Time for a cuck thread. Let's see your GF/Wife

Time for a cuck thread. Let's see your GF/Wife

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Let's see yours, OP

>begging for other peoples' women
>using the word cuck
oh the irony

Kik SplinteredCock
Wikr Throwitaway00

My wife. Thoughts or WWYD?

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Kik: samseventy7

Ex wife 35, just got her into sharing. Very slutty when she lets loose

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Hey, if ya wanna see my fiancé and maybe hear some stories, kik me


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Perfect bush and hips. BWC here, feel free to kik me, ckloss7410.

No, that's my wife. And why is that bitch not in the kitchen

Are you op is she your wife


kik- kubby77
Only looking for hung bulls to share her nudes with

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Your wife? Yeah right fag

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Loved to see any and all women. Cock hard. Kik: Squirrel12t


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vagina reminds me of pic related

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damn bruh, i dont get it, why?

Kik: richperalez looking for a bu with a huge cock to meet up with irl. Shoot me a message with dick pic to get a response

You won't post it you're not a real bull just a cuck playing make believe.

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I own you and you just left. This is what you deserve cuck

Love me some Lauren
So fucking sexy


Who the fuck writes this cringe?

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not the dude who you were originally replied to, i was just confused what you meant deleted kik or w/e and why that would make you want to dox her is all

Are you Jewish, OP?

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Got a girl you want a dick pic sent to? I will screenshot her reaction to show you. Got a gf you want to share? I’m 7 inches and wrist thick.


You OP brother?

Know her?

Yep my wife! You sound jealous haha

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I made this like 2 years ago

Glad you like her enough to save her pics by the way ;)

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Not personally, just a big fan of hers over the years

Cute. Kik einherjaren and show me more

One hot bitch

Lol got him

Got a kik?

i guess you own her now

Long distance fwb who sends me pics and tells me about her adventures.. interest?

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my gf


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thoughts on my wife?

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get a bj and cum on her tits.

lol good choice

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how is her ass?

fuck id love to see that

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she gives the best head I have ever had confirmed by her most recent "date"
>They ate dinner and went to his place, shes on her period so cant do much, but he tells her to give it a kiss before she leaves..
>She drops down and instantly swallows him whole. Apparently he wasnt expecting that after about 90 seconds, no warning, shot his load down her throat(she never swallows but was so deep she had no choice)

pic is her swallowing me

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Damn nice.

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why don't you just show her nudes.. i'm sure you have everything saved

Dom athletic top here

Experienced bull that loves to make couples please me. Particularly love talking dirty and getting pics and vids from cucks sharing their gf / wife

Kik me: JaeRods

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IG: _fraeulein_m

lets see

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How about you did it cuck, I own you both after all. Drop set 10 now like the good slave you are

What do you anons think? Should I ask my GF if she would be interested in being shared?

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Do it

No u

have nudes?

My girl, any thoughts?

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I’ll make a mega later and drop the link in cuck threads along with the two pics I posted with full name but later I’m busy atm

>eye of Horus necklace
Gtfo now user

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Gf. wwyd?

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Make the mega now bro

Damnnnn your "master" clearly had no control of you. Haha cuck being cucked by his cuck.

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I would kiss her then go down on her

It is actually the Eye of Ra user

I’m the so called “master” idiot the cuck wouldnt ever do that fag

Fuckin wreckt

my little wife

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You ever make a mega for her yet?
We need all her pics and videos

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That ass is righteous.


Okay I will. Just need a good way to do it. Any suggestions?

No she doesn't let me take nudes. Doesn't let me do much fun

Same shit lol

She should get pumped out by a 100 BBC gangbang

Wwyd to my gf?

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Looking for bulls with big cocks to give my wife a good pounding! Any big cock bulls like what they see?

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i fap to that idea

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