Shana tova. Who’s getting drunk to start this year off wrong?

Shana tova. Who’s getting drunk to start this year off wrong?

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Shana Tova.



wait a sec... why is Big Boss Deus Vult?

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Would you kindly take your holocaust denial memes and go back to Sup Forums?

I don't care if it happened or not.

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You’re just here to shit up a thread?


Like you do to my home? Yep.

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Your home? What are you even accusing me of?

Shhhhhhh no more talk, faggot.

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Can you believe this shit?

Let's just enjoy my thread

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Your thread?

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Did I stutter? Now make yourself at home and let's see some disgusting infecting tranny illness.

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Is this your fetish?


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Thank you for making my new thread for me. I'd give you a shekel but you probably have enough.

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So this is how incel neo nazis choose to spend the new year?


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Who’s seething?

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