Doll Thread

Doll Thread

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Is this real life

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Is there a market for a very petite 20 year old girl to make porn of her looking like a doll?

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Since you posted that one, I'm guessing that you haven't seen the newer one.

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No I have not.

Fuck yeah blowmolds!

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Order completed.

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sliding in early

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Hell yeah, user.

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Post naked ones damnit.

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Well you asked

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god damn

Took the plunge and built up the courage to buy a cute little 100cm doll. I decided to get a cheap $500 One to see if I could like it and if I got scammed it wouldn't be a big loss. Surprised at quality to the price and I just can't stop fucking her.

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Pls mr blow mold have mercy on this thread cease the needless blowmold posting oh oh oh mr blowmold for I have forsaken you oh oh ye no pls no amen

can you build up the courage to blow your brains out, too?.

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Fuck yeah Halloween blowmolds!

$500 for a 100cm doll is pretty average, so you have a good chance. Where did you buy from though?


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rED VarIaNt

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This is what Sasha this of blowmolds

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Appreciate you getting in the seasonal spirit

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Can't wait until they are life life with good AI. Like in Ex Machina.


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That ones actually kinda neat. I’d put it by the front door.

They have a pretty huge selection. Order to delivery was about 2 week in the US.

Waste all pedophiles.

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Fuck yeah Mr.Bones!


Sigh... Have to wait weeks for mine now.

Well, good luck. I've never heard anything about that company

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Mods are faggots and janny's are gay, to ban me now won't bother me for I'll be back in just a couple of days.

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had the same experience with a 65 cm recently and plan to ordser the sasha doll next

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damn I need more pics of my doll like this, so I have more to share in these threads

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whats this one?


Ahhh it is so nice, i cant have one. Fuck the local law.

>the local law
eurotrash spotted.

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That's a Catdoll 126cm Sasha.

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I like how the neck is always longer than the last time I saw the picture.

It looks different than the other sasha i see posted