Threatening civil war over being impeached

>threatening civil war over being impeached

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>talking about something unlikely to happen as a result of something unlikely to happen

Best president in US history, if he does that. I would absolutely love to help make a river of traitors blood. You first, Trump Spammer.

OP here, i forgot to mention hes homophobic and i like men

I'm ready for a civil war. Fuck liberals!!!!!!!!!!

>> I'm ready for a civil war. Fuck liberals!!!!!!!!!!
Let me guess, you live in your mom's basement and have a picture of a loli anime over your bed.

Bring it conservicuck. I have plenty of guns and can't wait to splatter some redcaps. My AR is thirsty for conservative blood. Come on. Let's go. I want to see you die screaming from a sucking chest wound with your spine shattered from the .556 rounds.

>>> I'm ready for a civil war. Fuck liberals!!!!!!!!!!
>Let me guess, you live in your mom's basement and have a picture of a loli anime over your bed.
Let me guess... You've had a cock in your mouth withing the last 12 hrs. Fag lib fuck off... 4 more years of sissy bitch crying makes me get up every morning..

Impeached for what exactly?

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>he said as he typed, cheetos dust staining his keyboard

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The samefagging in this thread is staggering.

>I have plenty of guns and can't wait to splatter some redcaps. My AR is thirsty for conservative blood.
You don't have any firearms. Your therapist told your parents to keep you away from them.

>A civil war between the PC and non-PC
Please make this happen.

A war between a bunch of sissy fags, traps, LGBTQ++?? and soys versus farmers, veterans, miners and hard labor workers.


>Impeached for what exactly?
Stealing Hillary's coronation.

But the media spams constantly about the imminent threat of white males. Are they a threat or not?

Nigga, you don't even know your own round size. I bet you call the mag a clip, don't you, Nancy boy. Take your tacticool gear queer princess gun and cry in the closet.

Well kick your friggin ass with weed and the means of reproduction in my communal sissyboi ass-mouth

Why? Because I'm a liberal? People post on here all the time about killing leftists! What we can't respond in kind? Get fucked. Come at me if you got the stones. I'm not going after anyone but if some maga cuck comes down my road with a rifle I'm taking him out and not asking questions.

Dumbest fucks on earth.

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So you intend on shooting people that wear red hats?

I thought libtards hated guns?

My AR will chamber either .223 or .556 NATO moron. Four thirty round magazines loaded and ready. Not to mention my other guns. 1911, multiple 9mm, .357 magnum, .12 gauge shotty.

He does, and is just parroting shit he heard on the news. Hence the .556.


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Instead of naming every well know ammunition type can you name a gun without google searching it?

>Pro Tip: You can't

I'm a southern boy. I grew up around guns. I know the Trumptards are armed to the teeth and stupid enough to be violent when Trump is either voted out or impeached, removed from office, and indicted. I'm not going to be a victim. I'm sick of seeing threats of civil war and mass shootings. I'm not a pussy. You come at me I'm going to kill you first. You or anyone else that threatens me and mine.

It's 5.56 my friend.


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>Why? Because I'm a liberal? People post on here all the time about killing leftists! What we can't respond in kind? Get fucked. Come at me if you got the stones. I'm not going after anyone but if some maga cuck comes down my road with a rifle I'm taking him out and not asking questions.
Keyboard tough lib is thinking he may have made a threat lol. Starting to crawfish aren't ya... Money says u own one gun and it's a fucking 9mm glock. Fuck off fag

Did I threaten you or ask a simple question retard? You are really bad at this whole trolling thing pick another hobby dude.

Thank you for correcting him.

The cabinet must act.

The cult of trump. The love their king. Trump supporters are false Americans, our forefathers would be ashamed of you all supporting an authoritarian pig. Fucking idiots.

Ruger AR-556 Mossberg Maverick 88, Dan Wesson model 14-2, Taurus ultra-lite .38 special ATI 1911, Mossberg Plinkster .22, Canick TP9SA, Ruger SR-40, Taurus PT111 Millennium G2

Autocorrect. Posting from my phone.

Why do retards keep asking this? If you've never heard of Trump before why are you even in the thread? It's impossible anyone with a brain doesn't know about all the things he has been found guilty of.

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That's what you said last time, and the war went very poorly for you.

Nice starter kit.
Call us when you get big.

Except all those people you listed hate Trump because he is fucking them. Get Fox news cock out of your brain.

I'm not saying your gay for owning those guns, all I'm saying is you'd hold the penis in your mouth u till the swelling went down.

>kill you first

Yeah, Fox told you that. It wasn't true. We don't hate guns. We have more guns than you. Look it up.

Really could you at least put effort into not google seaching?

You still didn't answer the question.
What did Trump do that justifies Impeachment?

for once, OP actually is a faggot

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He's digging his grave and bringing several aides and lawyers with him.

When this is over, Nixon will be remembered as quite a good guy and not really a crook compared to this orange rotten pile of stinky shit

More heavily left sided leaning liberals are the ones talking about taking people guns though (not talking about moderates)

nigga you need /k/

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You're finished once you face my .762!

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The problem is that he hasnt been found guilty of anything

Nice fanfiction, Media Matters shill. Try harder next time.

