Do americans really have these crazy parties?

do americans really have these crazy parties?

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Yes but you can only get in if you’re a Chad

I can't believe people shit on Rachel so much. I would bang her first, a second time, and last on my way through the four of them.

We used to, but not anymore, at least not this size or reputation anymore
This movie, despite all, perfectly captured the early 2010s spring break/party aesthetic

Id marry Vanessa any day of the week

I want Pudgens and Benson to make me suck their strapons and then peg me at gunpoint

reminder Ashley is gay now.

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Ashley who? Besides, all women are bi.

>perfectly captured the early 2010s

do you really think college parties have changed since 2010 ?

I figure the zoomers just suck on vapes in between each other's dicks

are you a chad?

They literally look the same except the chick with the dark hair because...the dark hair.

God bless the fact that I started college in 2010. I’ll never forget the house parties I threw and the cops coming several times in one night and traffic being backed up because of all the people in the street

>Ashley who?

she is fucking Cara D on their sex bench.

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These aren’t college parties user

>5 years of uni
>live in a student dorm
>never go to a single party
>make no friends, barely speak to anyone



drugs are the party
social gatherings are just places to get drugs

Merely for attention.

>the pubes

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all four of them are so hot in this photo

but 2>1>4>3

why did she delete her ig?

Parties are trash. They smell like beer farts , are cramped and full of shit normie music. You have to hang around all night just to maybe sweaty drunk unwashed pussy.

Even Chad's have to settle for the above.

4, 2, 1, 3.

>social gatherings are just places to get drugs

some people go to get sex or to enjoy interacting socially with their friends. But if you dont enjoy social interactions , dont need drugs and have no chance of getting sex there is no reason to go.

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This is now a Rachel thread

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Indeed, good sir

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yes that's why third worlders are obsessed

4 would be best if she didn't have that stupid duckface look

I can't find any social media on this bitch.

How am I supposed to fap if she doesn't exploit herself?!

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yummy tummy

I know people were bummed out that best Emma was replaced with Ashley Benson, but FUUUUCK does she look awesome in a lycra bikini in a way Emma never could.

Yeah, it sucks. No social media whoring during the prime of her life.

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I'm a nerd and I was invited once at that kind of party by a chad fellow. Best day of my life by far.

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33 now, social media started in her late teens and now there's no casually shared photos of her body from the time period.

Of course, her jewish husband hides her from prying goy eyes

>literally showed off his young woman's body in Spring Breakers

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different times

also in The Knick

>Smoke lots of pot and watch youtube with my housemates
>Do MDMA and BKC2B occasionally
>Study stuff that interests me

Going out was the worst part in hindsight and it was especially bad in that period from freshers to Christmas when all the new kids thought they were in a movie.

>do americans really have these crazy parties?
Why has no one posted this?

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I've seen her pussy... shaved and unshaved.

Rachel would birth the manliest of children for you

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I've been in a lot more crazy european parties than american ones. They don't even know the definition of party.

>czech porn party videos are realistic

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4 1 2 3
but any would be fine, really

Go outside sometime you know.

Can anyone find a higher resolution version of this?

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butterface supreme

sorry she's not mutt enough for you, cheech

Just skip the manface whore and go straight to sucking dick lmao

She has a sex tape also.


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my thoughts as well
very nice


ashley benson has top tier feets

nope. americans are fucking terrible at parties and can neither hold drink, nor hold conversation or entertain.

are you a bong ?


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Based, I finished my CS degree and now only talk to my friends from high school

They forget to talk about gang bang parties.


just imagine her pushing out a fart with all her might

Call me a pleb but I honestly can't think of seeing a hotter female than Benson in this movie

Only one that contests in my head is prime J Connelly

Am I gay for ignoring the ass and just wanting to shove my face into Ashley's tits

Youre just a young person who needs to always feel different

>Needs to feel different
>Goes for the blonde hair, blue eye thin girl with big tits

a wet fart at that

I was on set the other day and got to see her boobs.
She has a really abrasive smoker's voice

you're like me but more pathetic lol

if you throw a party and it is not broken up by the police you are doing it wrong

at least it only took me 4 years. I don't know why my highschool friends are based but everyone I met in college was a fag.

Time for my 4th fap for today.

shaved pusy should be illegal honestly

No, American teens are just as fucking insecure, awkward and lame as any other set of teens.

The only reason teen partying is glorified in American media is because of retarded drinking laws. No one would give a fuck otherwise.

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Probably were on Myspace which for some reason they went torched Earth on for some dumb reason


Looks like any regular old stinky beach full of kids.

The one with the pink bikini is by far the best one in that picture. BY FAR.

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eh, you got to remember this is a movie so.... camera angles, lighting, lack of smell/sweat, blah blah blah. shit gets old

>bunch of white girls go on vacation, get drunk, have sex, kill some minorities, then go back home like nothing happened

What did Mr. Korine mean by this?

I will add this to my list of kinos to watch. It looks cool and it must be wonderful fap material. Also Franco looks cool here as fuck. Talking like a nig.. mmmm you know what. What a white talks like that is it a wigger, right?

You fucked up. I've just walked into random parties when I was in college and had fun, even fucked multiple girls. I literally fucked a drunk chick I found walking around one night, just found her and asked where she was going, she said her dorm, I led her behind a building and fucked her then took her to her dorm. We fucked again that morning because I slept over

pusy is the party

get pusy drunk

put dick in pusy

>in america those are all 10/10


if you're not a faggot, yes

haha wtf

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In some places like college towns.