Money-making instrument

Money-making instrument.

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I want cum on her face

If she was sold on the black market to a red room, then maybe.

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Fetal alcohol syndrome

She inspired me to switch to plant based meat patties.

Go Greta.

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What's wrong with making money?

anything that is wrong can be bought with money

She's clown shoes.

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solar panels are bad. They cause cancer from.... I dunno but somehow they cause cancer. And being self sufficient is bad too. Poor power companies don't milk us enough. Besides, republicans doesn't want you to have them, therefore you clearly don't need them. They told the native they didn't need their guns, and look how they ended up, perfectly fine! Checkmate, hippies. Wait, which side is money grubbing again? Both suck, grow the fuck up. Good luck when your lights go out, I know i'll be fine.

*native americans

Motherfucker, anything can be bought with money, are you high?


*wealth transferring instrument


>solar panels are bad
Producing solar panels is bad. Anything high tech requires toxic chemicals and makes dangerous wastes. Strip mining is required to get to the materials used to make them. Because you know driving an electric car produces no pollution! Except they need tires and lubricants. And that electricity that comes from the plug in the wall is clean, it fell out of the sky onto solar panels. Those grow on trees so they are safe. Right?

Must Watch Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a Fraud

TLDR Version:
She is being exploited and taken advantage of. She has aspergers, selective autism and obsessive compulsive disorders.

Greta's rise to fame was not organic promoted by a host of globalist elites from day 1 and they met with her mother scouted her 3-4 months before promoting her and did not happen across her protest they were told a week before.

Artificial Massive media Attention, the elites person of choice at the moment because it serves an agenda timestamp She pretty is much scripted .. when something off script happens her image evaporates

34 minutes in you she it not the 1st time they used a girl to sell climate change back in 1992 they did the same thing

they have been screaming doom in 10 years since the 1930’s
and have been wrong over and over and over again.

You're an easily exploitable idiot. The fact that you go out of your way to be indoctrinated is quite telling.

Greta could be a sentient pile of Arby's sandwiches, but she at least gets people to spread the message of ecological awareness.

You're useless.

Its like he is surprised that a politician would ever use a figurehead to get people to rally for a cause.

Its nothing new or unusual.

>they have been screaming doom in 10 years since the 1930’s
>and have been wrong over and over and over again.

Ozone was greatly damaged with CFCs, they banned them worldwide in the 80s and the ozone has almost completely recovered at this point.

By your logic you can sit and say


Is it shitty to use a child as a martyr for your cause?

Doesnt mean the cause is necessarily wrong or incorrect. And for the record, I dislike Greta while agreeing climate change is a problem.

Imagine giving a fuck about what some little girl says. Try and move on. For your sake. You know.... to not look so gay.

A champion for all mankind

On the right side of history

>world finds ass burger queen

>chantards just want to rape her

This is the kind of degenerate behavior I love this place for