If a little girl started having seizures at the age of ten, like bad seizures, should the mother tell the doctor that the child might be slightly incestuous? Is it important for them to know? Would the mother get in trouble?

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Yes for the health of the child. The mother and father are probably going to die another death in hell for this though

What have you done op?

I'm sorry, I'm new to this site. Only heard about it from my nephew and that it was anonymous. What does op mean?

Will the doctor tell her father? He's not the biological father and I don't want him to find out.

> slightly incestuous

How is one 'slightly incestuous'? You either are, or are not.

Your nephew is a dipshit, and op stands for original poster (thats you!).
I don't see how that would impact the diagnosis/treatment, but you should swallow your pride and tell the doctor anyway.

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For fucks sake.

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Also, who the fuck goes around recommending Sup Forums to people experience moral/ethical dilemmas?

>He's not the biological father and I don't want him to find out.
youre a real fuckin piece of shit you know that

Yeah this. What exactly are we dealing with here, op?

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Also if the doc isn't a complete piece of shit I hope he let's the father know. Time to go on Maury Povitch bitch.

Could refer to inbreeding between something such as cousins - Not as harmful or as bad as, say, brother and sister, but not good either.

Hippocratic oath, nigger, he dont gotta say shit

He can't tell him or you can sue him for it... no doctor would actually risk his ass over such stupid shit tho... specially on the US. Also they are quite used to this kind of bull crap so yeah, believe me when I tell you that you ain't gonna surprise him.

ahh... so the product of incest. cousin incest. yes, the doctor should know. typically the chances of genetic deformity with first-cousin incest are ~6%, but that's higher than normal.
if you're a cousin fucker you aren't going to get in trouble. tell the doc so he can do some genetic screens and find out what the most appropriate course of treatment should be.

Incest may or may not have led to the genetic combination that might be a contributor of seizers. But this is irrelevant to the diagnosis/treatment. So don't tell doctor.

Doctor can tell authorities if child is product of criminal activity. If you think Hippocratic oath means anything you should look into plastic and gender reassignment surgery. So don't tell doctor.

> 10 years old with seizures
> was the product of incest
how is this not relevant to you?

Sorryz I had to do some stuff. I'm back now.
The father is my half brother.
But is it important that the doctor knows though? I dont want to take the chances.
Don't pretend like you haven't done mistakes in your life, like you're without sin. Furthermore, this isn't about mw but my daughter.
Was told this is anonymous, that no one would know it was me or who I was. Im just looking for advice without my name attached to it.
What about if they're half siblings?

It is not important who the father is. Let the Dr heal your child. He doesn't need to know who you fuck.

Unless it was rape. Did he rape you? If so then I would probably want to get even.

>Don't pretend like you haven't done mistakes in your life, like you're without sin. Furthermore, this isn't about mw but my daughter.
I've made plenty of mistakes but I've never cheated on a partner and I would absolutely never lie about the parentage of a child to a spouse. You're fucking trash and I'm not even talking about the incest.

I'm not without sin but still not a massive piece of shit like you.
The doctor should know incest changes the game completely.

No, it wasn't rape. It was consensual. Her father doesn't know he's her father either, I never told him. I don't want to ruin his life any further.
What would you have done huh? If you were in my shoes? Tell your husband you slept with your own brother and the daughter he raises isn't even his? Would you do that to someone you love!?

>Incest changes the game completely
If you don't know shit, you shouldn't say shit.

I agree with your reasoning. There is no reason at this point to ruin lives. If later the Dr needs to do a generic work up and asks questions then you can have a private conversation with the Dr.


calm down op
you SHOULD tell the doctor, he can't tell your husband and if he does you can sue his carreer to the grave

>Would you do that to someone you love!?
Yea I would. It's called owning up to your mistakes. He deserves to know and have a chance to decide if he wants to be with someone like you instead of just living a lie. He deserves someone better than you because you are a liar and a cheater and you daughter deserves to the know the truth as well. You aren't telling them because you're afraid of "ruining their lives" you keeping it secret because you're a coward and a piece of shit.

do you really have to go to the worst possible place on the entire, get into the worst possible sub-forum of it and then ask if a vital piece of information is essential for the accurate diagnosis of a disease that could potentially change your daughter's life.

