I have a great idea for a video game. It'll be called:

I have a great idea for a video game. It'll be called:


In it, you are just a normal guy living in a normal apartment in the big city. But, in secret, you have a hobby: You kill homosexuals for fun. A large part of the game is finding out targets, ie finding homosexuals who live among us and then finding ways to take them out. Higher scale targets = More points, so like some homo who's just jacking off and getting high in his home is only worth a few points, whereas a married gay couple is worth more, and like big game would be a vocal gay celebrity or pastor. But like, for REALLY big points you could do more high scale stuff too, like blowing up a fag bar or gassing a fag parade - You get more points and more kills, but it's a lot harder to pull off so it's more likely you're gonna get busted. And if you do get caught it's game over, you don't get any continues and your save file gets deleted. Basically, make it as close to real life as possible, but a computer game. The graphics don't have to be amazing either, it's more about the concept/gameplay. I'd buy it if any coders out there want this idea, take it, it's yours.

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>How the media views video games today

>how to instantly get blacklisted by the industry

not worth it unless you think you can retire off of 1st week sales because of the free press it would get.

>the industry
I don't care about joining the cool little social club of gamma males and "gamer girls" know as """The Industry""". Give me a break. It's like bitching out from making a movie because Jewish Hollywood would blacklist you. Weak.

No way; Jamie, pull that up.

Sounds like you should be strapped to a bed in a psychiatric hospital with a cocktail of powerful antipsychotics funneled into your mouth against your will.

>pwease sombody sacrifice their career to make my edgelord simulator


It's ok, OP, it's 2019. you can admit that you like the fuzzy embrace of a big ol bear daddy, no need for your little over-compensating writefaggotry

Alright maybe I'll make it myself then, retard. I have a minor in CS and I've been learning some programming lately so maybe this would be a good project.


I'm straight

has a point. Unless you know how to make this game or have an anonymous group of creators, there really is no way to make this

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Crawling in my skin
These wounds they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real

great idea for a video game
> you don't get any continues
> your save file gets deleted
> graphics don't have to be amazing

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>i'm straight
the stories and information here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood

You are missing some important elements crucial to the gameplay, nice attempt at trolling though. 0/10

I like this idea, but substitute "conservative" for "fag."

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Up to mid 90s you could have gotten away with this. Now everyone associated with this, and their families, would be harassed endlessly until jobless, bankrupt and social pariahs. Instead make it Cis Hunter where you play a fag hunting down white, and only white, "breeders" and you'll be winning gaming awards for your edgy satire

Also, it should be very detailed (high quality models) including nudity, asses, cocks etc. And an option for extra points if you fuck them in the ass first before killing them.

Like Big Game Hunter or The Hunter: Call of the Wild. Sounds sick, I'd play it

What? No that's gay

John Wayne Gacey already did it.

Wikipedia says he was a serial pederast and murderer, not a game designer?

He played games with local knobgoblers/