Chubby/thick thread

Chubby/thick thread

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everyone tired of Karina yet?

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Not sure I’ll check

Wife's tits

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nah she is hot how do you know her?

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Lil more for you. Wanna see her ass?

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she was fucking my friend and i found these in her email while she slept

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What you think?

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Fantastic tits

Most punchable face

thats fucking hot so you never got to fuck her? got any more?


full set. and yeah i never got to fuck her.

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Amazing keep going

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gross. stop encouraging unhealthy lifestyles.


link dont work? and thats shit you still know her ?

its volafie dot org

and not really.

My friend let me jerk to her

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wow she looks a real slut got anything else or any stories bout her?

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i know for a fact she sold these pics so shes definitely a slut.

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So fucking hot

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Bro I got a folder full of her. Love her tits.

>My friend let me jerk to her

lol, what the fuck?


Let’s see what you got

Keep posting those tits

More please she is perfect

I broke up with a girlfriend and she was asking if I had been horny I said yeah and she gave me these

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Is OP here?

Come to my vola

not even the same girl but nice try fag
also idk why theres markings around the middle girl, theres nothing there

know where she sold too? what area you in? got any other girls?

Well, shit, that was very nice of her. That makes a lot more sense than the scenario I had in my head when I read your first post about it.

any collectors?

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Looks like her to me

Lets see em

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Tell me what you'd do to her

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I’d definitely pump that ass full of cum

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I wanna put her on a diet and a treadmill, then get her on a weight circuit

This one?

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I’d fuck that fat ass all day every day

Hey OP you still around?

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You got more?

I think this may be the same as these two

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You know I want those tits out and that same smile on her face.

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Wish I could deliver, sorry my guy


Hey anons! Would you drive 2 and a half hours to fuck this milf?

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More of this slut OP

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Nice tits


Any more of her

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Damn so hot thanks Sup Forumsro any others to add to the bank would be much appreciated.

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So fucking hot

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Keep going

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