Well fucking done, you've come far and beyond OP

Nope no big deal op. Really not a big deal since you be a fag.

If the child is the product of incest, and the Dr. is treating the child he has no obligation to report your activities to the authorities, but the information may be helpful. Physicians are mandatory reporters if they become aware that a child is being abused. That does not apply in what you are describing.

Thank you. So I should keep it to myself unless its vital or the doctor asks? Is there any chance that they could take my girl away from me?
I was planning on telling her when she was old enough to understand. She has no deformities, she's smart for her age and she a beautiful little girl so there was no need to worry until this happened.
Where could I go where I wouldn't be shunned and scorned? I wanted to be anonymous and this place doesn't make sense to me. I looked it up and saw that this forum was the place to ask any question I could. Just want an honest answer without anyone finding out who I was, thats all.

Were you married to your current husband when the child was conceived, or did this happen before you married?

Why is that important?

> this forum was the place to ask
what was the thing that convinced you? the trap threads, the loli ones or maybe the "rate my dick" section? oh! probably the S/fur, there is a lot of incest in those you know


I feel so sorry for your husband.

you're a pos really I can't imagine what it would be like to be your husband and raising a child and feeling happy only for him to really be raising your terrible mistake. He deserves to know before he is too old to have an actual child of his own.

youre forcing someone to raise a child that isnt theirs. its like the biggest shittiest lie you can tell someone. rot in hell bitch.

They will not take her away. She is not being abused. You are fine

its his fucking right to know go fuck yourself what in the actual fuck in wrong with you

Because Sup Forums is basically full of degenerates and liars.
And while yes the fact your doctor should hold confidenciality and revieling your daughter is a product of incesct, you 100% would've gotten your answer faster through telling the class how and why your brother pounded your blinking fish holke.

So cheating on your husband with your brother and having a kid is fine but telling him isn't? end your life

you SHOULD tell your husband, you SHOULD tell the real goddamn father you fucking psychopathic asshole

I'm assuming your husband wanted to have kids of his own. Imagine not getting to fulfill that dream because your piece of shit wife is perpetuating a lie for her own selfish reasons.


>Thank you. So I should keep it to myself unless its vital or the doctor asks? Is there any chance that they could take my girl away from me?
you're not listening to us your just listening for an answer that you want to hear. YES YES YES you NEED to tell the doctor because it is vital to the child's health. Yes, it is going to be a hard conversation but if you love the child and your husband you need to come clean.

he deserves better than this piece of trash

It was anonymous, that I could ask any question I wanted and might get some help about this. If I went anywhere else someone could find out it was me. I've been scared to death for the last four days and I didn't know what to do so I went on a limb to ask. Everything else Ive seen on the subject is contradictive.

I'm sorry. I know, I'm a piece of shit. I FEEL LIKE A PIECE OF SHIT! I know I did something horrible and I've ruined three lives with my choices. I just need help right now. Some of you have been, thank you. Others are just blaming me for thinga they don't understand.

You're stupid as fuck. We can find you here too. You have no idea where you are.

If your husband believes it is his child, the medical history of the actual father is important not your husband's and a physician may need family medical history to accurately diagnose any problem. It's a complication.

Wait do you not have auto update on?
Did you never, of course you never did.
Tell the fucking doctor your daughter's a product of incest.
Also pressure the rest of your side of the family over this.
This is clearly not a first generation thing which for this deep in a human bloodline is even more concerning.

The catch with this approach is that the doctor would be legally entitled to tell the child. So op might want to consider how that would turn out.

> this isn't about me but my daughter

No, it's all about you. If it were about your daughter you wouldn't be asking this here, if it really were about her you would had gone to the doctor and get her examined already, like a normal person would do. But you don't actually give a flying fuck about her do you? to you your husband and her can go die in a hole as long as your little secret stays a secret.
You are a psychopath, simple as.

Get your daughter the help she needs, she is CONVULSING at 10 years of age. Get yourself to a goddamn psychiatrist, you need serious help. If you can be helped at all that is...

