Why you niggahs still think the earth is round?

Why you niggahs still think the earth is round?

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Because I fly a lot and can see the curvature of the earth.

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That's just the windows of the airplane bending the light that comes into the plane.

I am a flat earther Ive been trying to tell people for years. but nasa is good at tricking people with cgi

It isn't round. It's spherical. In fact, it's an obloid sphere.

As long as people will still accept ignorance in life we will keep losing the battle

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You're right it's not round its flat.

Troll attempt is obvious. We all know it's a cube.

reminder that galaxies are bacteria, the solar system is an atom and the planet earth is not a stone, she's a monocell living being, also reminder that the universe doesn't exist at all since everything is a fractal of infinite alive matter like galaxies, which live in another blue planet that from our point of view is giant but it's just another small subatomic particle, and a living being at the same time, just existing in an infinite flow of life, the fact that reality itself is a flow of alive subatomic particles also proves that time doesn't exist, it's just a concept related to gravity and conscience, all of this implies that god isn't real, wikipedia needs to be rewritten from scratch and probably most of people are wasting their lives

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Dude, what are you smoking?

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this is what the jews want you to buy.

god is real and he created this flat earth and the firmament there are no other worlds or space beyond. we live under a dome. there are no particles or atoms thats a fiction just like ball earth.

the solar system is an atom? The earth is in the solar system and you call it a monocell. Do you know how many atoms make up a cell?

he's probably not smoking anything, he likely sees himself as some sophisticated "higher mind" that fancies himself smarter than the "sheeple" all around him.

more likely, he just copied and pasted someones reddit 'cause it sounded smart.

Because there is no absolute proof the earth is flat. Only retarded, low IQ mongoloids think the earth is flat.

No no it's not. This is literally the average flat eather and subsequently the average Trump tard.

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Poor quality bait

No, it's what the Hittites want you to believe. Problem is, they're correct. So they're is no problem...except your raging stupidity.

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