Who is better armed, Conservatives or Liberals?
Conservatives are better armed than half of the European Armies.

at least nixon had the decency to resign, you know trump will fight tooth and nail

You're still retarded.
Fuck off, cunt. Look it up yourself. I'm not typing shit for you.

Enjoy the impeachment.

>magafags triggered over improper decimal placement

A civil war won't be 2 way
It will be 3 way
Fuck magafags. gtfo of my party and choke on a sack of red jelly beans.

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i know where the cheetos dust came directly from...

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Bitch that's what I got on hand. Point being I can defend my home and my family. That's actually more than I need and I detest feeling like I have a need to own an AR. I don't want to. But I know all you pricks have them and want my own fighting chance. I know how unstable and narcissistic you sick fucks are. I come here and usually just lurk to keep tabs on the right wing white nationalist incel failures, but sometimes I can't just keep letting you fuckers live in your fantasy world. Not all libs and leftists are unarmed. Keep that in mind. We can shoot back.

the army

civilian militia doesnt have shit on the army

whoever controls them wins

Why are you LARPing as a conservative?

That's not a problem. The problem is a collective of zealots have a significant media presence and the finances to push these lies.
Luckily, most people aren't stupid enough to trust them, as per recent stats involving Mainstream Media distrust.

get ready for a reality check, sucker

good, I wanna see him being handcuffed and forced out of the white house screaming and shouting

Yes he has been found guilty of many things.
Eight of which are crimes. You haven't been keeping up to date with facts. He only hasn't been charged with the crimes he's committed because of a new made up rule that Presidents have full immunity until they leave office.

Wait and see what happens.

They know that the rich fucks will get out of paying taxes anyway, so why have high taxes on em?

Wow it’s almost like getting impeached over nothing is grounds for civil war

Civil war will be California and NY getting fucking purged.


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OP is always a faggot you fucking newfag

>conservatives are better armed than half of the european armies

You're a fucking idiot. You are not the military. The military of the USA does not support you. You are a terrorist. Trump is a confederate president and will be made an example of.

>I don't have to prove my claim, you have to prove my claim.

Try harder. Right now you look really stupid, bro.

What did Trump do to justify Impeachment?

Sounds like paranoia user, seek help.

>Choosing to use 2nd amendment
>Get insulted and ridiculed for it
Make up your minds mother fuckers...


enjoying your time here?

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>"you sick fucks are" "you fuckers"
Where in any of my posts did I announce my political affiliations? I was simply asking questions. Stop pretending to be a tough ass. Also stop everyone's against me mentality it's not healthy.

Conservatives think they're armed better than France
They're a meme
Imagine a pile of budget tacticool ARs, mosins, and assorted fudd guns and you have the majority of the conservative army.

Only person looking stupid here is you, and your inability to understand how anything works.

Did you think we're having a debate? I have to prove facts to you? Go. Educate. Yourself.

I am not your parent or your teacher. I hate you and your country. I did not come here to have a conversation with you. I am here to laugh as your country burns and to tell you that it makes me happy and that you're a retard.

Do you understand yet?

LOL I am pretty sure your mom makes you get up in the morning

And these eight crimes would be...

jesus imagine being this fucking dumb
dude use google

See Robert Meuller's report.

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I'm looking forward to American Civil War 2: The Re-Americaning

Why can't you believe a conservative isn't willing to support a president who IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE?

Still sucking your Daddy's Cock I see. Trump is the President of the USA.
If he committed a crime he will be punished.
If he is deposed of because of Policy, that is a Coup d'tat and will be dealt with as such by true Americans.

As a non American I don’t really have a valid opinion on him but holy fuck it would be great to turn on Comedy Central without some bullshit leftist propaganda playing. Fuck alic Baldwin and all your hack late night hosts. Like if people are clapping and cheering at you instead of laughing Trevor Nowa it’s not a fucking joke. Like I’m left swinging I guess but holy fuck people cheering and clapping at that shit infuriates me. It’s gross and obnoxious and proof that the average American needs to have an opinion programmed into them

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Drumpf broke the law. He's not above the law. Period. He's getting impeached.

Well first you misspellings and unnecessary capitalization. Secondly it was the way you said your words and your hysterical behavior. That's what triggered lefties do not a smart conservative man.


Spoiler alert. You don't have to be a "libtard" to hate Trump. You do realize there are more political views than democratic and Republican right? And conservatives wouldn't have a chance in hell if civil war broke out.

The report that said he didnt do anything and the russia shit was a hoax bordering on conspiracy theory

Laughing at failure and opposing evil is not leftist propaganda. The fact you see it that way just means you've been brainwashed by rightwing media.

They're making fun of what is ridiculous because it is ridiculous. If you want your precious god emperor to be immune to criticism maybe he should shut his fucking mouth for literally one day and not say something internet-breakingly stupid for just that ONE day.

Fuck off you don't have an opinion you incel fucking Trumptard. Kill yourself.

I made 1 post
With A phone

And also you described the average magafag as well as the average SJW in one go. Congrats

Did I say anything about Trump retard? What I said that left leaning parties want to take guns rights away from citizens. No where in my post did I say Trump. Maybe if you didn't let him live rent free in your head all the time you wouldn't be as mad at him.

The burden of PROOF has yet to be established.
Trump's policies are what has Libtards boiling

Your still LARPing dude? Just give it up already we all know. You are not fooling anyone.

Why not, it's inevitable