ago
>in college, eating at dining hall with a female friend at 9pm
>see a 9/10 chick sitting by herself a table away. cute af face, hot af body
>dont want to be weird and try to flirt rn, so i leave it be
>eventually we leave dining hall, coincidentally end up walking behind 9/10 the whole way back to our dorm
>remember which dorm she walked into and continue with my night
>week later, at dining hall again, sitting with some guy friends
>1 table away see a 9/10 chick sitting all by herself AGAIN
>my friend is amazing at approaching people randomly, tell him to call her over to sit with us since im a pussy.
>my man wingmans the fuck out of this, he walks over, invites her to sit with us
>she says sure, comes by, starts chatting
>girl is smart af, has a great personality, bubble butt, beautiful C tits, cute af face, first semester freshman. god tier find. every dude at the table is interested
>exchange snap before i leave to class
>text her that night to keep the other dudes away, every man for himself after all.
>she responds, keep texting
>next day ask her to come have diner with us
>she says she cant, but she asks ME out to grab lunch the next day
>tell her sure, text a little more
>next day go out to town and grab lunch like planned
>goes great, girl never touches her phone, is actually really interesting to talk to, asks me questions so convo isnt one sided, is so fucking hot
>take her back to her dorm, walk her to class and leave
>keep texting, next day she invites me to her dorm that night, note i first talked to her monday, now it's thursday.
>i come over
>talk for a while, eventually start laying in bed and watching a show. She has excellent taste in movies/shows

my friends are moving away and im still here being a loser

>talk for a while, eventually start laying in bed and watching a show. She has excellent taste in movies/shows
>while laying around she eventually gets up to move something, lays back down and i slid my arm under her. She says sorry, i respond with it's okay, and she lays back down with my arm around her, smiling.
>10 mins later, i start stroking her arm, she doesnt seem to mind at all
>pull big dick move, start stroking her side, eventually touching side of her ass
>she still doesnt mind at all, she is now laying on my chest, both still watching show.
>decide to pull a massive cock move, lean in and kiss her forehead
>she looks up, smiles in a surprised way, and we start making out
>make out for like 20 minutes, grabbing her ass/tits, feeling amazing
>the whole night we either watch show or make out every so often
>eventually i have this bright fucking idea to ask her this dumbfuck question
>"does this mean we're dating now?"
>she says suree
>at the time im happy af, eventually leave and shit is going great
now that was the biggest fucking mistake because now that i think about it, i didnt leave her any room to say no and i went 0-100 in 3 days.
>cont talking to her, we hang out pretty often, but she soon becomes very distant while texting. doesnt respond for 6 hours, and when she does it's basically 2 word answers
>whenever I come over though, she is fantastic
>attempt to get to know her more every time we're together because I dont want this to just be a hook up, i know she is a keeper if everything goes well
>find out bits and pieces about her past, 3 exes, divorced parents, and eventually daddy issues up the ass

Dude, IF this fairy tale is true, make her cum already

Sorry, user. That's rough. Hope it gets better


Sauce on OP's WebM if anyone is interested

>25 today. Don't know what to think.

>Miss my ex. It was my fault we broke up.

>My throat hurts. I swear to God I better not have caught something.

>I feel sad. I wish it would stop just for one day.

I’m there with you. I have no desire to fuck my wife of 8 years. The spark is gone. We haven’t had sex since March. The worst part is, I really don’t care. I just rub one out, and I’m good to go. She doesn’t bring up the lack of sex. She might be cheating, and that’s fine. She was gone most of the day today. I just enjoyed my time alone

A few things:

1) need to get my working out back on track. Includes a new rep schemes given to me by my PT to hopefully build endurance and finally stop the pain I've been dealing with for years.

2) the fact that I need a new job and hoping something that o actually want to do will pan out. Doing something that's easy but unfulfilling, only doing it to support my family

3) can't stop thinking about another woman that isn't my wife and find these thoughts very annoying.

Pic unrelated

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completely true, no bs.
>over the next couple weeks i come by pretty often and each time we make out, cuddle, watch a show, but not so much talking about her past.
>eventually Im about to put my dick in her but her roommate is there and no condom so we hold off
>I go over there sunday, we make out and eventually I finger her until she cums. She said its her first time cumming to a guy, she still hasnt done much for my dick but idc, i think this girl is great. roommate comes over so i just sleep over
>next day i come over late at night again
>roommate is gone all day, eventually i get her naked and we finally fuck
>i last like 2 mins cause it's been years now, shit was still cash, she poked fun at me for lasting so little but idc, ill get another go at it soon
>sleep over that night
>go home, had a bunch of school shit to do all day so couldnt spend as much time with her as i wanted
>go over there again that night though, sleep over 3rd night in a row and we fuck again
everything is perfect in terms of sexual satisfaction, but idk how to talk to her. I want to get to know her, but she isnt opening up, which i respect, but it still sucks.

Still same story, just no greentext.
I did a shitty thing 2 days ago when we went out drinking friday with my friends. While she slept I looked at her journal and found out she has an abusive dad, and parents divorced a while back, and she is getting over her ex still because although she wrote she hates him, he was her first true love. Then i read that she is comparing me to him, but says im very sweet and have good intentions. I feel horrible for doing it and I wont do it again, but I couldnt help myself. I needed to know what's on her mind, and that shit is scary.
I realized that she doesnt love me, she just sees her ex in me, and IDK how to feel about that. She is using me for her sexual satisfaction, and i would be fine with that if only she opened up and talked more. Whenever she goes home on the weekends she doesnt text me more than like twice a day and I feel like im at a loss. I want her to talk to me so I can make her happy but she doesnt feel comfortable yet, and Im not sure she ever will. She sees me as a father figure she never really had, which means she wont break up with me, but she isnt opening up. I dont want to rush her, but idk if I can stand this because I didnt have a fucked up life, she did, and she shuts people out. Idk how to tell her that Im not trying to hurt her, I just want her to trust me (yes I know the journal thing completely destroys me being trustworthy, but I had some shit to drink that night and drunk me was brave enough to do it.)
Any bros have any suggestions on how to get someone who shuts people out to open up?

The legend appears again