>boy look like he's uncle alright

>would you do that to someone you love
Obviously you dont love him if you cheated on him and continue to lie about him being the father you dumbfuck. I hope he finds out and leaves the both of you

Seriously? Seizures? They have nothing to do with incest. Seizures require require medical attention. Call the doctor/ambulance.
Could be an alergic reaction, epilepsy or other response. Could be an underlying health problem or something psychosomatic.

Not if the child is a minor. It would be like a doctor blurting out that your adopted.

Also put me inna screencap

Good thread so far. Keep it up, no pun intended.

>They have nothing to do with incest.
Except they very well might, higher risk with brother sister than 1st cousins

Wth has incest got to do with seizures? The girl needs a doctor immediately.

High incidence of recessive genes dummy

Higher risk of general health complications, user.
Imagen essentially doubling down on grandpa's fucked up epileptic issues

Sounds like you don't give a shit about him apart from his income.
If he leaves, then there goes your meal ticket and no child support.
Coward bitch

It's not important to her treatment. Any genetic anomalies due to her unwholesome conception can't be corrected and wouldn't affect her treatment. But, yeh, do stop fucking your brother.

Cheating is bad enough. Cheating on a spouse is way worse. Cheating on a spouse with your brother is worse than that. Having a child with someone other than your spouse and then hiding it is about 1 million times worse than all of that.

>you love this person
haha get real

She's in the hospital right now, in intense care. They are doing the best that they can right now. I'm going to tell the doctors in the morning when I wake up, if I can get to sleep. I have been selfish with this I guess, I just don't want anything bad to happen to her.
You wouldn't understand. Everyone has moments or weakness and things they're not proud of. I'm not making excuses for myself, I know what I've done is horrible.
I'm going to sleep now. Thank you to everyone who helped me. Its been really really hard to deal with.

Ask your nephew about the rules regarding "tits or GTFO"

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You owe your husband the truth and you have failed your wifely duties and not provided him with an offspring.

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you must be 18 or older to use this website. stupid fuck


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>fucks own brother
>gets pregnant
>has child
>child is now dying from incest-related issues
>"what do I do?"
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> I was just trolling guys I'm not a retard

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Wish I could've been here for the rest of the thread but it was fun skimming it. Best of luck OP, looks like you understand the consequences of your actions and are willing to live with them despite being permanent.

I hope you do the right thing and safety of your child.

youd probably like that wouldnt you its because youre a faggot who is gay

You’ve genuinely stolen 10 years of this man’s life. He probably would’ve left the moment you gave birth to a baby that wasn’t his. You’re despicable.

Well shit, let's think about it. What is more important, the health and well being of the child or protecting the mother's reputation?

Public safety notice kids, be honest with your doctor.

Well if you want any chance at child support than yes he can tell your partner but if you tell him not to tell well you less chance at getting child support from him

This was just OP/user Community Theater. You got mad at the fun. You lose.


If she's having seizures, she'll get treatment for seizures, most likely anti-seizure medications. Take care of your daughter and pray that you have many years with her to agonize over what you did.

If you think that a child could conceptualize incestuousness then maybe, but I doubt that's at the heart of the problem. If you've been mentally or physically abusing the child and they have some sort of traumatic issue that the seizures are basically trying to over correct then that might make sense. However I'd be careful how you word this if you were to tell a doctor. Because if your kid is having seizures and you think it's because of trauma the first people they're going to look into is the parents, if you're not the people she's always around I'd make sure to confront them about abuse because seizures and trauma can cause these sorts of things. The most important thing is to take care of your child, and make sure they get the best treatment they can so any information you can give the doctor will be helpful.

call cops, admit everything, barbed wire up your ass, kill yourself

> Medfag here.

Inbreeding can be related to your daughter's condition, no doubt. Consanguinity can indeed be the cause of a serious of diseases of late onset. Angelman syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, Rett syndrome, Pitt-Hopkins syndrome, Sturge-Weber syndrome, etc. are some examples of possible conditions that should be considered (and these are the weird ones) if you tell your doctor she was the product of incest, if you don't tell them then they won't even consider those at all.

