What does Sup Forums think about hot dogs?

what does Sup Forums think about hot dogs?

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only faggots suckle meat cocks.

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They cause cancer

I'm gay but I love a hot dog with some grey poupon mustard and ghost pepper hot sauce




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hot dogs were invented in 1936 by Larry Hotdogs when he accidentally dropped a bag of prize-winning pig assholes in his Dick Shaper Machine

check my trips bitch

hot dog

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Natural casing and split top buns or don't bother. What your posted looks like shit.

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Hot dogs are aight but you gotta eat it sideways otherwise you gay

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Gross. They look like smooth poops. I imagine they come out looking the same as they went in

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Fuck yeah Larry Hotdogs!

they taste like shit

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I fucking adore hot dogs, only with 100% beef though. My technique is to get a Kraft cheese single, cut it into 4 pieces, line the bun with 2 pieces of the cheese, so the hot dog melts it, and then splatch some ketchup on the dog as it melts the cheese, and sprinkle some "Steak Burger" seasoning on top. Absolute heaven.

They need mustard, relish,sport peppers, tomatoes, onion, and celery salt.

Do you know why they are the same color and texture pack after pack and dog to dog? Ugggh. Can't or shouldn't call it meat. It's everything from the rooter to the tooter that wouldn't look like food under clear wrap on a styrofoam tray.

Why do Americans put cheese on everything? It's gross.

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More like this

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they're great.

I'm actually not American. I'm Turkish. We melt cheese on mountains of meat. It's divine. Despite your ignorance, I'd suggest you look up "Burak Özdemir" the God of cheese and meat.
Also, go back to Plebbit please. Americans know nothing of cheese on everything.

Sounds great! Now swap out the tube steak for some actual muscle tussue instead of that pasty tan smear and I'd enjoy one!

You go back there. I've never been.

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I'm there now, I wonder why you're so ignorant to label someone as American? You've clearly never left Oklahoma or Colorado where you were born have you?

pepper jack

okay cabbage? can we get a picture of how this works? It sounds more like a burger honestly..

Maybe as sauerkraut.

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Are there videos of Alexandria ocasio Cortez eating a hotdog?

Chopped up like the onion, goofus.

>It sounds more like a burger honestly.

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Oh, cabbage in an altered form, makes sense.
Isn't it just a weird burger at that point?

fucking love 'em. spiral cut those bitches, grill em up, usual toppings (ketchup, mustard, relish, chopped onions) and then add celery salt and a squeeze of lemon, shit tastes fucking gourmet

Bologna sandwich would be closer.

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My favorite sandwich!

Really? Because it's got a bun, undeniably, it's got ketchup, meat, lettuce, and the works.

Had delicious James Coney Island for dinner.

Only real H-town niggas know.

What do you think a bun is, user?

What about bread purists?

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I pray to them every day

I'm undecided. Think it depends on the kind of sausage used. Then toppings etc. Sometimes shit. Sometimes nice.

>what does Sup Forums think about hot dogs?

Pork/chicken/beef dogs > all beef

Also now that most hot dogs have taken Nitrates and Nitrites out of the recipe, they all taste worse.

Original Ballparks before they removed nitrates were fucking god tier. They added celery and cherry as a preservative and it made them suck. Same thing with Oscar Mayers.

Its pretty sad really.

Nitrites hurt cats very badly. Don't feed meat containing such preservatives to cats.

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Any breaded casing that exists to save the fingers from sweaty ingredients. Yes, a sandwich has a bun technically. Early chefs created a barrier for ingredients to make sure they were contained within the dish and not require bathing or cleanup as to not attract predators after eating.

That’s right, faggots. None of you know shit about glorious JCI.

What about plastic

The sandwich was invented long after we left living in nature around predators.

It's processed meat. Be a man and eat a steak.

But what if I want to eat a million dicks?

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You know nothing about why we would want a barrier to protect our hands from sauces and juices from ingredients. I guess they just randomly put bread outside of them for no reason, huh? Seems legit, you're totally woke on the subject confirmed.

Good but I prefer our european variant with pickles and fried onions on top

Boiling is the holy way to cook a dog, grilled dogs taste like like charred wood, fuck that.

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There's some tasty wood, though.

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I microwave mine for 45 seconds.

bretty gud

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If isn't Smiths they suck.

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a serious 'dog shooter

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Any green bits?

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BAR S is essentially raccoon masks and horse assholes. It's literally the lowest quality "meat" you can buy. I got it once, and was spitting chunks of bone and sinew out, and threw the rest of the pack away.

Sounds like an excuse to eat condiments.

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Only hairy-snatched Jap'neez bitches from 1941 eat hotdogs sideways.

Stop fucking posted stupid idiot comics for faggots please. Try to stay on topic.

How is being disgusted by low quality meat remotely giving off that notion?

lol random.

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Don't feed your cat fuckin' hot dogs in the first place.

But Mister Fluffy Bottom only accepts the finest choice select hot dogs and birthday cake ice cream.....

LOL - Are you saying to eat a hot dog like a cob of corn??

The annual nathan's women's hot dog eating contest is pathetic. While the men's winner usually eats about 70 and the rest of the top 5 put down about 50, the drop off for the women is crazy. 3rd place usually eats like 15 hotdogs. Fifteen fucking hotdogs in 10 minutes. That's stupid, Im not close to a competitive eater and can easily do that.

What do you call turkey (the bird) in Turkey?

An American goose.

türkiye kuş ibne

I connect an extension cord to 2 forks, stick one into each end of the hotdog, and plug that bitch in for 20 seconds.

That seems unlikely, and a lot of effort just to cook something.