I'm about as right wing conservative as you could get, but I have a major crush on AOC

I'm about as right wing conservative as you could get, but I have a major crush on AOC

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Okay, and? Were you previously of the opinion that you should only find people attractive if they agree with you politically? Because that's pretty pathetic.

Based and checked

Your point? I'm conservative and have had relationships with liberal and even communist women. They didn't last long, but I still dated them.

I'd just like to see her get dicked down. I bet she sucks a dick like a champ.

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If you think its wrong to date or be attracted to someone with a different political opinion then you're just as bad as a SJW liberal that you claim to hate

i don't know why she always wears red lipstick it makes her wierd saturated looking skin stick out more, i'd just go natural or lip gloss or something if i was her, but if i was her i'd probably still be a bartender so whatever


a million spics everywhere in texas that look better

I mean she has really dumb and has flawed ideology. But im not going to let that spoil the chance to get laid. Pussy is pussy, now for a long term relationship, its doomed from the start.

>retarded AND bad taste in women



Live in Texas can conform

She's cute as fuck

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*bloks ur path*

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AOC is way cuter

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I net shes a selfish lover or a dead fish in the sack. Still, id hate fuck her so hard ICE would build a detention center in her cunt to process all the illegals flooding her southern borders...

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Doubtful, she's a waitress playing a politician. Really doesn't get any lazier then that.

i lowkey hope someone has been making a megafolder to fap to her

Gay and butt fucked

I been trying to collect the best AOC's. Post AOC ITT

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nigger shes hispanic, its literally impossible for them to be a dead fish unless they were raised by uncle toms

You're not conservative you fucking faggot and stop posting this gay ass shit. Second or third one today. Kill yourself.

Name one politician that is something better.

Fucking stupid queer.

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Fuck you Shoresy

I need to see her tiddays

Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, kokesh, amash. Fuck off with this stupid cunt you faggots.

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You're just fucking annoying, insignificant, but annoying. Like a gnat at a fucking barbeque. Wouldn't feel bad in the slightest if you were raped to death by a pack of wild niggers.

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>being over 14 and supporting meme politicians

Wow. You are one stupid cunt, aren't you?


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oh myyy

>meme politicians

Implying the entire fucking political system in this country isnt meme worthy, at least they'll do something different from this inbred faggot shit these cocksuckers in the two party system have been doing for about a hundred years. But dipshits like you have dem cocks so far down your throat you can't see anything besides blue or red. Kill yourself, you obnoxious troll incel piece of shit. Oh haha, I made someone snap at me, I'm so fucking cool. At least negative attention is some attention, right you lifeless queer?

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I'd hit it.

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He mad

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Her face creates VolCels.
Her voice shrivels the dick and raises the hackles.
And that makeup is just a poor choice.
I don't know know about you OP.
Also? I'm right wing as well.
Corporations can be people after Texas gets to execute one.
End all corporate welfare because it's welfare. Fuck the failed corporations, let them die.

>being such a retarded sand nigger than you think anyone who makes fun of your cuckclub is a libtard
i think you need to back to your reddit safespace you fuckin chode, you dont belong here.

Is pic related what your in to?

NY apparently doesn’t have enough Latina to pick from

there won't be much longer thanks to chud in chief

It's actually shocking the number of women on sites like Tinder that put shit like "Trump supporters swipe left, you scum". I swipe left not because I'm a Trump supporter, but because they are hopeless and shallow and don't want to stick my dick in crazy.

You are posting this everyday you shill.

t. LARPer


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It's not like it's difficult to verify you fucking mong. Go on the fuckin app and see for yourself.
>t. brainlette

why the fuck would you feel the need to qualify your opinion with that first statement, fucking weirdo.

All your fellow red-caps feel the same way, OP, only they're still in denial.

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Fuck you your life is so fuckin pathetic I get a tax write-off just for giving you a (you)

I'm gonna guess it's because it's a bullshit claim made by some minimum wage scrub at a PR firm hired to spread as much propaganda on social sites to spread even the most shallow and superficial notions of support for her. Afterall, they don't care if you support her politics or her tits, just so long as you have some kind of boner for her come election time.

looks like a melting pile or butterscotch coloured dog shit