Now, there is also the chance that your daughter is not having seizures because of genetic abnormalities, maybe she is having them because of an undergoing condition. The leading cause of an isolated seizures is head trauma so it could be just that, maybe she got an undetected infection, or has some kind of metabolic imbalance. In young children an isolated seizure could be benign and don't be more than just that. Worst case scenario is that she has either a congenital disease (possible, unlikely but not so much with her history of inbreeding) or has a brain tumor (they usually appear on young children, astrocytoma, glioma, schwannoma, you name it! tho this is stupidly rare thankfully)

What is for sure is that your daughter needs help, and she needs a diagnosis. It is not the same to have a benign seizure than having an Angelman syndrome. If you don't want your husband to know then tell your doctor. We are morally (and legally) forced to keep the upmost confidentiality with these kind of things. I've got patients with HIV that have told me that they did't want their partners to know they've got HIV. can you even imagine on the moral conflict we are put with these things? the last thing we want is to fuck up our careers just to keep someones secret. If you don't want the doctor to tell your husband then he wont. If not for his ethical code then because of fear.
But you HAVE to tell your doctor, it's not relevant, it's CRUCIAL.

Because we are this far from god.

Pics or it didn't happen

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If she get's diagnosed with a congenital disease tho then your husband will know. In that case your doctor will advice you to tell him, maybe he will refer you both for psychological assessment and counseling. If you still decide not to tell him and your husband asks your doctor about his daughter's diagnosis then the doctor will be legally forced to tell him everything. So it is better that you are the one who tell him. If that scenario comes to be that is.
I won't school you on how relationships must be build but I advice you be honest with at least your doctor here.
Also I would recommend psychological assessment for yourself depending on how bad you are dealing with all of this. Sometimes telling things to others is indeed quite healthy.
Best regards.

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I've never touched a single golden hair on her head. She's never been abused ever and her father loves her with all his heart. We dont spank in out household and she's been a perfect little girl, so I know its not abuse. The doctor already asked us that question though.
If it is genetic, does her biological father need to know for medical reasons? We have different mothers and he lives in another city. I'd prefer him not being involved but if I need to notify him, I will.

Yeah, go ahead pretend youre not a nignog

what difference does it make? How does it affect the treatment, knowing that the child is incestuous?

No he doesn't, the problem with incest with first grade relatives (that is your parents, siblings or children) is that there are a bunch of genes that on you and your partner they are turned off, but when mixed they turn on. Recessive genes that is.
They are turned off on her biological father as well as you, so there is not a valid medical reason to tell him.
If you or him had these genes turned on they would had manifested by now on you both, so in the case your daughter has a congenital disease it is most likely to be a recessive one. And as I said before, if that is the case, then there is no medical reason to tell the father.

Yes. Doctors don't give a shit what you did, they are only trying to treat you. They didn't get into the profession to be baby sitters for the state.

> Medfag here again
Exactly this, couldn't agree more. We will advice you, but it is up to you to follow that advice, we won't force you to.

Protip: while incest is gross and immoral one generation actually doesn’t cause harm to the offsprings genome. Technically it’s actually beneficial once every so many generations to strengthen genes. Only cause is if you both have a recessive gene that would be expressed in offspring.

This is true. That is why the diagnosis of a congenital disorder on your specific case would still be considered very rare, even when incest is involved.
You would have to have a rare congenital recessive disease as well as your brother in order to your daughter to get one.
The other kind of genetically disease that could potentially cause an epileptic type syndrome are chromosomal deletion or duplication syndromes but these alterations are spontaneous, random, by chance, and stupidly rare and not related to incest at all, your daughters chances to suffer of such disease is as high as mine.

You said you two are half-siblings somewhere further up in this thread. That means that the biggest concern would be a highly increased risk for genetic diseases/conditions. Try finding as much as you can about your family's medical history, specifically for the parent that you share with your half-sibling. You should also probably just tell the doctor about it. There's no risk in it thanks to patient-doctor confidentiality, even if you live in a state where incest is a crime. It's the same way for drug use, which is why people can be honest with their doctors about any drug use/abuse without worry. So the worse thing that happens is an awkward conversation with a doctor that's probably pretty familiar with awkward conversations. You never know, it might even help your doctor catch some condition in an early stage while it's easily treatable